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  1. Once again, I check your thread for any updates. I copy your updates and place them on my thread (October 31th Mardi Gras). My thread is creeping like a snail unwillingly to school. or as slow as molasses in January Slow as lawyers earning his or her way to heaven Slow as an earthworm crossing an 8 lane highway Slow as traffic on a snowy Monday morning going into the city, with numerous spinouts.
  2. Carnival Cruise Terminal at Port Canaveral (Terminal 3) Taken by a Drone.
  3. MeandHer1968 Scott & Karen Utah DD474 Drew & Donna Mass (By Cape Cod) (+21 other’s in our group) MPJCH Mike & Tracy Georgia SoMDGirl Tracey St. Mary’s Maryland (+21 other’s in our Group) Lamar20 Lamar & Emily Georgia Lele Baton Rouge, Louisiana Sammyd44 Minnesota SayDees Toronto Canada Miamilady305 Donald & Kim Miami FL SLLBFL517 N. Carolina Mouce N. Carolina 123Brody Don & Zita Port Charlotte, FL Twodaywonder Dan & Marianne Port St. Lucie, FL Niquein99 Monique Atlanta GA Minnie Jacksonville, TX Cruisecutie Donna & Wendy Jersey City/Neptune Jlo4sho Mississippi MustLuvDogsFL345 Winter Haven, FL Jdgordon N. Carolina Onatreadmill Rockledge, FL MEENJOEGREEN Labrea Georgia Kfoot Winter Garden, FL Here's a starter list. Let me know what to edit or add.
  4. Carnival Mardi Gras - October 31th 2020 The following Cruise Critic members have signed up to this Meet & Mingle party: DD474 # in party: 2 jlo4sho # in party: 2 MustLuvDogsFL345 # in party: 2 jdgordon # in party: 2 onatreadmill # in party: 2 MeandHer1968 # in party: 2 SLLBFL517 # in party: 2 123Brody # in party: 2 twodaywonder # in party: 2 Niquein99 # in party: 1 miamilady305 # in party: 2 Minnie12 # in party: 3 Cruisiecutie # in party: 2 MEENJOEGREEN # in party: 4 Kfoot # in party: 2 The current party tally is 32
  5. Construction Update of Terminal 3 at Port Canaveral The two-story Carnival Cruise Terminal is being built east of the port's Cove restaurant area and west of Jetty Park. When completed the terminal will measure a massive 185,000 square feet, and have a parking garage to handle up to 1,800 cars. You can see renderings of what the terminal should look like below. Mardi Gras will sail from Cruise Terminal 3, starting in October 2020. Earlier Photo. (Jetty Park in the back ground off to the right)
  6. Upholding the Constitution of United States of America. Protecting our Freedom's
  7. LNG-powered cruise ships In June 2015, Carnival Corporation announced the company's contract with Fincantieri to build four LNG-powered vessels with the industry's largest passenger capacity. This is part of the order with Meyer Werft and Fincantieri for a total of nine ships to be built in the period 2019-2022. The four new builds became industry's first LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) powered vessels using LNG in their hybrid engines. The gas is stored on the ship and used to generate all needed power at sea. The engines are not exclusively LNG, but "dual fuel" (capable of burring both liquid marine fuel and natural gas). This design is for saving onboard space (reducing fuel storage space required). Current maritime legislation requires vessels to have equipment duplication and 2 engine rooms. Carnival cruise ship accidents related to power failures in 2013. At our Carnival Fun Ship 2.0 upgrades link you can learn how Carnival lines battle with this "unmaintained ships" image and implemented revolutionary new technology initiatives fleet wide - including an additional emergency backup generator on each of their vessels Below are Engine rooms for another Carnival Cruise Ship.
  8. SCOTTY..I Need More Power !! Just checking to see if anyone put any oil in the motor. CRAP...I just dropped a screw..
  9. WE NEED MORE POWER, MR. SCOTT !! Just checking to see if there's any oil. CRAP... I just dropped a screw
  10. Ok guy's doesn't look that heavy If each guy grab's a corner, I think we can move this in place. OK..it looks like we got in place. Does it look level to you ?
  11. OK...This is where our LEGO training as kid's is finally going to pay off. You know, those things as an adult you step on and shout “F**K that hurts!”
  12. OK, doesn't look to heavy. If we get a few more guys, one on each Corner. We can do this.
  13. OK everybody, this is where our LEGO®. training as a kid is finally going to pay off. You thought when you stepped on them and shouted "F***K" they were good for nothing...
  14. Did you Know: Mardi Gras will set sail in 361 Days from today - Less than a year now !! We're the 7th Cruise for Mardi Gras. 1) There's 5 Mardi Gras Roll Call's with more members than ours. 2) There's 4 Mardi Gras Roll Call's that have more views than ours. 3) There's 24 Mardi Gras Roll Call's. 4) There's 347 days until final payment 5) There's 422 days left until our we set sail 6) There's 20 price categories' on Mardi Gras
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