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  1. I don’t think there will be any direct impact. The spill is south of both Long Beach and San Pedro, and I believe the current runs north to south, moving the spill to the south. San Diego? Well that a long way south, only time will tell.
  2. I am wondering if this is a cash raising move by CCL. Owning the right to sell on a cruise ship must have significant economic value, and perhaps CCL sold off the right to sell onboard for big $$$
  3. Call me weird-I love the hot tub when in Skagway.
  4. They seem to be at an all stop a few feet from the pier
  5. It is interesting how many of us enjoy seeing these ships in Juneau. I have only been able to catch one sale in, but usually check in to see the new Amsterdam and the majestic when they are in Port.
  6. Great reporting Herb. Please keep it up……and thanks.
  7. Hummm……and this is at less than full capacity.
  8. Thanks so much for doing another Live on board. Very enjoyable for us land bound sailors. Enjoy.
  9. Well, after all, the people in the casino are gamblers!
  10. I have to agree with the previous posters that it is hugely disappointing that there is no round trip LA-Alaska. I was on the Royal before the Covid shut down and it’s a great cruise for those of us who like sea days.
  11. Thanks for the great reports Copper. I especially enjoy all the behind the scene info you share. Enjoy the rest of the cruise, and regards to your child bride
  12. A big thanks to you and all the cruisers who take the time to share with these live on boards.
  13. Perhaps the idea is to eliminate the tender. No way to socially distance in a tender.
  14. Thanks for reporting on the GF options. As a newly diagnosed Celiac, I am following with interest. Have a great cruise!
  15. Thanks for posting gluten info. Since my last cruise (Hawaii 2020) I have been diagnosed as celiac and am interested in hearing about gluten free food on Princess as this is a new world for me. From what I hear, Princess does a fine job.
  16. Looks like a couple of bloggers/live-on-boards are sailing today for Alaska. I do enjoy a good vicarious cruise (I hope Roy gets back in action soon 😀)
  17. Right now the positivity test rate in California is 5.9%. So I would be much safer on board😄
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