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  1. Thanks Dave. Interesting that Lerwick is going to be open for self service runs ashore - meanwhile other cruise lines (MSC and Marella that I know of) maintaining their shIp excursion only mantra for ports of the British Isles. They say it's down to policy of local authorities - if so, why is Lerwick OK, and not others ? Have the Shetlands separated from the UK ?
  2. Recently heard that Fred Olsen are allowing DIY shore excursions on (at least) one of their UK departure cruises - it has two ports of call, Lerwick and Faroe Islands. Based on local regulations at this time - of course these could be revised if the health scenario has a subsequent negative impact. Not sure if that's general policy for all ports of call around the British Isles.
  3. Update - FO and travel agent advising that guests on L2124 (five nights, out of Rosyth on 5th August) CAN disembark in Shetlands and Faroes without joining ship organised excursions. That is the situation at this time - subject to revision of course if the health scenario changes.
  4. I've just called TUI for clarification on shore visits in respect of the Marella 2 cruises from Newcastle, details of which will be announced shortly. No DIY independent disembarkations - you have to join a ship organised excursion. No thanks, not for us.
  5. I had a read through Fred's FAQs - didn't clarify much either way. Reluctance to commit on such questions is understandable from their perspective.
  6. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. Does anybody have a handle on FO's intentions for punters who wish to go ashore when in UK ports of call ? Other cruise lines are only permitting shore visits if on a ship organised tour - I don't fancy that.
  7. I took it to mean that any individual who was vaccinated was 85% protected from infection. Is that the same as saying that 15 in a hundred are not protected at all ? I'm no statistician !!!
  8. No, I only clocked Simon Calder's recent article in the Independent and thought it might be worth flagging up these restrictions on the Princess forum, in case it had slipped under the radar of any Brits potentially interested in such a cruise. If internal travel restrictions within the UK are lifted then I reckon Princess will have a problem trying to justify their "no go ashore unescorted" policy. Of course, up here, north of Hadrian's Wall, the Scottish Government has separate travel rules compared to England and/or Wales.......that could muddy the waters (no pun intended) if they remain different when the around Britain cruising season kicks off !!!
  9. Wales has just lifted internal travel restrictions - if there are ports of call there then it'll be interesting to see how Princess react. Likewise other parts of the UK if/when there are similar easing of travel bans.
  10. Got ours a few weeks back - a very professional young L/Cpl medic in the RAMC - the Pfizer variant, all good. Deployed from his regular base at York and accommodated at RN "stone frigate" facilities at Rosyth.
  11. Apologies in advance if this has been flagged up elsewhere already, however it may be of interest to potential UK clients not yet aware. Princess are offering cruises around the British Isles - but only those who sign up for ship organised excursions will be allowed ashore.
  12. On the contrary, I can assure Andrew Flintham that not a few potential cruisers have never considered Dover as an attractive port of departure. ☹️ Think Newcastle or Rosyth for us North Britons - Liverpool for middle of the UK punters.
  13. Simon Calder had a piece in the Independent a few days ago about Princess not allowing punters off the ship in UK ports unless they go on ship organised excursions. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/po-cruises-southampton-diamond-princess-b1819564.html British citizens not being allowed ashore in their own country unescorted - that'll go down well with potential customers !!! Apologies, if that's breaking news to you - don't shoot the messenger !!!
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