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  1. We are not a fan of the larger ships like Royal, liking Grand class ships, but I have to say the Royal mini is a great cabin. Spacious and with a curtain divider which makes it almost a two room suite. That’s very handy when ones’s mate is a night person and you are a morning person. Downside is very small balconies.
  2. Profession +Age. But wait...... I am retired now and 10 years older. Need to do an update?
  3. Unless, the term of probation has been extended, the 5 years would be up April 2022. Might they just wait it out (in view of the never ending Corvid pause)?
  4. If it allows the cruise lines to reduce wait staff (which I think it will) count on seeing it.
  5. Forgive the stupid question. Why didn’t they bring it with them when debarking in AU? I understand they would have to pay some extra as I am sure most world cruisers would exceed air limits. Is that the only reason the luggage didn’t go with the,?
  6. This look really serious. My thoughts, in no particular order: 1) We are dedicated west coast princess cruisers and noted with interest RC’s vague statements about returning to the west coast. We may end up needing them here. 2). Corporate assets can be sold to different companies (perhaps specifically formed for this purpose) so as not to be subject to the order. 3). Certainly not in Florida, but which WOKE West Coast city will the the first to simply ban cruise ships on environmental grounds? Los Angeles ? San Francisco? Seattle?
  7. My wife is from the Philippines and enjoys chatting in the mother tongue with the filipino workers on board. One day, she wore a pullover with her college fraternity insignia on it. A bar server gave her the secret handshake ( yes, apparently adults still do these things). It turns out that there are usually 2 or 3 "brothers" on each cruise we are on. Have not meet any "sisters"yet. She has made some great friendships from this connection.
  8. We were on the same cruise as XBGuy. While stoped in Victoria, the Canadian Coast Guard or Navy was doing practice dropping and recovering a rescue swimmer into the water from a helicopter . They were pretty close to our ship, so that was our Victoria entertainment .
  9. Looking at a b2b, Anchorage to Vancouver, Vancouver to LA. Is that a PVSA vIolation? Does it help if I change ships in Vancouver? Thanks for your advice.
  10. Elua is great and is, of course, an institution on the Hawaii run. Their is another hawaii group I really like “Makani E”. I bought some of their CDs and start listening to them a few weeks before a hawaii cruise to get in the mood.
  11. I have been following the same question on the “ask a cruise question” forum and though it might be interesting to have a Princess specific discussion. Listening to music is my main activity on the ship, as my wife donates to the casino. I enjoy all the venues and styles, classical, piano bar, rock cover band and guest performers in the theater. One of my favorites is Helen and the “One Way” a rock cover band from Eastern Europe. Had a great Piano Cello two some on the Golden last year, I don’t remember their name. He(the Piano player) was from Spain and She (Cello) was from Hungary. Help me out guys. I also have encountered a great country singer Dan(?) Steele a few time that I really enjoyed. Please share your favorites.
  12. That’s the point of my question. They are assuming that the world they envision will exist post virus. But will the big ships be welcome in ports?
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