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  1. We also would like to do both, can you go to Sting Ray City without an excursion? Do they have an "entrance" so to say, or must one get there on a boat? How close is it to RPBC on 7 mile Beach? TIA.
  2. So you can get 4 bottles of wine for $88 ( The Enthusiast list) or $98 (The Afficionado) and 20% grat. Is there still a delivery charge as well? Trying to figure out if my $15 bottles of wine plus a $15 corkage fee is even worth carrying on. I didn't know you could get it like this, I thought it was only the wine on the wine list in the restaurants/bars with that wine price included.
  3. When you say the REAL Blue Hole do you mean the Island Gully Falls Blue Hole? Looks like on the website it is only $65.00 for both stops with transporation. Thats a deal! It doesn't specify extra costs for lunch stops? Do you remember? I know the food would be separate just wondering what they charge by the hour or whatever?
  4. scubamommy!

    Blue Hole??

    Shuttle for $20 per person? Or is that a cab ride one way for 4 people? We also want to do Blue Hole on our own. IOn their website it says $20 entry. Anyone know if this is correct? And do they take american dollars? Or credit cards? TY
  5. So who actually records it and marks it on your account? When you go through screening with your carry on they aren't going to ask which cabin you are in are they? Is it the room stewart? I would dare to venture some get missed?
  6. Our favorite cruise line is Celebrity, but the only ship they had at this time when we booked was their new ship the Edge and they wanted $1,000.00 more PER PERSON than this NCL cruise, so we decided to try a new line. From what I am reading the entertainment looks better, the food will be comparable and the service might not be as good. So if we go in with those expectations hopefully we will only be pleasently surprised. Either way I know we will have a great vacation, because it is what you make of it. I'm excited to try a new line!
  7. Thank you I did see these photos but from the photos is looks like water feature in Spice ( is that a pool as well?) and hot tubs in Vibe. But on the description it says water feature in Vibe so that is where my confusion sets in.
  8. Thanks everyone, the only thing I'm still confused on is does Spice have the hot tubs and water element or does Vibe or both?
  9. Hello New NCL cruiser here. Breakaway in April. Giving each question its own thread, I read somewhere there was a kids pool and an adult pool but looking at the deck plans it doesn't say which is which. I know there is a toddler pool with the kiddie things in it but is there really an adult pool and kids pool out of the other two? I'm seeing just two ( besides the Haven one) is that right? TIA
  10. Hello New NCL cruiser here. Breakaway in April. Giving each question its own thread, Can someone explain to me the difference between Vibe Beach Club and Spice H2O? Are they both an adult only outdoor deck? I understand Vibe you pay extra to use and I can't figure out the answer if you do for Spice H2O. They both serve the same drinks? Same kind of decks? One of them has water elements but I'm getting confused as to which one. We have a large group so don't plan on getting extra pay options for a sundeck since all can't and we want to stick together. But if anyone has insight to these that want to share to make it easier for me to understand that would be great. TIA.
  11. Hello all, I am sure this has been asked before but I did search it and did not find it. Do the divider doors on the Equinox Balcony open? We are on deck 12 ( 2103 & 2105) if that makes a difference. Also if you have stayed in these cabins before and know if the balconies are bigger because of the slant or any differences in these rooms I'd gladly take that info as well. Thank you in advance for any kind answers.
  12. I'm not sure if you are "allowed" to or not. We have now done this 3 times at different ports, with the bottle in a backpack on ice and have had no problems.
  13. You can always ask your room attendant to exchange it for a bottle of red or white, they usually do with no problem. Another idea is to bring it to the beach with you on Island day. My husband went to the ice machine and filled a baggie of ice, wrapped it in a towel and put it in his backpack. We enjoyed some cold champagne on the sunny beach in Greece last time. Just don't forget to bring some cups with you. Enjoy.
  14. Thank you! We were on Connie several years ago and there was a Russian guy ( I think) named Challa that was so awesome. I knew it was a long shot that he might still be there, but I'm sure the new guys are great too. We will be getting to know them well next month.
