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  1. snorkle: Looking at my current "Regent Guest Statement" concerning hoped-for this October-November Mariner sailing from Barcelona-- There is a separate Line Item, "Land Arrangements". Shows Free 1-Night on October 30-31 at Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos Hotel. If you go on-line: Bring up your Account information for that specific cruise segment. Hit the "Manage this Booking" button. Go to "Show My Itinerary". That will display each day's schedule. That should bring up "Pre-Stay" as the first entry. In our case, Pre-stay at Barcelona. Same hotel shows up.
  2. pingpong1: Keep smiling; keep hoping, as are we all! We hope to precede you aboard Mariner: Barcelona on October 31st for transit to Miami. GOARMY!
  3. OMW: Here is my simple answer to your query. Dress with respect to mirror the 5+star service you will receive by Staff and the high quality of everything aboard all (with exception of Splendor) Radisson/Regent ships we have sailed on for the past 22+ years. But for COVID, we would have boarded Splendor at San Diego--March 14th last. At least, we made it to the hotel. I will not further comment on this particular rabbit hole topic. GOARMY!
  4. From recent pre-COVID experiences--Regent may utilize two hotels for the same cruise. Example: April, 2017 Inaugural Explorer, Miami-Barcelona-Venice. In addition to Four Season(s), we have been lodged for pre-stays on various cruises at Hyatt Regency Corals Gables, Ritz-Carlton, and Hotel Colonnade. Once booked, your on-line Regent Account for that particular cruise will designate the hotel. BUT--it can change. GOARMY!
  5. Experience with Radisson/Regent for the past 20+ years (unfortunately none during the most-recent 18 months): I take my tux on segments of 16 or more days regardless of the itinerary. While not taking the time to do a head count, estimate about 15-20% of the gents also wear a tux. I do so, no doubt, falling back on an Army tradition of dressing to the occasion on a formal (optional) night to honor the Staff which provides 5+ star service. GOARMY!
  6. TS: You have opened the flood gates. Three Regent cruises canceled. First, and most-poignant: March 13th last. At Regent's San Diego hotel anticipating boarding Splendor the next day to begin a segment to Miami upon which we would celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary including a Renewal of Vows event hosted (and attended) by Regent senior Staff, our TA and spouse, and other dear friends. Fear not. We remain hitched. And--in December, Regent's Customer Service's folks sent us that special champagne bottle we would have opened somewhere off the coast of Costa
  7. Regardless of a particular Governor's "Executive Order" on the matter--one way or the other-- This may be anecdotal rather than dispositive, but: Spouse and I have now been fully vaccinated. In addition to that little White card (not Yellow as to documentation of Yellow Fever shot received required prior to our 2018 Navigator Amazon River experience--and stapled onto our Passports), have received documentation in the form of Medicare Summary Notices for Part B (Medical Insurance). These show specific Immunization(s) administered--in my case via Costo Corp.--on specific dates.
  8. Regarding Mariner's currently-posted itinerary: I need all the reassurance (and reinsurance) I can get at this point as to no drastic changes. We are scheduled to be on the October-mid November Barcelona to Miami segment. If that doesn't "go", the dominoes will start to fall affecting everything downrange. We also hope to be back on Mariner after it (hopefully) has completed transit of the Pacific, S.E. Asia, and on to Tokyo. April, 2022. Tokyo pre-stay before long cruise to San Francisco. Continue to carefully follow Regent website and updates on cabin status.
  9. Given the current situation: Nice to be able to call-up a video made during our April, 2017 0730H glide-in to Venice aboard Explorer. Silent transit, at about 2 knots. No wake. Ship continued past St. Marks Square and city proper to dock about four kilometers from city center. That made excursions later that day easy. Magical. Those were the days. GOARMY!
  10. Oh. I cannot pass up this opportunity for response. Yes, too much time to spend on really First-World matters. Gcto: This wandering Thread as to Red Wines has been the object of far too many frivolous postings. Plead guilty. My last on this matter was posted over a year ago on some Thread probably lost in time. Bottom line was that the Wine Steward aboard August-September 2019 Explorer (BtB Stockholm-Southampton-Southampton) attended to my wife's request (not demand) for a second, then third offering of a red wine at a Compass Rose dinner. This was early-on on that 2
  11. Wait! Yet-another Topic for another rabbit hole diversion "Discussion": Quality of Regent's offered Red Wines. Think positive. GOARMY!
  12. BSR: This is a stretch for me, but will refrain from a longer response. Specific answer is: Yes. PS: Mark Twain once-opined when offering a reason for penning an overly-effusive and lengthy letter to a friend in his follow-up missive: "Apology for my initial letter. I did not take the time necessary to write a shorter one." PPS: In our experience--particularly over the last 10 years, every dinner at Compass Rose has a special quality due to offering specialty options from the other specialty (reservation required) restaur
  13. Pcardad: Thank you so, so much for reference to "Invaders". Almost promise: This is my last (maybe penultimate) contribution (never say never; never say ever) entry on the matter. Of course--any movie featuring John Agar as the "Lead" is bound to--------- Well, on a more positive note: Hope spouse and I have the opportunity to link up with you onboard a future cruise to exchange bon mots on whatever trivia. Who knows? 2022, 2023. Take care. GOARMY!
  14. Well, with the bad World news ( and in the USA this PM as to Atlanta): For benefit of all (Post WWII Baby Boomers included) who circle back to a time of what our parents' told us was a "normal" time-- Joanandjoe and Pcardad: 1. Yes, Ed Wood's epic "Plan 9 From Outer Space" failure would rank right up there as to what Saturday Night Live's "Media Critic" Alfred 'Pic Carnell would opine as-- "Really biting the Big One" 2. Pcardad--I nominate as No. 2 for your viewing edification the following. "Mars Needs Women". 19
  15. Pcardad: As usual, Sir, you bring clarity and maintain civility while contributing to a Thread. Spouse and I continue to hope for the best; but always have a Plan B, or C. Well, at this point, considering already-canceled 2020 and 2021 cruises, we are at about "Plan X from the Planet Zorg". (Close-enuf' reference to a really, really bad Grade C late 1950s or early 1960s Sci Fi movie.) GOARMY!
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