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  1. chet the jet

    Studio interior

    I just booked a Studio Interior room on the Harmony of the Sea as I could not get anyone to travel with me. I have never been in one of these rooms but it does have a window in it. Has anyone elese been in one. I have been on the Oasis and the Allure but have had a boardwalk room. Yes at 80 I still like to cruise. There will be a group of us that have cruised together sense 1997.
  2. chet the jet

    Island Princess Milkshakes

    Dose the Island Princess have milkshakes and where can you get them. Thanks
  3. chet the jet

    Island Princess Refurb?

    Was trying to have some fun but looks like no one is into that. Sorry.
  4. chet the jet

    Island Princess Refurb?

    After the Island Princess refucb do the rooms have electricity once we leave port?:evilsmile:
  5. Great review. Will be doing this in Oct. Just would like to make one point. Could you make sure to check to see that the words do not run together. Love the little one.
  6. chet the jet

    AIBP Not For Us

    I am sure glad that on our 15 day cruise I was able to get the AIBP free. I would have not paid for it at all seeing I may have about 2 drinks a day. But the other drinks you can get will help out during the day. :rolleyes:
  7. I love ours on the ship. One with me standing out side . More of the inside on other parts of the picks
  8. chet the jet

    Panama Canal on Island Princess 10/17-11/1 Photo Review

    We will be taking the same 15 days in Oct 2017. This gave me a great insite of just what will be going on and also the pictures of the ship. You did a great job and thanks for taking time to do this. ;)
  9. chet the jet


    Could anyone tell me the fair from LAX to Sunrise Hotel in San Pedro cost and which way did you go to get there.
  10. chet the jet

    Escape photos

    I could not belive that he just got out of the hot tub. Where do they get some of these?
  11. chet the jet

    Escape photos

    It was back in Aug-Sept that we took a 13 day cruise on the Escape. I took about 2,000 pictures. I have about 1,100 of the with captions but have not got the others done. Just wanted to share them with all of you.
  12. chet the jet

    all-inclusive beverage promotion

    Thanks. I will do that.
  13. chet the jet

    all-inclusive beverage promotion

    Went to your post 205 but could not open it. Did I do something wrong
  14. chet the jet

    all-inclusive beverage promotion

    When I booked my Island Princess cruise I was able to get this promotion. I have read that it only covers drinks up to $10.00. Do they add tips to this or can you. I love mud slides and would like to know the cost of them also. Does anyone know if they have milk shakes on this ship also. Thanks if you have any information.
  15. chet the jet

    # of days till your next Norwegian cruise?

    [quote name='BreeYark']3.5 days! So excited!!![/QUOTE] Same for me. :)