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  1. Both my husband and I got vaccinated, at different times. He is on Medicare and got it in February/March. I have insurance thru my employer and got it in March. Neither of us has a record of receiving the vaccine or a charge on our accounts. The only proof we have is the card.
  2. Le Bistro the escargot. La Cucina the osso buco.
  3. From 2009 to 2016 We took 6 NCL cruises. One 16 day which we received double points for and several more longer cruises. We went from gold to platinum on the last one in 2016, a 9 day cruise which took us from 73 points to 82 points so the change was a moot point for us. We are up to 113, and like the rest of you, it would have been more if not for 2020. I agree with those above, I am not impressed by the additional benefits in platinum plus. In order of importance for us: complimentary dinners, laundry, priority embarkation.
  4. I can't answer your question, but I can say that DH and I are booked on the Breakaway Jan 16, 2022 out of New Orleans. NOLA is our favorite port to sail from. Come join us!
  5. Last time we cruised out of NOLA, early 2019, neither of those was an issue. Lots of twist and turns as you sail down. You can tell when you hit the gulf, the feel of the ship changes.
  6. Glad you switched. An added perk of cruising out of NOLA is the trip down the river. It takes about 8 hours to reach the gulf. A meandering slow ride, the banks close on both sides.
  7. Somewhere on these boards a couple of years ago a water engineer said that he tested the water from various sources on the ship and all was fine but said the best was the melted ice from your ice bucket. We have been filling our water bottles in the morning from the ice bucket. It is very good water.
  8. Thank you. I find my life is less stressful if I stay positive.
  9. Thank you. Alaska is our very favorite cruise.
  10. We know this very well. Thank you.
  11. Yes, you need to do what you can and go where you want when you can.
  12. Me too. Again it is very unlike me so I am very grateful.
  13. Thank you. He is doing much better. He started improving and all the home therapy stopped (Physical, occupational, speech and home health care) just weeks before the covid restrictions.
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