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  1. Thank you for your blog, I am really enjoying it. We board the Majestic in Sydney when you disembark - looking forward to it. We haven't been on a ship this size before so that is a bit daunting (we are on Deck 15) and have never been this high before, the highest we have been is Deck 9. First time with Princess, we are long time Holland America cruisers so should be interesting to see the difference. Enjoy your time left cruising.
  2. Two nights in Budapest and Vienna with excursions in both places, we were given money for lunch in Vienna otherwise everything provided. Didn’t see much of the countryside while on the train as it was dark by 4pm and we didn’t get off until about 6:45. You can move from carriage to carriage, there are three carriages, all decorated differently, entertainment is also provided. We are in The Netherlands today with two excursions, one in the morning and another after lunch, both about two hours. Tomorrow there are tours to either Ghent or Bruges, the day after will be either Cologne or Aachen. Just heard that after lunch today the chef has organised an ice cream party, sounds like fun.
  3. I am on this cruise, we arrived in Rotterdam early this morning and will depart in the morning. We started in Budapest and caught the Majestic Imperator to Vienna which took about 4.5 hours, we were given food and drinks, we stayed in Vienna for two days. APT then chartered a private flight for us to get to Amsterdam, so far everything has been smooth sailing, although we probably won’t be going to Germany, APT have been excellent in re-organising our holiday. No bus travelling.
  4. Glad you’re having a great time Mark T. We are in Dubai at the moment and will arrive to Prague in about 10 hours, it has only taken 37 hours, but I’m sure it will be worth it. We meet up with our APT guide tomorrow and will stay with them for the next 17 days so hopefully they’ll have more information for us. We do know that we will be doing the train from Budapest to Vienna, something we really wanted to do.
  5. Don't know what happened there, ever since there was an upgrade with CC it has been a hit and miss situation. Glad that you are still having fun - that is what travelling is all about. We leave Adelaide in the morning for Prague and will arrive there 36 hours later, but looking forward to whatever happens.
  6. I think they are trying to organise the people leaving earlier, we leave Adelaide on Monday 19th November so APT probably want to make sure everyone knows what is happening
  7. We are only on the train to Vienna, which I think is about 2.5 hours, then we'll be in Vienna at a hotel for two nights. We were really looking forward to the train trip to Salzburg, but at least we still get some time on it.
  8. With regards to the 20% credit, we are lucky because we have another tour booked with APT for next year so we could put the 20% towards that.
  9. We received another updated itinerary last night - there will be no bus travelling YAY. From Budapest to Vienna we catch the Majestic Imperator where we will stay for two nights (with all meals included) and then a chartered flight to Amsterdam. Cologne has also been re-introduced as a day excursion (only 1.5 hour travel). We are just happy to go with the flow as they say. As regards the 20% credit, we are lucky that we had already booked another tour with APT next year and are able to put the 20% credit towards that. Safe travels and thanks for the updates and photos. We were on the Mosel last year and loved it.
  10. APT also booked our flights, Business Class from Adelaide return to Adelaide, also our pre-cruise four day stay in Prague and post-cruise six day stay in London. The refund would be for the full amount. We have decided to do Option 1 and cruise through The Netherlands and Belgium where there will be plenty of Christmas Markets.
  11. Very impressed with APT on how they are handling the current water level situation. We are supposed to be on the AmaVenita departing Budapest on 24/11/2018 however the boat cannot get to Budapest. We have been given three options: Option 1. A modified 11-day cruise staying in a hotel in Budapest the first night, bus to Vienna for two nights then flying to Amsterdam where we will board the AmaVenita and cruise through The Netherlands and Belgium as well as 20% credit on the value of our cruise. Option 2: Defer our cruise until 2019 and do another European tour. Option 3: Full refund. Just have to make a decision between Options 1 and 3 as we already have two holidays planned for next year. Have to decide quickly as we leave Adelaide on Monday for Prague.
  12. Thanks for your update Mark. We are waiting with baited breath to see what will happen with our departure from Budapest on the 24th November, haven't heard anything as yet.
  13. Thanks Mark, I also don't think it matters which boat we're on as long as we are on a boat in the water. We have been on the Amalegro in 2008 and the Amabella in 2011 and they were both lovely.
  14. Happy cruising (hopefully no buses)!! I'll be interested to hear what is happening with the APT boats as we are still due to board the AmaVenita on the 24th November.
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