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  1. Thinking outside the box: Why not a Godfather? Like, someone who makes an offer to potential--or past--Regent cruisers that can't be refused. I will default to the idea "floated" in this regard to Cruise Director John Barron back in 2017. That was incident to his being CD during Explorer's initial itinerary from Miami, via Barcelona, to Venice. During that delightful BTB, mentioned my suggestion that the next ship should be named--Terminator. Like, perfect. Obliterate the competition with the most wonderful cruise ship(s) ever launched in the history of the world. And, how about Arnold ("Terminator") S. as the Godfather? Regent wants to court clients for return visits. So--Arnold would break the champagne bottle (not over someone's head); then intone: "I'll be Baaaaaak!" John initially demurred. He did, however, mention this concept later in the Theater to an audience waiting for Regent's CEO to conduct a Town Hall forum. Let us just say there was a mixed audience response. Anyway-- We will be aboard Splendor at San Diego, en route to Miami. GOARMY!
  2. Re: Society Number--Yes, it has been printed on key cards for some time. Just looked at mine for Explorer 08-09/2019 BTB segments. As to San Juan: Just walk off the ship to the "Fortress" area, which is a pleasant, short trek. Lots of history; lots of restaurants and watering stations. Keep it simple. GOARMY!
  3. Exactly. ASK. That is what we (several passengers) did back in 2014 re: SuperBowl coverage while aboard Voyager on an extended Sydney-Singapore cruise. Seattle vs. Denver. Began inquiry upon boarding. Response was--well, there are contractual situations; and a satellite situation; and location of ship at time of "live" broadcast of the game from New Jersey. So, probably not. Kept asking. Evolving response, which ultimately resulted in LIVE coverage of game projected from Theater early (local Australian time), complete with popcorn. Great game if Seattle Seahawks fans; not-so-much if rooting for Denver. The game was over before lunch. Actually, from the Seattle perspective, it was over early in the 3rd Quarter. By that time, Denver rooters had repaired to alternate libation locations to salve the wounds. Cruise Director advised Game would be replayed--available in each suite--that evening for benefit of folks on shore excursions. So--on best-behavior not to divulge the final score to those not in the Theater. So cruel. My brother and his spouse--Denver fans--were on an excursion. Met them for lunch. Without giving away too much, just suggested watching the first few minutes of 1st Quarter; and 3rd Quarter Denver kick-off. Neither rebounded well for Denver. Bottom line. Make a reasonable request, and it will be considered. Not sure if this was the first time a SuperBowl had been carried, in real time. Considering we were in Australian waters--hats off to whomever at Corporate made the decision to redirect the satellite, and probably incur a premium charge for doing so. And, BTW: it was a great cruise. GOARMY!
  4. Took special note of this recent cruise because spouse and I will be aboard most of October, 2020 for a BTB New York-Montreal; then Montreal to NYC via Bermuda. Great opportunities to visit our junior son and his Brooklyn family, both coming and going. Numerous cruises aboard this novel ship going back 12+ years. At this point in our cruising experience, having been aboard all Regent ships--and eagerly awaiting Splendor this coming March--it's the destination that counts. Yep, have experienced the "traveling" wine glasses vibrating on a table in the Theater while the ship enters, or leaves port. Strange shivers, from time to time in our suite. But--book appropriate forward, and lower, suites. Go with the flow. In context, the minor nuances on this ship pale in comparison to great cuisine (never tried a turkey burger); caring crew; and meeting with CD Ray Solaire. Just my perspective. GOARMY!
  5. Back to Thread topic: Have monitored PBC and BBC reports this PM. Three days of heavy rains and tides. More flooding at Venice. Volunteers are currently removing books from historical libraries to salvage and prevent further damage to these priceless documents. Causes are numerous from natural (Climate change and weather patters); to human-related corruption which has misappropriated funds intended for water remediation to other purposes--like human foibles. Another flooding of the Plaza and St. Marks. We are planning another return to the Venice area in 2021. That itinerary will take into account the above reality. Certainly, not anticipating either arrival or departure from Venice will involve the Canal. Regards. GOARMY!
  6. To several above: Looks like we were all in the same boat back in 2017. We boarded in Miami in March for the first leg to Barcelona; then stayed aboard to Venice. Still recall the sail-in to Venice that early morning. Silent, just making headway in the Canal so as not to cause a wake. Now, Splendor in less than four months. GOARMY!
  7. BBC has been covering this current situation over the past few days. Severe flooding, to include crypts at St. Marks. The videos are striking. People up to, and over their knees in water when walking (wading) in the Square. What a contrast to our April, 2017 visit aboard Explorer. Reports are that this situation has been exacerbated due to recent dredging to deepen the main entrance to Venice to allow larger cruise ships' entry. Now, erosion and heavier than usual rains are washing away the banks around that channel, allowing a heavier water volume to intrude into the city. This situation will put added pressure on authorities to restrict cruise ship entry to the city-center area. GOARMY!
