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  1. How are we feeling about Escape out of Manhattan to Bermuda tomorrow? I’m hoping we get it Bermuda ahead of it, and head back to NYC behind it, with hopefully decent weather in Bermuda. Thoughts?
  2. Thanks you, I will check. So only refundable OBC can be used for DSC?
  3. Hi all - I have a significant amount of OBC from my TA. We have the bev package and the dining package, and we booked our excursions outside the cruise line. Can I use my OBC to pay for the DSC? If not, how would you use the OBC? Can it be used for laundry? Purchases in the shops? Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. That's what I thought. Main Pool is adults only. The pool near (between?) the slides is all ages. But again, thought I remembered reading that the main pool was sometimes all ages depending on the demographic onboard.
  5. Do you mean kids in the main pool? I have an 11 year old and a 14 year old and am hearing conflicting reports. Some say when there are a lot of kids onboard, they make the main pool all ages. Was this the case or was the signage up indicating adults only?Also, kids are allowed in Spice after a certain time? I am just making sure so I can tell them what to expect onboard.
  6. Hmmm, all my OBC must be from TA - I don't even see anything on the summary screen that mentions onboard spending.
  7. I cant remember if it was NCL or Princess, but I feel like I was previously able to see my OBC online before I cruised, but it was sort of hidden and I really had to dig for it. Anyone know if this is view-able when I log in and view my reservation? I should add that some of my OBC is from NCL and some from my TA. TIA!
  8. I had the pick 3 and did specialty dining, drinks and wifi. Didn't realize I could still switch one out? Will call and confirm!
  9. OK, so I do NOT have the excursion perk; it's merely TA provided OBC - so I must book onboard; got it!
  10. Hi all - I haven't cruised Norwegian since 2009/2010? And we'll be back in August to cruise to Bermuda aboard the Escape. I have a significant amount of OBC from my TA. If I want to use this for excursions (or anything pre-bookable, really), I have to wait until on-board to book, correct? Should worry about availability? Thank for any help you can provide!
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