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  1. Thanks folks. Taxi to rail station looks best option. Can get 1/3 off train tickets if we buy a railcard, and I believe the "Two Together" card @ £30 is the best deal, rather than two separate cards, a 50% saving.
  2. Thanks Tring - we need to go in the opposite direction, port to rail station. as soon as possible after berthing. I'll 'phone Fred again and ask - when I called the other day to enquire it was a waste of time and effort.
  3. We are looking at the L1919 cruise out of Newcastle on 7th August, "Cruising European Rivers & Canals" for nine nights. Very conveniently there is a one night repositioning cruise from Rosyth (not far along the road from us) to Newcastle the day before, so we can add that and cut out a journey down to Geordieland. Obviously that leaves the question of getting home when the cruise ends in Newcastle on 16th August. Can the resident experts here please advise - is it easy enough to get from the port to Newcastle rail station, or any other suggestions on how to get back to central Jockland ?
  4. There won't be any problem. My wife and I still have a chuckle about our first ever cruise which was on Princess - she clocked the notice for the daily "Friends Of Dorothy" get togethers and expressed an interest in attending out of curiousity - without a clue as to what they were about. Fortunately she didn't follow this up. On our next cruise, also Princess, she casually asked fellow diners one evening what the name meant - and got a huge red face when her innocence was exposed by the explanation. Enjoy your FO experience.
  5. For the benefit of this dumb Jock - what exactly is a Black & White theme night ?
  6. In my long experience of TUI, cruises and hotel packages, they don't do free. Can't be many cruise lines that charge extra to select a cabin ? Having said that, on a couple of cruise we had a compilmentary £25 credit voucher for the onboard account. No idea how or why we qualified for that nice little earner though.
  7. I can't mind if there was one on our most recent FO cruise this summer - it was from Rosyth so that might explain it !!! There was on our first Fred the previous year and the plastic flags etc. was embarrasingly cringeworthy - we gave that aspect the big bodyswerve. The singalong in the theatre is OK if you like that sort of thing.
  8. Over many years experience I had come to the conclusion that nothing could surprise me about Thomsons/TUI's ineptitude...........but that has revised my thinking.
  9. If I mind right, Thomsons (as was) last attempt with a new computer setup was an ongoing shambles. Hopefully no repeat this time.
  10. I wonder what her employer's reaction to these shenanigans, and the ensuing publicity will be ? She is an air hostess for NetJets - https://www.netjets.com/en-gb/ I suspect she'll be invited for "an interview without coffee" at the very least. Certainly not in contention for employee of the year !!!
  11. Acceptance of Euros in Croatia is very patchy, as mentioned above.
  12. Good point. You can't prosecute the deceased. Agreed on both points, even if she were sober.
  13. I came across this on Daily Mail online. According to the Cruise Lines International Association, man overboard cases are not common - but there are no official statistics on the annual number. Its report said last year: 'Without exception, when investigations of MOB incidents are successfully concluded it is found that they were the result of an intentional or reckless act'. In which case maybe it's time to make it an offence ? Having said that, it is probably easier to say than implement due to overlapping legal jurisdictions. UK citizen on a US vessel in Croatian waters for starters.
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