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  1. terrirjohn , your are again quoting a member of reception staff, on a single cruise, on an adult-only ship! Your personal observations of each cruise line may be correct as you perceive it, but these are not 'facts' and should not be presented as so (which incidentally, I do not think you were attempting to do in your above message 😉 )
  2. Hi everyone, We usually drive to Southampton from the Midlands, but this year we’re having a change and have decided to go by coach arranged through P & O. We’ll be leaving from Hilton Park services on the M6. Niw, as a self-confessed control freak 😀 I’m a bit dubious about going by coach. So can you lovely people give me some reassurance that coach is the way to go? What time is pick up and arrival usually (we cruise in July), are the coaches good and with air con? There are four of us travelling, is there usually any problem getting seats together? If
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