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  1. The waffles are now served in the Horizon Court at the desert station.
  2. Really digging the dual review going on, I would like to see more reviews like this.
  3. They let you in the building at 10:30 and start boarding around 11:00. Our room is usually not ready but the room steward has no problem with dropping your carry on luggage in the room.
  4. Really nice picture review. Very inspiring on your DIY excursions, I’ve never been impressed with any of the ships excursions.
  5. Where's the pictures? Glad you had a good time thanks for the review.
  6. We took the British Isle cruise with the Dublin overnight in 2017, it was fabulous. We’re contemplating taking the same cruise in 2020. There is a link to my photo review in my signature below. Cheers!
  7. We finally were able to go to SHARE on the first night, very impressed. The portion size of the plates was just right and the food was delicious. I always feel overstuffed at the other specialty restaurants or maybe it’s just the wine.
  8. We were planning on eating some authentic Mexican food on our first trip to Mazatlan 12 years ago. The walking tour we were on stopped at a very authentic market and after seeing the how the food was presented, we decided to only eat On the ship.
  9. They took us to a restaurant on the beach. It was very clean and I didn’t see a swimming pool at all. My advice would be to stick to the mango margaritas.
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