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  1. I had a problem with EZ Air and waited on hold for a couple hours. There apparently is no way for Princess to get back on the line with you after they try and connect you with EZ Air. At least this is what I was told. In my case, when I went back into my cruise personalizer a change to my flight was made. I would check your personalizer and if no change, try again to call Princess before you tackle Delta directly. Edit- there was no extra charge to us
  2. Going next week and already booked with her. We did one with Harv and Marv in 2015 and the whales were in a coma that day. I can't remember who took us out, but it was so bad, they offered money off the next time we came. Hopefully we will have better luck this time.
  3. Actually, I'm happy with the new flight schedule. So basically, Princess took care of the problem, they just forgot to come back to the phone to tell me. ๐Ÿ˜ It did not interfere with my day. I put my phone on speaker, then continued working. It became a game, how long will they keep me on hold? I'll never know because I hung up.
  4. I hung up, went on to my Cruise Personalizer so I would have all my info ready to call back. There were red letters stating my flight had changed. So we are still departing at 5 AM, but getting into Fairbanks at 4:40. Much better. I just left my phone on speaker and did my thing while seeing if anyone would come back and talk to me. At least they did something. Yeah, that music is slightly annoying.
  5. Yeah, I think it's time. Hopefully this will get resolved.
  6. So far, I've been on hold just over 2 hours. Booked a cruise to Alaska almost a year ago. Booked flights through EZAir. First the plane departed at 1:15 PM, arriving in Fairbanks at 12:15 AM, OK. Then it changed to leaving 10:41 AM still arriving at 12:15 AM, still OK. This morning I check the airline website and the flight has been changed to leaving at 5 AM, still arriving at 12:15 AM. I'm leaving from the east coast. So this is basically a 24 hour journey and my flight cost did not reflect a 24 hour journey. Not OK. I called Princess and was told they would check with EZAir and put me on hold. That was now over 2 hours ago. Is this normal, or am I in Princess phone no man's land? This is my first Princess cruise, first time using EZAir. I absolutely realize this Boeing plane thing is a nightmare for the airlines, but I just don't think this flight schedule is reasonable. It was paid for back in April and the flight leaves June 28th.
  7. We will be sailing on Coral in July. I am new to Princess. Can anyone confirm if the Internet can be shared with 2 people 2 different devices, as long as they are not on at the same time? We took advantage of the $59.99 special but donโ€™t plan to be on enough to pay for it twice.
  8. Just an update; the first person I talked to was incredibly off base with her information. I was able to book 2 nights at the same place we are staying the first night of the tour for less than half of the $913 she quoted me. On this board I always read call back until you get someone helpful, and that worked for me here.
  9. Thank you GJ Cruiser. I will check that out. I have checked out Trip Advisor, AAA and a general Google search for hotels in Fairbanks. Just looking for some real life experiences.
  10. We have a cruise planned for next summer to Alaska with a land tour as well. I just called Princess to see if we could get reservations for 2 nights prior to the cruise at the same hotel we will be staying, and was told that wasn't possible. The price I was quoted for a 2 night stay at a Doubletree (which I must have not understood right because there doesn't seem to be a Doubletree in Fairbanks) was $913. I will call back and clarify the hotel, but does anyone have suggestions for a more reasonably priced hotel? We apparently lose the transfers that come with our tour if we book our own hotel, but the ones I looked at do not come out to $900 for 2 nights, or even close to that. We are not fussy, just want clean and convenient. Thank you.
  11. I am booked for a cruise but have never been on Princess. The buffet will be open and it sounds like they have fresh fruit and salads available which should tide you over between meals.
  12. Thanks for all your replies! Sounds like even if there is a mix up, it will be fixable.
  13. Called Princess yesterday to have reservations linked with people we are traveling with. I provided the booking numbers, but they had to then call with my booking number before Princess would link them. They did do this, but I am wondering where I go on my cruise personalizer to confirm that this was actually done? We have traditional dining and just want to make sure we are seated together. I'm regretting a little bit not having a TA. We used one for our last trip and while she wasn't particularly helpful, she did take care of this stuff....
  14. Sorry for this stupid question, I am not an experienced cruiser. I am booked under the Sip & Sail for a cruise that's covered under the 3 for Free upcoming promotion. My daughter booked an obstructed ocean view with zero perks. If she was going to book under this, do you modify your booking online, call Princess, do new booking then cancel the old one, or what? Thank you.
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