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  1. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm a bit picky with my hotels too so appreciate your advice. Are there any grocery stores within walking distance of the Hyatt Place in Orlando? (to pick up last minute supplies before the cruise)
  2. Thanks so much! Any suggestions on hotels near MCO? There seem to be more options with MCO hotels and they seem a bit less than the PC/Cocoa Beach ones. I'm a Starwood (now Marriott etc.) member so checking out the Sheraton/Marriott/4 points etc. brands, and also looked at the Hyatt Place Orlando Airport (since have had good experiences with the Hyatt Place in Fort Lauderdale). I'm sure any of them would be find but it's always nice to get a recommendation too....
  3. Thanks so much - since I posted originally, I've been doing the math on a bunch of hotels, and similarly found that the GoPort pricing wasn't that competitive (but wasn't sure if I was missing something!) I am leaning towards booking directly with the hotel/shuttle services directly (instead of GoPort) but had seen lots of positive reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook, but less here, so wanted to know if anyone else had any reviews. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks, GTO-Girl - I did see Steerage Joe's post in that thread which briefly mentioned GoPort re: shuttles but it doesn't answer my questions re: fly/snooze/cruise packages and Orlando vs. Port Canaveral hotels.
  5. I've tried to search this board but no luck. We are a party of 6 people: 2 kids (ages 4 and 6) and 4 adults (elderly mom and aunt) - cruising out of Port Canaveral in Feb 2020. I've previously only sailed out of Fort Lauderdale previously so still figuring out the best way to arrange transportation/hotel pre-cruise (flying in the night before). Given that my mom and aunt have mobility issues and we have our young kids too, we are trying to find the easiest/least stressful (but also cost efficient) route to take. 1. Reviews of GoPort.com and their "Fly, Snooze, Cruise" packages? Are they reliable/on-time for transportation (I think they are coach buses)? Are their package prices truly better vs. booking hotel and private shuttles separately? 2. The packages for Orlando hotels look a bit cheaper than for Cape Canaveral hotels. Assuming they take into account the possibility of traffic etc. on the day of the cruise (the Orlando hotels I'm looking at say pick-ups range between 10:30am and 11:45am). Even with traffic/construction etc. this is sufficient time to make it from Orlando to the port on time? 3. I'm used to FLL pre-cruise hotels with nearby stores to pick up water/pop/wine to carry-on board. Are the hotels in Orlando and Cape Canaveral in walking distance of a grocery store to pick up last minute supplies? Appreciate any help or advice. Thanks!
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