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  1. Thanks. That is good to know. When the credit hits our card, it will be very obvious as it will exceed our balance resulting in a sizable credit on the card. One possible challenge will be that the deposit was made under an old card number and final payment was made under new card number. This refund will be for cruise money that we took as FCC for cancelled cruise in 2020 and used to book cruise for February of 2022. Fingers crossed that it will all work out the way it should.
  2. I have not been waiting long. 🙂 I just wanted to know from others what would be reasonable time for refund. I know customer service is very busy and don't want to contact them until it makes sense to do so.
  3. That is my plan. I was impacted by this last round of cancellations and submitted my request today. I will give it a couple weeks and start checking my credit card.
  4. I think I saw that thread and have no plans to go that route. I just want an idea of how many days/months to wait before calling Carnival to check on the refund. I am good with being patient but don't want to wait too long.
  5. We requested a full refund for money held for cruise cancelled twice. How long should we wait for the refund to hit our credit card?
  6. My "crystal ball", "tea leaves" and "ouiga board" prediction is that "fully vaccinated" will require that you have had at least 2 doses of the vaccine with the most recent dose within 6 months of sail date.
  7. That does help. Thank you! Glad to hear that. Thank you! It is so good to be part of Cruise Critic to find out if something is even possible before getting on the phone with the cruise line. Before I do that, I need to figure out what cruise to take.
  8. Fingers crossed here that we can move this cruise despite the fact that it would actually fall on our 25th anniversary. If we do get to move it, I will have to figure out some other big way to celebrate 25 amazing years with the love of my life.
  9. When my December 2020 cruise was cancelled, I booked a new cruise for February of 2022 with the FCC and OBC. Would Carnival allow me to move this cruise out another year and still have the OBC? Has anyone tried this? I would really like to wait a bit longer before we cruise again.
  10. I am also a skeptic so I checked the Facebook page and the same information is there but cannot find the rules anywhere to check for elibility and sailing dates.
  11. I am glad I moved my Dec. 2021 Enchantment cruise to Nov. 2022 a few days ago. I had bad vibes over the weekend and found a good deal on a JS aft so got on the phone and made the switch.
  12. I understand the reluctance and moved our reservation to late 2022. Best wishes to you on your decision.
  13. Done! I was able to transfer the deposit to same itinerary for Nov. 2022 and change from a starboard junior suite to an aft junior suite for about fifty dollars additional total cruise fare. Color me happy! 🙂
  14. Thanks for your input. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  15. You are correct. I was confused. 😞 Bottom line is finding out if I will forfeit my deposit for moving the cruise from Dec 21 to Dec 22 and/or incur any change fees for moving the booking.
  16. Funny thing is the price looks to be less for Dec 22 than what we booked for Dec 21 so ... hoping we can do this.
  17. We will probably call tomorrow and find out what we can do. Current cruise is Dec 21 and want to move it to Dec 22. Only thing we have paid so far is the deposit. Final payment is in September. Basically want to see if they will move our deposit from Dec 21 to Dec 22 or if there are any penalities/fees for the move.
  18. Hi. Has anyone done a lift & shift for a booking which qualifies for double points promo? Current verbiage mentions exisitng bookings and eligible sailings running through December 2022.
  19. It would work, but for my machine the air vent would be sucking up carpet smell.
  20. I would be happy for a week long cruise to nowhere. I just want to be on the ship enjoying meals, shows, and my private balcony.
  21. I am convinced that this a website gltich for Marine Link and have asked the moderator to pull this thread. Lesson learned. At the end of the day, I really would like to know the status of Enchantment and Baltimore but I will need to be patient. 🙂
  22. Most likely the case. I sent a note to the moderator to see if this thread can be pulled or original post edited. Thanks!
  23. Wow! Why in the world does it show up with today's date online?
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