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  1. jobell

    Carnival Fantasy 10/23/13 Review with Pictures

    Piano Time with Rob
  2. jobell

    "JW and Jerome's Ecstatic ECSTASY Adventures"

    Oh yes...motorboats come to mind among other girl gone wild moments. ;) But Jerome and I had some trouble moments to as Nachi Cocum comes to mind. :eek: We miss you guys! xoox
  3. jobell

    "JW and Jerome's Ecstatic ECSTASY Adventures"

    Oh how this makes me miss you guys. Loving the review and I can just picture it in my mind like a movie. Can't wait for more. xoxo
  4. Cheers my friend. This is one of the best reviews I have read in a long, long time. I love your raw and honest truth. Now here is my truth...cruise depression is going to settle in soon. Trust me on this. Lol. You keep looking for the towel animal every night, the little chocolates, room service tidying your room twice a day. Ahhh....12 days and I'll be on the Fantasy. So looking forward to it. Can't wait to read the reset of your review. :D PS...make sure your next cruise takes you to Half Moon Cay. ;)
  5. jobell

    All Things Fantasy

    If this has been covered, I apologize but there is so much to read back on... Does the Fantasy have the new pizza?
  6. We did the same itinerary that you will be doing. We ate in the steakhouse and reserved the first night through carnival's website and can be done at any time (I think I did it about 4 months out). It is $35/person and includes a starter, salad, entree, side and dessert. Some people will say that you can get extra sides, starters, salads, etc but most times I can barely eat dessert I am full. I found that the lido deck was crowded during the day (sea days). There is trivia at various times during the day (always fun). I have the fun times that I will try and get scanned in for viewing. HI Kathryn!!!! :D I second Guys and the Blue Iguana. and the pizza is sooooooo so good.
  7. Just got back from the Liberty on 1/26 and am working on my review. The ship was in really great condition and was very clean. We were on Verandah so I can't provide feedback on the Main deck. If you have any other questions, let me know.
  8. jobell

    FTTF is it worth it?

    We had the FTTF on our cruise last week and loved it. While it didn't start off on the right foot (had to wait 15 minutes to get checked in) it came in handy the numerous times we had to visit guest services, our bags were to our cabin about 30 minutes after boarding and we were unpacked and settled in long before the muster drill. What you get for the value, you really can't go wrong (though I am sure there will be many who will argue against me.... :rolleyes:). I would recommend FTTF to those with small children, excursions booked where you have to finalize things once on board (cabana in HMC for instance) or just want to get their party started early. :)
  9. jobell

    Who's back from The Liberty today?

    Grown & Sexy. There was early talk that there would be close to 2000 of them on our sailing. A lot of people that were originally booked ended up rebooking other sail dates. We opted to stick it out (airfare was already booked and couldn't afford to rebook) and ended up only seeing maybe a couple hundred of them.
  10. jobell

    Who's back from The Liberty today?

    Lol....I'm working on uploading the pictures. I have tomorrow off (need a full day to get used to being back in real life and the cold...lol) so I'll work on getting the bulk of it up. So am I...the only time we really saw them was one night they had a deck party and we went and listened to the music and to people watch. lol
  11. jobell

    Who's back from The Liberty today?

    I will try and get it up before you leave. But the #'s for the G&S folks were not what they advertised and I would say that there was probably only a couple hundred or so. No final numbers but some G&S folks said there were close to 600 of them but we very rarely saw any of them and forgot half the time that they were even around. We had an amazing time. :D Thank you!!! I will try and get some of it up. :D I would say the highlight was being lazy and having no agenda. lol. Destination wise, Half Moon Cay. ;)
  12. jobell

    Punchliner Comedy Brunch

    the comedy brunch replaces the breakfast and lunch menus on the ships that HAVE the Punchliner Comedy Brunch. It is a menu that was specifically made for the brunch. There are 5 minute cameos by the comedians that are featured on the ship. The food is decent but I really, REALLY miss the lunch that used to be served in the MDR.
  13. jobell

    Who's back from The Liberty today?

    Just off the Liberty yesterday and am working on my review. Will hope to have it up at some point this week. If you have any specific questions, please let me know and I will try to answer them. I also have the Funtimes and will try and get those scanned and posted.
  14. jobell

    carnival liberty feb 16 2013

    You might want to join and post to the roll call for that sailing: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1568813