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  1. Were they offering a refund or at least covering the testing. The experience they sold him has definitely changed.
  2. Actually it does. We are booked on a B2B2B and if considered “unvaccinated” now, you cannot cruise B2B. Now we are stuck with changing these and getting tested at our expense for all three and getting some kind of accommodation in between our new cruise selection. Ok, we can still cruise but not what they let us book originally.
  3. It will be interesting to see what the USA entry requirements are when the border opens up. If they will be using the 42 days etc. as a requirement to enter by land. Right now, that is not the case when you fly in. If you can enter the country and go to hotels and restaurants without all these restrictions why couldn't you cruise as vaccinated. This doesn't make sense. We are on a B2B2B in February. This will be impossible with the 42 days limitation. Considered "unvaccinated" so no B2B. We also have 3 weeks at Disney World planned so, cruising might just not be where we will b
  4. Just watched yesterday's blog. So want to be there. We are booked on a B2B2B on the Allure in February. Enjoy the rest of your cruise.
  5. How did they check vaccination certificates. What exactly did you need to show. Was it on the health questionnaire. Thanks.
  6. We sailed in room 2100 inside stateroom on Constellation. Very quiet.
  7. Really, inferring that the goal is to start cruising in November is ridiculous. It is to confirm opening up so cruise lines and guests can begin planning confidently for next spring and summer.
  8. I think the room is the same sizes but I found it noisy on deck 2. We requested to move to an inside cabin on deck 2 so I could sleep better. Light sleeper. We were towards the back and there seemed to be a humming noise. I also heard that towards the front, there is noise from the anchor. Noise canceling headphones might be my solution next time we cruise with a guarantee and end up in a less favourable room.
  9. I was wondering about that, being next to the washrooms. It sometimes is one of the last to be available. Thanks for the info.
  10. We sailed 14 nights South America in stateroom 3100 just by guest services, very practical. Loved it and would stay in this stateroom again.
  11. After flying in to Orlando, we rented a car, spent a few days at theme parks, then dropped off our vehicle near Port Canaveral and took the rental agency’s shuttle to the pier. Then just reverse to return.
  12. I would suggest they look at the shore excursions that they would prefer and take in their activity level and personal interests. Our first cruise had 4 port days as I wasn’t to sure I would enjoy it and it was western. About 56 cruises later, we pick ships with great itineraries to tour like Europe or Caribbean (any kind) where we prefer ships with great entertainment like Oasis class.
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