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  1. How do I find out which port we will dock at? We are on Norwegian and they just say we will dock at Arecife port. I have booked car hire from Lanzarote cruising port office which I believe is the port furthermost from town.
  2. Make sure you book your entrance as soon as you can. You will not be able to just walk up and get in. You have to pre-book and if you get a chance to go up one of the towers I would also recommend that. You go up in a lift and walk back down and it is amazing to look at all the intricate carvings on the way back down.
  3. Thank you John Bull. I have changed my car time and am now comfortable with being able to enjoy our day.
  4. We are travelling with Norwegian and they have changed our arrival time from 9am to 10am. We have already booked our car but just wanted to check whether we will have enough time to pick up car and do volcano trip and be back in time for 6pm departure (5pm back on ship) without being rushed. Thank you in advance.
  5. Have booked a car with Avis. A bit more expensive than some other places but we like the freedom to stop when we please. You have been a great help paul58 Cheers
  6. Thank you both for this advice. We are from Australia so drive on the same side as you so that would not be a problem but seems getting a temp licence could be a hassle. Could you give me an approximate cost of a tour around the island in a taxi. Thank you once again, I love that I can ask questions on these boards and the answers are always helpful 😀
  7. We would like to rent a car in St Kitts to drive around and do our own thing. Does anyone know if there is a rental agency at the cruise terminal or the closest one for us to walk to. Thank you in advance.
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