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  1. Does anyone know where the Spirit is now or where it's headed? I keep thinking about all those sea days and hoping the passengers are getting close to getting home. Best to all of you.
  2. jeffkauf, this is the email I received from Silversea: Dear Silversea Guest, Following the announcements of the Governments of India, Colombo and United Arab Emirates, among others, closing their ports to all cruise ships Silversea has taken the difficult decision to cancel the following cruises. We regret these cancellations but due to the sudden, unexpected and massive port closures to all cruise ships it becomes impossible for us to guarantee to you the great Silversea experience you are used to enjoy: • Silver Spirit 5006 – 15th March to 25th Mar
  3. Thanks , Poskashflo, for the information. We will all really appreciate updates. lesliedrew
  4. I just spoke to "someone" at Silversea and he said there is a new policy and I would get a FCC (for cruise only) if I cancelled. He was reluctant to give me any other details or clarification saying I should talk to my Silversea consultant. I'm waiting for him to return my call. Anxious to hear what he has to say about Washington state. Wren2, I couldn't find anything saying Doha was closed because of Covid-19. I think their new cruise terminal may still be under construction and that may be closed but Doha can still dock ships. Best to all of you whether on this cr
  5. Is anyone else concerned about the Mar 15 Spirit departure from Mumbai? I am booked on that departure. Haven't cancelled yet but am getting seriously worried about getting to Mumbai and being denied boarding. Though I'm not from any of the newly denied countries, I am from Seattle, WA where things are getting more and more interesting. I live in a Senior community with additional restrictions each day. No one other than residents and employees allowed into our building. If I cough at the wrong time or I answer a question wrong I could be denied boarding ... and
  6. Any word on what Spirit will do with the three nights they will miss in Myanmar? What's being said on board? Thanks. https://www.mmtimes.com/news/about-turn-myanmar-cancels-cruise-ship-visit.html
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