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  1. Tomorrow I can reserve excursions for my first Regent cruise Sept 16 -Anchorage to Vancouver. I have a few questions: 1. Do excursions fill up quickly? Even the premium ones that we have to pay for? Are there waitlists? 2. Do we pay for the excursions when we select them? And can we get a refund if we change our minds? 3. The pdf of available excursions on the website now does not include times of the day. How can we tell if there's enough time in the day for two tours? 4. Which Alaska excursions were your favorites? Any advice is much appreciated!
  2. Wouldn't it be nice if Silversea employed social media managers that could answer all these questions?
  3. Do all the restaurants have dress codes? Do the other vary? My itinerary says the second night is "formal Optional" but it doesn't designate a dress code for the other nights. Guidance is appreciated!
  4. Thanks, everyone. The waitlisted excursion is a guest-driven, 2-person "bat max boat" tour of the Porvoo archipelago. (It caught the eye of my young adult son!) I'd be just as happy to explore Helsinki on my own. But I'm trying to budget my shipboard credits, and it's hard to do not knowing if this excursion will come through. You're right...they should let us know where we are on the list. Guess I'll just have to wait until we board, and try to be first in line at the shore excursion desk!
  5. What has been your experience with shore excursions that are waitlisted? We are waitlisted for the Boat Safari of Porvoo Archipelago on our Baltic Cruise. When and how do we find out if space has become available for us? Do slots usually open up? Also, we booked an "extra" excursion on another day in case we don't get the Boat Safari. (Because we can't afford to do both!) But if we do get it, how do I cancel the back-up excursion? Thanks for sharing any experience you may have with this!
  6. Thank you, drron! I enjoyed your pictures and reviews. And the menus look wonderful!
  7. Does anyone have pictures of menus from La Terrazza or Atlantide to share? I don't expect your menu to be the same as one I'll get on my cruise in July, but it will give me a better idea of what's offered. Thanks!
  8. Thanks, everyone! Knowing this could help save us some embarrassing moments.
  9. I'll be traveling with a picky eater on Spirit this summer. Is the kitchen willing to prepare a simple chicken breast or pasta dish on request? I know he can find something he'll eat in the grill, but I'd like to enjoy at least a couple of special meals in the main dining room.
  10. Acruisefan, check Silversea again. I'm on their July 18 Baltic cruise, and it includes a half day in Helsinki. We opted for the itinerary with only two days in St Petersburg because it allowed time for a stop in Mariehamm. I've never cruised with Silversea, so I can't yet offer a review. Past cruises in Europe with Seabourn have been amazing...I just wanted to try a new line.
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