  8. All: Perspective from having a dog in this discussion: Many times on all Regent current four vessel Roster, while eagerly awaiting first aboard No. 5--Splendor in four months at San Diego. Several times on Crystal's Symphony for long repositioning Pacific Ocean crossings. It comes down to trying to count the number of angels on the head of a pin as to which way to go. FWIIW: Positives on going either with Crystal or Regent. How about that for equivocating. The one BIG defining factor with us has been Suite size. Our TA books us only at the Penthouse level when on Crystal. O.K. Understand this comes with a Butler--which we have utilized only to cancel receiving afternoon canapes'. Have had Butlers on Regent with similar request: eschew those canape' deliveries. Depending on the itinerary--particularly on an Ocean crossing with many, many sea days--size does matter. The nod goes to Regent as providing a suite configuration which we can book--sans Butler at a lower Category level. Our minimal suite size is 300sf, not counting veranda. Crystal's Symphony has many positives, given a larger passenger capacity, with accompanying larger common areas and venues. Still, Crystal conforms to our other acceptance template for being on a ship housing fewer than 1,000 passengers. In this regard, smaller is better. General amenities such as service, personnel professional performance, Staff attitude, and cuisine have met reasonable expectations on both Lines. No matter which Line--a positive experience. Just go with the flow. Bottom Line(s): Do not overthink this conundrum. A first World Problem, given the current realities. And, BTW: Shout-out to Vets on Veterans' Day. GOARMY!
  9. Like carrying coals to Newcastle as to past comments on Theater steps. We were on two of the initial series of 2017 Explorer cruises. Immediately noticed this safety issue. Made continual comments--personal and in writing--to onboard management. This was, and apparently remains, a series of accidents waiting to happen. Nothing changed Several subsequent Explorer visits, the latest of which was BTB this late August and most of September. Same situation. My eyesight has certainly not improved. Neither has lighting, or some measure to ameliorate discerning one step from the next. Again--verbal comments onboard; followed by similar written ones. Recommended just a simple, quick-fix: A strip of reflecting tape. Well, sure--there are problems with that, like frayed tape coming off and creating another problem. Whatever. Our upcoming Regent experience will be aboard Splendor in a little more than four months. Trust this lighting and step problem will not have been replicated on this "sister" to Explorer. GOARMY!
  10. Yes, Flossie009, as to background music at La Veranda during lunch. But, opening up this a bit-- The only "sour note" during our recently-completed Explorer BTB--Stockholm, Southampton; Southampton-Southampton was vapid, loud, and annoying canned music at La Veranda during breakfast. The vocal "artist" was basically, screaming and yelling unintelligible lyrics while we attempted to enjoy our first, and second cups of coffee. Such a contrast to the mellifluous music at Compass Rose breakfasts. Debussy, Faure', and such. We did make note of this discordance on mid, and final evaluations. To no avail. Well, another First World problem. GOARMY!
  11. Have been following this Thread with particular interest as to the "refreshed" Navigator. Spouse and I will be aboard for most of next October for BTB, NYC-Montreal; Montreal-NYC segments. Look forward to observing changes since our last two 2018 sailings. Hoping CD Ray Solaire will be with us. GOARMY!
  12. All: So sad having reviewed the latest world-wide situations. Specifically, Barcelona. We have had positive experiences within the last 15 years at Barcelona while aboard either Seabourn, Silversea, or most-recently Regent. That is history; this is current reality. However, on each previous Barcelona trip, there was that overhanging concern as to civil unrest and violence. This area of Spain has been epicenter of continuing efforts by the Catalonia element--specifically since Franco's Fascist coup in 1939--to carve out a separate entity. Yes, this goes back to the Spanish Civil War. Still waters run deep. An example: when last at Barcelona, along Ras Rambles, the fronts of two Bank buildings had been blown up by bombs left overnight on the street. So--no overt risk to tourists. Yet, the message was clear. As I compose this--violence throughout that city over the last three days. We just need to pay attention to current world situations which directly impact whether to excursion ashore at a particular port. In any event, based on numerous cruising experiences, that particular Ship's Captain--based on guidance--will exercise the option to cancel a shore visit. That's reality in the other-world while cruising on a 5+ star ship. This current Barcelona matter seems to have gone beyond the boiling point. GOARMY!
  13. Have been following this Thread, particularly concerning Cruise Directors (CD). No-matter what 5+ Line--Regent, Seabourn, Silversea, Crystal--That CD sets the tone. We have been so-fortunate with Regent. CDs John Barron and Ray Solaire come immediately to mind. Class-act performers; and just nice gentlemen. John was the CD for the first segment of our just-completed BTB Explorer--Stockholm-Southampton-Southampton cruise. He was also aboard Explorer's 2017 inaugural season when we sailed with him from Miami, via Barcelona, to Venice. John advised a transfer to Splendor in the immediate future. So, we will see him in almost-exactly five months at San Diego. Ray has been our "companion" on numerous Navigator sailings over the past five years, to include an Amazon River adventure and a Panama Canal transit. There is just a "vibe" that extends from them to other support Staff. Always around the ship; a hello at Coffee Connection; a welcome back upon return from a long shore excursion. Something we look forward to. GOARMY!
  14. ARDXXX: Go to the second page of Regent Threads. Review the "Update Tokyo to Vancouver 2021" Thread. Similar situation faced by those of us who signed up for an Explorer segment which was subsequently revised to shave one day off (early arrival at Vancouver). Your situation is way-more radical as to ports of call as well as length. Way-more. Initially, guests were advised the prorated credit could be applied to a future cruise. We would also be given $250.00 per person in On Board Credits for the 2021 Tokyo-Vancouver segment. The referenced Thread progressed in pushback to the point that Jason Okeefe intervened to state Regent will prorate the cruise fare to reflect the one-day change; and that this "credit" would be applied to our cruise. Also, hope you have an experienced Travel Agent (TA) who is familiar with Regent. Intervention by TAs on behalf of affected Regent clients can be a significant "force multiplier" as we say in the Military to affect a change to your benefit. GOARMY!
  15. And, as this Thread continues to unravel--in a lightened tone, and in an attempt to reconnect to the central theme, which is a lyre: The satyr will play a lyre while a nymph feeds the anointed one(s) peeled grapes. OK. Let us now move on in our lives Best, GOARMY!
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