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  1. @rafinmd Roy, hope your A/C will now be satisfactory, not have further problems. Thanks for the food photos.
  2. Thanks to Rich for the daily, to Roy for the lists, and to everyone making this such a friendly thread. @kazu good news that your friends husband coming home from hospital, hope he makes good progress in his own environment. @Cruizer Bill Bon Voyage. @TiogaCruiser have a great camping trip, safe travelling. @Cruising-alongthanks for supporting NZ Sauvignon Blancs. It's a grey cool day. temperature 9 C. Another 83 Community cases of Delta today, total 511, 34 are in hospital, two of these in ICU. All cases are in Auckland and Wellington. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  3. Thanks for all the daily information. Appreciate seeing the photos of Horta as we have not visited. Forgiving can be somewhat easier than forgetting. @Sharon in AZglad you are safely in Seattle, have a fabulous cruise. @smitty34877 what news of Tana's visit to the pulmonary specialist? @JAM37 sorry that your DH has the Delta covid, hope he improves each day. @Horizon chaser 1957 such bad news for your cruise plans. Your dinner sounded like a good plan. Today started with fog, then occasional rain , now more fog, temperature 11 C. Took an umbrella when I went for a walk, but did not need to use it. Today the Community cases of Delta have risen again, by 82, all in Auckland, total now 429....... 25 in Hospital, 2 of these in ICU. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  4. Thank you for posting this link, very interesting.
  5. Dear John, We send our sincere condolences to you and your family, may precious memories be of comfort at this very sad time.
  6. Thanks for all the daily news, photos and humour. @JAM37 Welcome to Cruise Critic, and to the friendly Daily threads. @cat shepardhope the treatment will be successful for your friend. @Sharon in AZhave a fabulous cruise. @grapau27 how super to celebrate your Anniversary with a cruise. At which port did you board the ship? Today is the Cancer Society Daffodil Day here in NZ, but because of being in lockdown the usual street collection for donations and sales of daffodils has had to be cancelled, so people are being urged to donate on line instead. It's a damp foggy day, temperature high of 9 C. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  7. Thank you for your detailed report and photos.
  8. @rafinmd Roy, thanks for posting the menus from your Crystal cruise, it's good to be able to choose from either menu.
  9. With the Delta outbreak the PM keeps telling people to make an appointment to get vaccinated, but the problem is that people are phoning radio talkback reporting that the first appointment available is several weeks away, depending on which area of the country they live.
  10. Thanks to Rich for the Daily, to Roy for the lists, and to everyone making this such a friendly thread. @smitty34877 pleased that Tana accepts help, but it must be hard for her. @CM1984 welcome to the daily threads. @durangoscots pleased that the Melanoma will be removed next week, that you do not have to wait for several weeks. Hope all goes well. @Crazy For Cats your Zander is a real character keeping Dad busy.!! Raining here, after a cloudy morning, when I went down to the shopping mall for my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Security guard at the entrance, checking that people entering the building were for vaccination. Everyone was wearing masks. Numbers continue to rise, another 68, 2 of these in Wellington the remainder in Auckland. So far, no cases here in the South Island. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  11. All is well. We are waiting,........... no cruising at present.
  12. Thanks for sll the daily information, photos and humour. @Himself belated Happy Birthday. @smitty34877best wishes to Tana that she copes well in her own home. She will appreciate the help that you and your DD give her. @JazzyV good news with the result of your bone scan. @StLouisCruisersgood news that Tyler is now home from hospital, staying with his father. Numbers continue to rise, by 62, new total 210, the cases all in Auckland and Wellington. 12 people in hospital, none in ICU. It's another sunny day, expected temperature 19 C. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  13. Thanks for all the daily information, have not been to Dubrovnik, so appreciate seeing all the photos. Thanks for mentioning a NZ wine @richwmn Rich, had not heard of that winery. A lovely sunny day,feels like spring. temperature 19C. We ventured out to the neighbouhood supermarket this morning, no waiting to enter the shop, everyone wearing masks, but several empty spaces on shelves, such as flour, soft drinks, Whittakers chocolate (which is made in Wellington), TP very little stock. We were able to buy most items on my shopping list. The numbers continue to rise, another 41, 38 Auckland, 3 in Wellington. Total 148. @StLouisCruisersbest wishes for a successful outcome for Tyler tomorrow. @Vict0riann Happy Birthday wishes, and for many many more. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  14. Thanks for all the daily reports, photos and humour. @superomaa very Happy Birthday to your DH. @JazzyVbest wishes for a good outcome from your tests tomorrow. @Vict0riann Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. @grapau27 Again, Congratulations on your anniversary, did you have dinner at a restaurant near your home? Today Monday, is day 6 of lockdown, a pleasant sunny day temperature 15 C, did not really need a jacket when I went for a walk this morning. The numbers are increasing, 35 new cases today, 2 in Wellington, the rest in Auckland.,Total 107. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  15. Thanks for all your reports from your cruise, pleased to know that you aresafely home. Hope you are able to have the shareholders OBC credited to your account.
  16. Great photo, they are so clever to get their toys into these inacessible places.
  17. Thanks for all the Daily news, photos and humour. Napier is a pleasant city to visit, the locals enjoy entertaining cruise ship visitors. @ger_77your Dipladenias are beautiful, sometimes plants need a stern message to flourish. @grapau27congratulations to you both on your Anniversary. Today the good news is that 1 million NZ'ers have now received both Pfizer vaccinations, roll out of the vaccines has been very slow. More supplies of the vaccine arrived in the country yesterday. Numbers continue to rise, another 21 today, total now 72. Daylight hours are gradually increasing each day, temperature now is 13 C, cloudy ,some feeble sun. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  18. What an horrific accident, condolences to his parents and the community,what a shock for everyone concerned.
  19. Thanks for all the daily information, photos and humour. @kazuI feel your frustration with people who will not co-operate . @CruiseMGM Bon Voyage, have a fabulous cruise. @rafinmdsorry that you had such a bad day yesterday. Another 21 Delta cases today, 18 in Auckland, 3 in Wellington. It's a sunny day, 10 C. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  20. The PM has just announced that the entire country will remain in Lockdown until at least Tuesday 24th at 11.59 pm.
  21. Thank you for reporting "live" from your cruise. Enjoy the remainder of the cruise.
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