  15. Thank you everyone, no need for arguements on shorts in Manhatten or not, our group likes to dress up for dinner, especially in a nice formal setting, we will book Manhatten several nights I am sure plus our 3 specialty nights. If we want to be casual one day and do shorts we'll probably do Margaritaville. We'll try the others for lunch or breakfast. Thank you for all the replies! 🙂
  16. Anyone know who is manning the Martini Bar these days on the Connie? These are always our favorite mixoligists. We haven't been on Connie in several years and will be on her in May out of Venice. We are so excited to be back on her! Anyone cruise her recently and know who is at the Martini Bar?
  17. Hello, just booked our first NCL on the Breakaway for 2020! I am new to the FREESTYLE style. I see there are three main dinning rooms. I have looked them up on the website. Trying to figure out of they all serve the same things every night with a revolving menu like most cruise ships, or if they all have their own set menu that stays the same every night. If anyone can tell me the big difference between them? I see the Manhattan is a bit fancier, bigger with live music which I am sure we will enjoy! But is there a benefit to the others? We are a big group of 10 and many nights we will want to dine together, I understand we should make our reservations in advance. We have a 3 specialty dinning package and are trying to decide who wants to go where and when. What is the number one fav we can't miss? We also have the bev package where I read waters and specialty coffees are not included. Which I think is very weird! My question here is, can you still get filtered water at the buffets in a cup and do they have regular coffee at the buffets as well? I also saw that they have gelato for purchase but haven't read anywhere if they have free ice cream ( either soft serve or scooped) available somewhere. Thanks for all your answers! Its fun discovering a new line!
  18. We live in NC and so when getting 25 gals together to cruise we HAD to choose something close. We went on Carnival due to location this past November with low expectations from Carnival ( we had cruised with them many many years ago) . We even booked the coveted Pent House for the birthday girl. They actually STILL let us down. The service was so horrible. Although we had a blast with each others company we will NEVER EVER (repeat) NEVER do Carnival again! Spoiled by Celebrity.
  19. LOL, no we are NOT talking about the same cruise line. I am talking about what happens on CELEBRITY ( each and EVERY cruise I have done with them) and you are talking about what does NOT happen on Carnival. I gave them another try after 20 years, but will not be back. As for polishing the flat ware, if you have ever worked a restaurant you know that water spots turn up everywhere and the silverware still needs to be "polished" and roll ups need to be done. There is so much side work in the restaurant biz that has to get done that guests have no idea about. Both my husband , who is still a restaurant GM and myself have worked the service industry our whole lives, we are very understanding of the hard work it is. We know what bad service looks like and we appreciate what good or great service can do for a guest. We don't like to complain unless it is absolutely necessary. In Carnivals case , sadly, it was necessary.
  20. I don't mean formal night, I just mean the dining room dinners. I could care less what others do or wear. We like to get dressed up every night in a nice dress of some kind( not nessesarily formal) and be waited on. The rest of the world vanishes around us if we don't have to keep looking around wondering where our drinks are or where that dish that is missing is, or the worst, wait for one dinner entre to arrive before we start eating our own hot ( or lukewarm one) entre. LOL
  21. The formal dinners are the best part of the cruise in my opinion! You get to get dressed up, meet for cocktails beforehand, sit at a nice table and enjoy conversations about what every did that day and get the excitement going for the new night. Even if the food isn't extraordinary ( and it certainly is not on Carnival) the service and presentation can make up for it. The buffet is the worst IMO. No one gets to sit together at the same time because everyone has to keep getting up to get thier drinks or next plates. If Carnival is trying to get more people to do that, and from the sounds of it many ARE doing that, they are going in the wrong direction. The older crowd ( like me) enjoy this service more than they know (obviously) and the Millenials are so used to be being catered to and waited on in every aspect of life, they will loose them in a NY minute!
  22. There were a few "food runners" bringing out the dishes and doing bread. but she ( the first night) and He ( the other nights) were the only ones taking any orders of both food( including desserts) and drinks ( including coffee) of any kind.
  23. It's ok. As I stated we all had a great time. The reason of my review here was to emphasize that service goes A LONG WAY! I haven't cruised Carnival in a long time. I know it is cheaper ( when you don't stay in the Pent House) than most lines and expectations were lower due to this. Like when you go shopping at Walmart compared to Macy's. You don't expect the same quality. I was pleasently surprised in some aspects ( as mentioned the lunch places and the app) and completely dissapointed in the service. They could do so much better! I would rather pay a bit more and get a much better experience. Just my opinion.
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