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  1. Yesterday was 8 C. Had our gas fire going. Were sorry for the men working up the power pole in rain and sleet Feels like we have returned to winter!!.
  2. Very similar, had not heard ot the blue coloured sweet potato. The red has white flesh.
  3. Thanks to Rich for the Daily and to Roy for the Care and Celebration lists, also to everyone who has posted photos, humour and recipes. It was frustrating yesterday to have no electricity, makes us realise how much we depend on it. Appreciate being able to use appliances today. Today is another cold mostly grey day, feeble sunshine occasionally breaks through, temperature 7 C. Further inland, snow has fallen @rafinmd Roy, hope your new AC system works efficiently. The number of delta cases in Auckland continues to rise. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  4. Thanks for your reply, the blue Jay is quite beautiful @bennybear kumara is sweet potato, available in orange , gold or red colours.
  5. Gorgeous kitten, what is that type of bird?
  6. Thanks for reporting conversations with crew members, often think about the crew and how they are managing back home.
  7. Am very late to post today. Thanks for all the daily information, photos and humour. @aliaschief pleased that you are having such a good cruise, thanks for the photos. @kazu did you achieve everything on your list? I always make lists, today my list had to be abandoned. The electricity was off from 0910 to 1725, usually we are notified when outages are planned, but not this time. It has been a cold wet day, felt sorry for the men working on the replacement power pole, in the next street. Had lunch at a neighbourhood cafe....... delicious pumpkin and kumara soup. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  8. After my previous post, planted out some Sweet Pea seedlings, 10 minutes later the forecasted rain began, looks as though it will continue for tomorrow.
  9. I too would have to bring my own crackers, seems strange not to have the crackers available. Yes, it was good service.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadian Cruise Critic members. Thanks for all the Daily information. We have a grey day, the forecast is for rain. Bon Voyage to all who are embarking on a BHB today. Stay safe ,take care everyone.
  11. Thank you, Interesting to hear how the staff are being monitored.
  12. Hello all on this Sunny Spring Sunday, temperature 16C. Thanks for all the daily information, recipes, photos and humour. @cat shepardthanks for the update of your friend in Baltimore, sorry that the has had such a hard time, but hopefully the worst is behind her, best wishes to her for continued improvement. @mamaofami hope you and Sam manage OK while waiting for the aide. @Sea Viewerpleased that you had a good cruise. @AncientWanderer and @lazey1 hope you all have a great cruise. @aliaschief you had a good day, did you get to keep the Chef's hat and apron? Stay safe, take care everyone.
  13. Thanks for all the Daily news. Have not been to today's port. The morning rain is clearing, a short time ago we saw sun, but alas it did not stay. @smitty34877good that your DGD is at home after the surgery, hope that she heals well. @Overhead Fredgood luck with your planned renovations. @Lazy1 Bon Voyage. @cruzn singlesorry that you had to go to court, hope that the restraining order will be effective @lindalersafe travelling, have a great cruise. @Quartzsite Cruiserwhat a worry to have these irresponsible people as neighbours. Sad to have such folk as neighbours. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  14. Perhaps that is Khay who was our marvellous wine steward on the Volendam Australian Circumnavigation cruise in 2014, after the first 2 weeks she was moved to the lower dining room. If it is the same Khay, her birthday will be soon, we remember Captain Baijens locating her during dinner service to shake hands and wish her Happy Birthday. ( She was then working in the lower dining room, when we saw the Captain shake her hand, and asked our waiter why this was happening, he replied that the Captain always wished happy birthday to crew members).
  15. We have done the Australian Circumnavigation cruise twice, a really good cruise,hopefully we will have the opportunity to do another.
  16. That is very very sad, so much mis-information around, we are hearing strange reasons why people are reluctant to be vaccinated.
  17. Thanks for all the daily news, photos and humour. It's definetly springtime with the arrival of Asparagus in the shops. Bought some this morning, not fond of kale. We have a pleasant sunny day, 17 C. @kazu sorry to hear that your plans for thanksgiving are changing because of the rising number of covid cases @ger_77 safe travelling tomorrow, enjoy the time with your family. Hope all the CC members who are about to board a BHB will have a fabulous cruise. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  18. Thanks everyone for all the Daily information It's school holidays here, hope teachers are getting a well deserved rest. Thanks to Rich @richwmn for including a New Zealand wine yesterday. @VMax1700good that the back pain is easing, have a great cruise. @lazey1thanks for the update regarding Kakalina, and that she is resting at home. @kplady Congratulations to you and your DH on your 47th Anniversary. Another grey day, very windy, expecting rain. Cases of the Delta variant continue, now spread to 3 other locations from Auckland. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  19. A beautiful day for flying, thanks for sharing your photos.
  20. Thank you so very much for taking time to review your cruise. Have enjoyed reading your reports.
  21. Thanks for all the daily information, have been to Greece but not to Mykonos, so appreciate seeing the photos. @JazzyV Happy Birthday. Beautiful flowers. @dfish pleased there is nothing to worry about from your X-Rays. @smitty34877 pleased that you are able to report good news of your family. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  22. Thanks for all the daily information, photos and humour. It's a wet foggy day, temperature 10 C. @Vict0riannwishing you and DH safe travelling and a wonderful cruise. @Seasick Sailorbest wishes for successful surgery for your DH tomorrow. @aliaschiefpleased to hear that Captain Baijens continues to wish Happy Birthday to members of the crew. We remember him doing so to a wine steward during dinner one evening. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  23. Thanks to everyone for all the Daily news, and photos. A grey misty day, expecting rain. @kazugreat cartoons, thank you. @kplady Happy Birthday to your DH. @grapau27 which lake were you visiting for lunch? @Crazy For Catshope you manage to get rid of the mice. @rafinmdRoy, thanks for your reply yesterday, home maintenance is important. Stay safe, take care everyone.
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