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  1. Walking does not produce revenue.
  2. We spent 27 days on the Golden in April. They served it only once.
  3. LiKe : the large atrium, the buffet. Dislike: No sky walker, the wheelhouse is so small. Room a little smaller, balcony’s much smaller. Larger crowd. Overall: Very nice ship, but I prefer the Grand class. To bad the are being phased out.
  4. On the recent trans-pac on the Golden, I heard that an unhappy cruised dumped the “dry hog” laundry onto the floor. A physical fight occurred and both were put off the ship at the next port.
  5. Just completed the trans-pac on the Golden, and the word (rumor?) onboard was that two cabins were thrown off the ship ( hopefully in a port) when the smoke detectors in their cabins went off due to illegal tea pots.
  6. I understand that tipping is not part of the culture in Australia. Here in the U.S., we always tip (or is it protection money?)the longshoreman who do nothing more than put our bags on a cart. Advice for Sydney please. Thanks.
  7. Agree with previous post-no HBO or any premium channels. I download content from Netflix and amazon onto my IPad.
  8. Hello! Will you guys be doing your usual Hawaii program on the Golden transpacific? See you in Auckland. Cheers.
  9. We will be stopping there on a transpacific cruise. Is best bet to get local currency from ATM? Are ATMs readily available? To do usual tourist things- is it easy to use credit cards? thanks for your thoughts.
  10. Flying into Sydney from the US for Sydney to LA cruise. Is the best bet for local currency to hit the ATM? Are there lots of them around? Wondering how much cash needed (as opposed to using a credit card) to do the usual tourist things. Would appreciate your experience. Thanks.
  11. We go if it’s in Skywalkers, but not if it’s in fusion. It’s about having a drink in a great place for us.
  12. We have done 3 recent cruises(Star,Golden and Emerald ). All elite happy hours were in the Vista, not Skywalkers. The crew said they were moved to Vista because of to many people in Skywalkers. Well, that solved the problem. We didn’t see many in the Vista and we did not return. Without Skywalkers, it’s just expensive booze and free food. Oh wait, you can get that anywhere on the ship.
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