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  1. UPDATE: Received an email notification around 8pm EDT last night (night before our sailaway) that our bids on a GS-1bdrm & OS were unsuccessful... But no worries, as we're on board now and happy with our Spacious Oceanview Balcony!
  2. Just checked RoyalUp online for our upcoming cruise and my status still shows pending for the GS-1bdrm & OS that I bid on, but when I click to check on the other upgrade options (JS & GS-2bdrm) it says "Not eligible for upgrade". So it seems the RoyalUP options are percolating now and I'll get that email soon -let's have some good news!
  3. OK thanks, so looking forward to receiving our email this afternoon -especially if it's an acceptance email..!
  4. OK thanks, hopefully we'll receive an email tomorrow -and saying that our bid was accepted..!
  5. btw What time did that acceptance email arrive? (I'm assuming they send these out in the middle of the night...)
  6. btw What time did that acceptance email arrive? (I'm assuming they send these out in the middle of the night...)
  7. We're praying for everyone in the Bahamas and everyone else affected by Hurricane Dorian. And FYI Royal Caribbean is matching donations to PADF, up to USD $500,000. To contribute, visit padf.org/hurricane-dorian-royal
  8. Which cruise are you on? You can find your updated itinerary here - https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates
  9. I see that your 8day turned into an 11day cruise, with extra stops in Roatan Honduras and Costa Maya MX, and now you'll have 2 sea days before returning to Ft Lauderdale on Wednesday (hopefully!). How has this itinerary change worked out for you? Any issues with that delayed return? (I see you're from FL) Did you enjoy those two additional ports of call? And let us know what the crew comes up with for activities on that extra sea day... In the meantime we're praying for everyone affected by Dorian this week...
  10. Congratulations! So now that you've won, if you don't mind please let us know what you bid vs the min/max for that CLS upgrade. And thanks for confirming that you can have other TrueUP bids expire with one remaining as pending -and then later win that pending bid...
  11. Well it would seem there's still hope as long as you have a bid pending -let us know if you win!
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