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  1. The new math. 😯 "Fun for all" "All for fun" OK... We're Down to 159......AKA 15 and counting. Carnival better now about the countdown 😲
  2. So the question is: If Carnival cancels our cruise, would I lose the 25% room credit that was given to me from the last time my cruise was cancelled. Carnival would refund what I payed for my room, then keep the $1000.00 credit that was given to me towards my room. (because I original had an Excel Suite) Carnival would also keep the $200.00 onboard credit and the $50.00 bar credit that they gave to me. 😲 For a future cruise, I'd get the $600.00 on board credit. SO that would put me NEGATIVE $650.00 towards a future cruise, plus the price of the rooms has gone up. If this cruise gets canceled again, everybody would actually be losing money for a future cruise, because the room prices will be higher. 😲 The longer Carnival waits, the worse it'll be for us. Higher prices and less of a selection. 🥺 SO HOPEFULLY THIS CRUISE IS A GO !!
  3. Happy 4th of July from Massachusetts. The Start of the American Revolution and our Freedom.
  4. Carnival Mardi Gras The following Cruise Critic members have signed up to this Meet & Mingle party: DD474 # in party: 2 Mmch62 # in party: 2 BE474 # in party: 2 DeanDeeDee # in party: 2 EC474 # in party: 2 shiska # in party: 2 Risabrandon # in party: 2 Jaydub47 # in party: 4 Warm Breezes # in party: 2 DrBear22 # in party: 4 SarahB0308 # in party: 4 The current party tally is 31. Hasn't changed in months... A smaller group means more plastic prizes for the rest of us. 🤪
  5. The new math. 😯 "Fun for all" "All for fun" If 200 days equals to 20 Then 190 days equals to 19 Then 180 days equals to 18 Then 170 days equalsto 17..Etc So we're down to 16 and counting. 16.5 to be exact... 🤔 Tomorrow it'll be 16.4 😆
  6. Hopefully Carnival will invest a lot of time and effort in Mardi Gras... Being their New Flagship. 🤑 With all that's going on, Carnival should try and come back with a BIG BANG !! 😎 (MARDI GRAS should hopefully be that BIG BANG)😁 Otherwise !!! 😠
  7. Carnival is allowing guest to update this cruise and apply credits. Carnival is posting promotions for this cruise in purchasing certain packages. Mommy/Daughter spa day...Character breakfast etc. Carnival just added another dinner option for this cruise. Plus the Mardi Gras countdown is continuing. So by keeping us excited for this cruise, carnival has removed all the good options off the table for future Mardi Gras cruises. Now there's only slim picking left. 😯 So hopefully Carnival doesn't delay this cruise. That would be pretty rotten if carnival knew along time ago it would be postponed. Keeping us from getting the best selections. 🤔 That said...keep our finger's crossed and we all board this December 12th. 😀
  8. Carnival added the Steakhouse Restaurant to the specialty dining. (Yet it shows "soldout") 🤔 The countdown still continues...
  9. Thank Goodness that we're not on the "CANCELED CRUISES LIST" ✌️ (as of June 22nd) As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we regret to inform our guests that Carnival Cruise Line is having to cancel the following sailings: All San Francisco sailings through 2020 All Carnival Sunrise sailings through and including October 19, 2020 All Carnival Legend sailings through and including October 30, 2020 All Carnival Radiance sailings through and including November 1, 2020 All Carnival Spirit Alaska, Hawaii, & Trans-Pacific sailings through and including October 6, 2020 All Other Ships sailings through and including September 30, 2020
  10. Carnival is allowing you to update this cruise and apply credit. Then other postings from Nov 21th cruise is having promotions for purchasing certain packages. Mommy/Daughter spa day...Character breakfast etc.... they've also read a post which said the ship was ahead of schedule..... I've asked which posting.. So we'll see.🤔
  11. Do you know which posting said " the Mardi Gras was ahead of schedule" ? My Wife and I are on the Dec 12th cruise. Thanks
  12. Our Cruise is 6 Months from today. 😃 or 1/2 a Year or 183 days or 4,392.001 hours or 263,520.03 minutes or 15,811,202 seconds Just saying...😎
  13. This is from Cruise Radio.Net - Enjoyed reading this. 😀 Published 2 weeks ago on May 28, 2020 By Richard Simms EDITORIAL Why I’m Breaking My Cruise Rules to Sail Carnival Mardi Gras That unlike the many trips I’d taken to Walt Disney World, I hadn’t had to jump on a plane for this particular vacation. I don’t mind flying. In fact, I sort of love it. Unfortunately, I hate airports, aka where good times go to die. Because there are ports in both Manhattan and Bayonne, New Jersey, I realized I could indulge in my new cruise obsession without having to go to an airport If I had to pick one reason this ship calls to me, it’d be tough, but I might go with the French Quarter. In case you haven’t heard, Mardi Gras will have several “zones,” one of which is inspired by New Orleans. The French Quarter will feature a restaurant by celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse (Bam!), a jazz club, and the Fortune Teller’s Bar, the last of which promises to be my favorite drinking spot since The Alchemy Bar. I’m also drawn to Grand Central, aka the zone containing the atrium. People who’ve sailed with me or read my past trip reports know that I’m borderline obsessed with atriums in general, and Carnival’s in particular. On Mardi Gras, they’ll be reinventing the atrium via a wall of glass which will give me something other than my fellow cruisers to watch. (Atriums are one of the best places on any ship to do some discreet people watching!) I'm not really a lounge-by-the-pool kinda guy, but this ship has one new Lido Deck feature I’m 100 percent into: the two-story RedFrog Tiki Bar. I mean, who doesn’t love a tiki bar, right? Like the atrium, this promises to be a fantastic place to sip a drink while watching all the poolside antics unfolding. I’ll let the wild-and-crazy crew have a lower level. You’ll find me at the top level, all the better for observing. Finally, there’s Summer Landing, located on the aft of the ship. There are pools, bars and another of my favorite Carnival hot spots, Guy’s Pig & Anchor Smokehouse/Brewhouse. But more importantly, there’s that view.
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