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  1. Just in: "Please be advised that there has been some major port stop changes to your cruise. The Holy Land Stops in Israel & Egypt have be CANCELLED. The cruise has been revised to become a Greek & Turkey Cruise. Same sailing date. There are also a number of options for other Holy Land sailings aboard the Mariner that you can switch you cruise to but you need to contact your original booking agency befor MON Nov 4th, 2011 so that someone can go over these options and assist you in re-booking." Egypt and Israel are the reasons I booked... so sad!
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    Great question! I'm aboard for the first time on the transatlantic and would fill my days with these... but are they for everyone? Are they part of the 'onboard entertainment'? Or do they require a fee?
  3. SailingGrace

    ES to Military booking change allowed?

    How did you find the military rate? Am booked on Carnival, ES, for two cruises over the next few months... if...an that's an if- a military rate came up that beat the ES...I'd get the lower rate. But how did you find it?
  4. Sale begins on the 17th. For those who already booked, will Royal Caribbean provide OBC or reduction in fare? Or are we out of luck because we purchased early?
  5. The 'sale' begins on the 17th. I just booked yesterday. For those who book prior to the 17th, will we get OBC or a reduction in fare to match the sale? Or are we just out of luck because we purchased early?
  6. Traveled all over and never had trip insurance. Fully covered w/ health insurance anywhere I am. So unless the insurance document is a source of payment where I don't have to pay upfront and then get reimbursed...medical coverage will be useless. Because I'd end up paying up front and then getting reimbursed anyway from my own med. insurance. My concern is taking 3 ships, 4 flights, 5 different hotels.... alot of money on the line if something goes wrong somewhere. Is this just one policy? Or would they consider each mode of transportation a different 'vacation'? To help give better understanding: April is flight to New Orleans. Hotel in French Quarter. Cruise on Carnival Elation. Then flight (am stopping at home for 1 day to get items for next leg) Then flight again to FLL. Hotel. Cruise on Crown Princess, transatlantic to Rome. Hotel for 4 days. Cruise on Mariner of the Seas round trip back to Rome. Flight to Paris. Hotel 5 days. Flight home. Will be home 1st week of June. Or should I not even consider the New Orleans portion as part of the whole?
  7. Wow- alot to think about. My main concern is Rome. We are on the Princess Crown and will be getting off- with luggage (trying to keep it to 2 pieces)... so we will take the train to Rome...but I have to have money right then for the train, right? Or does the train machine take credit cards? Do local banks and credit unions help with exchange before you go? I belong to USAA and there really isn't a branch here...but my daughter banks local.
  8. 3 back to back cruises coming up in the spring. Spain, France, Italy (staying 4 days), Egypt, Isreal, Turkey.... Do they all accept US dollars? or credit cards? Or do we have to bring their currency to use? If so- Does the ship offer currency exchange- what's their fee like? And if you have left overs can you change it back to US dollars? Thanks.
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    Not putting anything on s&s?

    On Carnival you don't have to put any cash down...not even a penny. When checking in and they ask for a credit card...tell them you will be placing cash once onboard. Then when you get onboard... you just don't place any cash.
  10. First, when I book I compare sites including GVR. I book with the least expensive/or best OBC. I then keep an eye out for price drops if the cruise line will allow OBC. Also, I pay with credit or debit card and pay in full at statement close to avoid finance charges. Next, I research transportation to/from the departure port. Those $300 sailings can add up to a thousand bucks if the airfare isn't good. Once I get a going price, I watch for anyone lower and grab it when it dips. The day of or the day before my flight I get a mani/pedi; facial; and hair done. I also look for pre-cruise hotel that provides complimentary shuttle from airport to cruiseport. When checking in, I place cash on my account...and just enough to cover gratuities. Anything else that I want...I have to want it bad enough and long enough to walk to my stateroom, get cash, and take it to the desk to add it. Still want it? I get it. (and I put a little extra on there) No casinos/bingo/alcohol/coffee/soda pop/specialty dining/etc. Before the cruise I research shore excursions and usually book with local vendors....doing the EXACT same thing the cruise line folks are doing who paid twice as much. I do splurge for laundry. And I have a wonderful time on my cruises. And the last night...when the refund check is slid under my door....Wow! What a way to end a cruise- them paying me.
  11. Oct 17-23 is Cruise Week and I heard cruise lines will be having a sale w/ various promotions. I just booked...geesh- didn't know about the upcoming sale. If any of my 4 upcoming cruises have cheaper fares for my category- could I get OBC? 2 are with Carnival 1 is with Princess 1 is with Royal Caribbean Thanks!
  12. SailingGrace

    40+ Singles Cruise

    Join me (and dozens and dozens more...might even be into the hundreds as many groups are targeting this one ship/date). The Carnival Elation's April 21st sailing out of New Orleans will be home to many singles groups from all over the US.
  13. SailingGrace

    Newbie- am I over my head?

    New to Princess Cruises and just booked a transatlantic to catch up with RC's Mariner of the Seas in Europe. Any advice for a month aboard ship? Or any advice to a newbie to Princess?
  14. SailingGrace

    Sail from UK and end up in Rome?

    May 2012
  15. SailingGrace

    Sail from UK and end up in Rome?

    Is this possible? Found may cruise lines that sail from Rome area and end up in the UK....but I need it the other way around. Wanting a London/Paris/Rome trip- but a cruise. (additional ports of call would be great but I have to get my daughter to London, Paris, and Rome...even if just for an excursion) Thanks everyone!