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  1. We will be on the Harmony of the Seas in November. I have booked a meal for 3 of us at the Izomi Hibachi for $45.00 per person. I just saw on a post the other day pictures of the meal. Small salad, Bowl of rice, Small steak and very little vegetables. Has anyone ate there before and did you meal look like this. I know that this is on a ship and can not take it home with you but I know I could eat more then this. Here at home we have one and we get the chicken and steak for two at a cost of $42.00. It is like we never been to one so this is not something new. What is you take on this. Should I
  2. I am out 72 days and have my set sail pass but they say my luggage tags are pending. Do you know when you can print them out. Thanks
  3. thanks the cash one worked. Now will have to tell them at check in to use my credit card.
  4. I am trying to do the information on line to get my boarding pass. It get as far as the credit cards and said I have not given me all the information. The only thing that I have not put in is our photos. Is this the reason?
  5. Have a cake deliverd to you table one night with the saying on it "Will you Marry me". Yes many people there but it could be fun.
  6. Thanks Mike. Looks like this is a way to go. I think my friend would like this better.
  7. Yes I seen this but just want a cake in the MDR. Thanks
  8. Can you still get a birthday cake in the MDR. I know there is a cost for them but don't know the price as it was a long time ago. Will be on the Harmony of the seas.
  9. The Harmony is just sitting there and has not moved in about an hour.https://www.portcanaveralwebcam.com/?fbclid=IwAR0E6I3uhCF9VS55-dxPpGR0oC3W3uvMkNbGjjJ1UDfNBEVjqAZLrIhQBH0
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