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  1. i'dratherbeatsea

    New Mattresses- Royal

    Have the new mattresses been installed on the Royal Princess?
  2. i'dratherbeatsea

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    I would check for myself. I don't think Princess sends out change notifications for all the diners effected. Just saying
  3. i'dratherbeatsea

    Odd Times Traditional Dining Royal Princess?

    I noticed the same on our April 2019 Royal cruise. Had 6 pm confirmed was changed to 5 pm confirmed. I switched to late 715pm and it is confirmed.
  4. i'dratherbeatsea

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    Our April 2019 sailing of the Royal now shows as 445 and 5pm. We had early just changed to late (715pm)
  5. i'dratherbeatsea

    Premium Beverage Package

    Amaretto mixed into a milk shake on a hot afternoon
  6. i'dratherbeatsea

    Allure texting

    we are part of a group of 13, 6 adults 7 kids. Without the texting app, any suggestions for keeping in touch while onboard.
  7. i'dratherbeatsea

    Princess transportation or Uber from LAX?

    How much difference in cost between Princess transfer and Uber?
  8. i'dratherbeatsea

    2 new ships for 2023 and 2025

    I am ok with it so long as there is no: go cart track, skating rink, climbing wall, surf rider etc
  9. i'dratherbeatsea

    Complimentary internet for Elite members

    If the free Elite wifi minutes aren't enough you probably should have stayed home. Just saying.
  10. i'dratherbeatsea

    Royal Princess - Balcony Cabin Tour Video

    Thanks Emma nice video. We are on the Royal in April in a balcony cabin so the preview was appreciated.
  11. i'dratherbeatsea

    Obstructed Balcony

    I am seeing obstructed balcony cabins on Island Princess
  12. i'dratherbeatsea

    Obstructed Balcony

    anyone ever had a balcony with an obstructed view? Didn't even know they existed.
  13. i'dratherbeatsea

    Star embarkation dining

    Does anyone know which Dining room will be open for lunch on embarkation day? Capri?
  14. i'dratherbeatsea

    Princess e-mail schedule is ...strange, to say the least

    We sail on April 10, I received first email yesterday. DW received one last week.
  15. i'dratherbeatsea

    Last minute booking

    What is the shortest number of days in advance of a cruise that you have booked a cruise?