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  1. So sorry to read that you are in hospital, hope you will soon have a diagnosis, very best wishes for a quick recovery.
  2. Sorry that I am so very late posting today, thanks for all the daily news, so disappointing that the Trans Atlantic voyages are cancelled for non USA cruisers. Thanks for the photos and information about Fanning Island, the comment about the lack of an ATM machine, reminded me of our Maasdam visit to Niue Island when a fellow passenger loudly complained that it was a waste of time visiting the island as there was nothing to see and no high rise 5 star hotels. @rafinmd Roy, wishing you safe travelling, enjoy the reunion. @Horizon chaser 1957your Banana Plant is quite magnificent. @smitty34877thanks for the news of Camilla she is doing so well. @irishjimthanks for your update, sorry that you have lost the ear, what followup is planned? Stay safe, take care everyone.
  3. Thanks for all the daily information, and the port of the day photos. @kplady thanks for the update, hope you will soon have recovered sufficiently to go home. @JAM37 hope you will be feeling better by tomorrow. @smitty34877thanks for sharing the photo of Camilla, wht is her weight now? It's a pleasant sunny day, temperature high of 12 C. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  4. Thanks for all the daily news. Have not been to the port , so appreciate seeing the photos. The crustless quiche reminds me of a recipe for "Impossible Quiche", which I have not made for a while..... .ingredients are shaken together then poured into a Quiche dish and cooked. We went to the neighbourhood supermarket this morning, as we arrived home a heavy shower of hail. There was enough hail to give a white ground cover. Have since had some feeble sun, then rain. Temperature 7 C. The cases of Delta continue in Auckland. None in the rest of the country. The PM is encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  5. The front desk staff will have a folder with photos of various floral arrangements, or the concierge if you are in a Neptune/.Pinnacle suite. If you wish for something different you can request to speak to the florist to arrange your purchase, I have always found the florists to be very helpful.
  6. Sending very best wishes for a positive outcome from the surgery and followup treatment.
  7. Thanks for all the daily news, photos and humour. @mamaofamithanks for letting us know about Sam, hope he will soon be stabilised and home again. The doctor was correct, husbands should always listen to their wives.!! @kplady sending very best wishes for your surgery tomorrow, and complete recovery. Today we have a partly sunny day, temperature 13 C. The daylight hours are gradually increasing. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  8. Thanks for all the daily contributions from everyone. We were scheduled to visit Norfolk Island during our last Maasdam cruise, Jan/Feb 2020, unfortunately the seas were to rough for us to venture ashore, especially after the Captain announced "Go ashore at your own risk" and watching a few hardy souls timing their jump from the ship to the Norfolk Island tender, two Norfolk Island crew would grasp each passenger by the arms and pull them over to their craft. Sometimes took several minutes before the two vessels were close enough for the "Jump" HAL quickly refunded our planned excursions The passengers on the cruise before us were unable to get ashore. Best wishes to those on the care list. @StLouisCruisersyou will be thankful that the test is completed and that you are fine. Hope the nasal spray is effective. @Sharon in AZ pleased that KIm Crawford remains a good friend!! Stay safe, take care everyone.
  9. Hoping that the cruise ships will again be visiting us by then.
  10. Sorry, my mistake, enjoy your lunch, the 2 weeks will soon pass until your cruise.
  11. Thanks to everyone for all the daily news, photos and good humour. Got rid of many teddy bears when we moved 2 houses ago, kept the Steiff bear and a bear who is labelled "Genius at Work", which I gave DH many years ago.!! Today had lunch in town, after doing some messages in the CBD. Most people in town were wearing masks, it is compulsory to wear them inside buildings. Auckland remains locked down, but the rest of the country has some freedom. @dfish and @Cruising-along Bon Voyage to you both, enjoy your time on the BHB. @JAM37pleased that your DH is improving and that your back is also. How super to book a new cruise. @kb4683sorry thst you have come into contact with a covid positive person, hope your test will be negative and that you do not have to wait too long for the result. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  12. Will be very surprised if Noordam is here (NZ) January/February 2022.
  13. Thanks to Rich for the Daily, to Roy for the Care and Celebration lists, and to everyone who contributes to this thread. @Seasick Sailorthanks for sharing your recipe, am keeping a copy to make during Strawberry season. @VMax1700enjoy your new car. @durangoscotsgreat news of your pathology report, hope your face feels more comfortable with the sutures removed. @Lady Hudsonbest wishes to your BIL for his recovery. This morning went down to the large supermarket, a few empty spaces on the shelves, everyone wearing masks and trying to social distance. Stay safe , take care everyone.
  14. Thanks for all the daily information, photos and humour. Our mail is delivered three days a week. The mail delivery person drives around in a little vehicle which is small enough to ride along the footpath. Today our weather is very changeable, feeble sunshine, rain, sunshine, have had a couple of snow showers, but so far, not the hail that was forecast, very cold wind, temperature 7 C. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  15. Yes, we certainly have great respect for him. We met him on the Volendam, in 2010 we did the last Alaska cruise of the season, then stayed on board for the Trans Pacific. On turn around day he seemed to be everywhere, encouraging the staff getting the rooms ready for the new arrivals at 1130, he said it was the first time they were doing this. So I guess that we should all be grateful to him and the crew for their success to have rooms ready when boarding the ships We had several talks with Rene during the cruise, also with Captain Pieter Visser. If we were in the Neptune Lounge when they came in to make coffee, they would always speak to us.
  16. This is a busy thread today, 7 pages, thanks for all the information, photos and humour. @richwmn thanks for the New Zealand wine and food. Another wine we have not heard of. @Quartzsite Cruiserthanks for your photos, seeing the crowds in post 143 made me thankful to have seen so many of the sights of Rome, with few people about. @StLouisCruisers Congratulations on your 52nd wedding anniversary, thanks for sharing the wedding photo. A beautiful cake. @Sharon in AZif I had seen those Delft plates on a BHB I would have bought them. @durangoscots hopefully your face will feel more comfortable when the sutures are removed. We had a lovely sunny morning, but the clouds have rolled in and now raining. The Delta variant continues, today, another 21 community cases in Auckland. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  17. Do you mean Rene Tuinman?, if so, we met him on board the Volendam, believe he is the best Hotal Manager we have sailed with.
  18. Thanks to Rich for the Daily, to Roy for the care and celebration lists, and to everyone for the humour, photos and information. We have sunshine today, 19 C. Dead headed the Hydrangeas this morning, they look so much better now. @ger_77 good news with your mammagram result. @dfishsorry that Donna has to cancel, best wishes to her for successful surgery. @cat shepard had not heard of the "Three Brooms" wine, sounds as though it is all exported. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  19. Pleased that you are safely at your cottage, and that all is well. Hope that your test results will be negative.
  20. Thanks for all the daily news. Have visited Exmouth, like @garlictown remember the Flies! and the heat. Tailgating here means the same as in the UK. @Mr. Boston very sad to read about Paws. Fur babies are important family members .@JAM37 good that your DH gaining strength. @dobiemomgood news with your test result. @ger_77pleased that you had a successful visit, thank you for sharing the beautiful sunset photo. Bon Voyage to all CC members embarking a BHB today. Today, another 20 Community Delta cases in Aucland. Hoping the numbers will soon drop. One of the victims of the Auckland terrorist attack has been discharged from hospital, 3 remain in ICU. The fog has lifted, time for a walk. Stay safe, take care everyone.
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