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  1. Lucky for me, I picked up a 36 pack on special about 2 weeks ago, not because I’m a hoarder but cause it was damn good value, 9 rolls in each loo, and we are good to go!
  2. Just when Sydney has reported 10 new cases, at the start of the school holidays…lets wait for every border to slam shut.
  3. We are on this cruise. I spoke with Ponant last week, they have advised they will notify minimum of 45 days prior. The 18th August cruise was cancelled last week. Assuming ours will be cancelled by the end of the week. At least they are cancelling before final payment is due. However I've been messaging someone on the 18th cruise and she advised they are not offering refunds on the deposit. I thought this had already been addressed and they had to offer a refund. will wait and see
  4. Haha 😂 unfortunately I now have no choice…NSW health are only offering Pfizer to clinical staff.
  5. Problem with Pfizer is the storage, hence GP’s etc can’t store it, each state will need to open more vaccination hubs to ensure easier access. I finally have my first Pfizer tomorrow after waiting a month for an appointment.
  6. Well that just seems stupid. Maybe for cruises from Florida and Texas but anywhere else they should stick to requiring vaccines…
  7. Agree, but I suppose they live in hope.. I just want my money back!
  8. Woah, the new case in Sydney, they have CCTV footage of the two (original limo driver and the new case) in Myer at the same time, fleeting contact, it is clearly showing how infectious it is.
  9. It seems Ponant have cancelled a few more Kimberley cruises overnight. Silversea is still hoping to sail the Kimberley’s for August. Would be good if we could sail here but I just don’t think That will happen this season either..
  10. So there is some Kimberley cruising happening, Broome-Darwin-Broome, I wonder what they’ve done with Victorians in the recent lockdown. We are watching Ponant closely and they have currently canceled Kimberley cruises up to mid august, I think it will be interesting to see what will happen with border closures/lockdown on ships and how they will react. hopefully the fact that they are/will be doing regular swabs may reduce the risk of being kicked off a ship if a random state goes into lockdown.
  11. This!!! The chances of them both testing positive after being fully vaccinated is minute. One person yes, but two in the same stateroom?? They had both been tested prior to boarding (one would assume as part of the process and would have been negative), both negative then they both test positive on the same day. Now we need a statistical analysis…
  12. There is a theory they weren’t vaccinated (fake papers), there was also mention on a thread that they didn’t actually have to show vaccine papers when they boarded. There was lots of discussion yesterday about false positives but statistically it’s unlikely when 600 people were tested and the two that were positive were people in the same cabin. it will be interesting to see what plays out.
  13. Yes but they are also using J&J which is one dose and moderna which is two doses one month apart.
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