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  1. Yep it is supposed to. It's on the MSC website. It was working a yr ago on the seaside. It seems it abruptly stopped.
  2. I was worried about all of this since booking last April. I will finally sail in a few weeks (this April). I will come back and give you my two cents.
  3. Can anyone confirm or deny whether or not the tracking feature on the wristbands are working at this time? I cruise in mid April. Thanks!
  4. Hello there... Does someone have a port map for this port? I haven't been here since '96 so please excuse me. Also is this a tender port?
  5. This sounds like a perfect option for Cozumel....THANKS!!!!!!
  6. We have the baby jogger city micro and it does NOT fit through the doorway.
  7. Thank you for the suggestions. I will check those out, My kids are scardy cats :) I don't think they quite have the temperament for the stingrays yet ;)
  8. Hi everyone. This is my first time taking both kids with my (3 yr old girl and 6 yr old boy). I am looking for kid friendly ideas in these ports. I have been to GC before and went to the Turtle Farm and may end up doing that again. Would the bus be a good idea with kiddos? I have also been to Cozumel too many times. I have done an island tour there and then mostly shopped and walked the streets by the port. Anything kid friendly there to do? I haven't been to Mahogany Bay and its been way too long since I have been to Belize. I do remember the area immediately outside of the port was not developed and we were warned about safety.
  9. MJS Transportation http://www.GoMJSTrans.com Owner was nice and on time and the carseat was clean and fairly new.
  10. Exactly. Some just asked a few posts up why do they have to be adjoining this is why. I dont want to have to p/u the ph every time I want to chat with my friend. We only see each other 2x a yr since we live in different countries but as adults we enjoy our own space.
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