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  1. Thanks for the review! is there a charge for the food Eden Cafe?
  2. Have a fabulous cruise — I’m so happy for everyone that we’re getting back to sea!
  3. This is great! Do they require you to remove the vax card for inspection?
  4. Here is a short video I took on our first sea day last week. Tinted glass panels helped a little but the only real shade was from the portable tents. IMG_1909.MOV
  5. My rollcall for our March cruise has very few participants. I registered for the meet and greet anyway, and to my surprise there are 70 people registered according to the page. I guess more people are interested in the party on board then chatting before hand!
  6. please let us know! Wow sail in March and won’t buy the pkg if we don’t need to?
  7. We’ve gone to Tropicante on our last three visits to Costa Maya. Highly recommend!
  8. When we were on the Divina we enjoyed the pizza, service, and atmosphere in La Cantina di Bacco. Is there a comparable venue on Meraviglia?
  9. We are in a suite! So happy to hear!
  10. If we had booked the Celebrity suite, it would have been about $1200 more per person vs $455, so very pleased with what we paid. That's one reason I was sure we wouldn't get the upgrade. AND our sailing has had suite "sold out" for some time. We are Elite with Celebrity and usually sail with them once a year.
  11. Under “Manage your vacation” scroll down to under Dining Packages and click on this panel. Reads a little differently now, but the link goes to the upgrade option.
  12. We’re sailing in a couple of weeks on the Solstice. I was poking around my reservation on the Celebrity website a few of weeks ago, and saw a panel that said “let’s get you upgraded.” I had read about bidding for an upgrade, but we’ve never bid. We reserved an aft Sky Suite, so were very happy with our cabin. I ended up making the minimum bids on a Penthouse suite ($690 /person) and on a Celebrity suite ($455 /person). Never, NEVER did I think we had a shot... Well — got an email this afternoon — we were upgraded to the Celebrity suite. First, I’m really surprised that a minimum bi
  13. Thanks, this is just what I needed to know.
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