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  1. These are great! I also discovered doing a youtube search on the ship you are interested in gets several videos. Keep them coming! Please don't get me wrong I Know Cruise Critic Rocks!!! I just though until they get full multimedia ... let's compile a list of the best of the best! From what I have found we are all about community and research on this site and the way I look at it the more resources I have the better the decisions I make... Cheers
  2. I like the Community feel of CC but in addition to the posts I was looking for sites that were really good at the multimedia side and cruising (ie. Cruisers Videos and pictures). Reading posts is nice but seeing and hearing is also good.
  3. A call out to all of you web savvy cruisers! Besides Cruise Critic, do you know of other GREAT cruise websites?
  4. Pastcruiser

    Does anyone have names .......??

    Big thanks to bluefintuna and Cruisingator for the water taxi links. You 2 are awesome!
  5. We are booked and we can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Pastcruiser

    Does anyone have names .......??

    [quote name='Murphy']Our favorite is the Lago Mar! Right on the beach, in a quiet neighborhood. Most rooms are suites and studios. If you walk out on the beach you can watch the cruiseships depart if any are leaving the night before you sail! Love it! [url]www.lagomar.com[/url] PastCruiser, there is an intercoastal waterway in Fort Lauderdale and there is a water taxi service that will commute you along the waterway. Great if you want to go to one of the restaurants on the waterway, or to get to the shopping areas. There are taxi "stops" along the way where you can get on or off.[/QUOTE] Thanks Murphy. Can you take the water taxis to the ship or do you have to take a regular taxis? Thanks
  7. Pastcruiser

    Does anyone have names .......??

    [quote name='cruisingator2']I can't book our pre-stay in FLL for the Oasis Inaugural until December but the first choice will be the Hyatt. Love the view of the port and being able to get up early and watch the ships sail in. It is also on the water taxi stop. View from the Hyatt. [IMG]http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i218/gator0010/PB180050-1.jpg[/IMG][/QUOTE] cruisingator2... Could you explain what this is " It is also on the water taxi stop. " Thanks
  8. Pastcruiser

    What's YOUR Cabin? OASIS!

    Just booked D1 - 12598 (hump) on August 21st 2010. Four of us came to $5810 Canadian everything in. It is exciting booking a ship that is not even sailing yet.... tons of time to plan and research.
  9. Pastcruiser

    D1 pricing for July 10th 2010

    Thanks Steve I will try to find it...
  10. All you diamond and diamond + members has anyone found out prices for D1 cabins on July 10th? I tried to call but they won't give me any info... I am just a gold member.
  11. Pastcruiser

    Oasis Hump

    can you see the water straight down or is it obstructed?
  12. Pastcruiser

    Oasis Hump

    I was looking at the Oasis Brochure pictures and it looks like the Life Boats may be blocking straight down water views? Anyone else think this?
  13. Pastcruiser

    Oasis Hump

    We were thinking of booking a hump cabin on the Oasis but I have one question for all of you that have enjoyed a hump cabin before. I know the advantage is that you can enjoy forward and back views but what about straight down views? Do you see water or walking decks?
  14. [quote name='Jfultz81']I just got an invitation to the next revealing of the Oasis on 8/26!! Has anyone else gotten this (mine was sent by a local TA)?? I have the opportunity to email an invite to people, so if you'd like one, I will try to get one to you! Its a webcast, so you will have to log on to watch.[/QUOTE] Please add me Jen. [email]obsessedwithtech@gmail.com[/email] Thanks Robin
  15. Pastcruiser

    Oasis of the seas splash area

    Thanks everyone! I sure hope that the H20 zone is on the Oasis of the Seas. My two boys and I had a blast the entire cruise playing in it.