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  1. Thank you. I find my life is less stressful if I stay positive.
  2. Thank you. Alaska is our very favorite cruise.
  3. We know this very well. Thank you.
  4. Yes, you need to do what you can and go where you want when you can.
  5. Me too. Again it is very unlike me so I am very grateful.
  6. Thank you. He is doing much better. He started improving and all the home therapy stopped (Physical, occupational, speech and home health care) just weeks before the covid restrictions.
  7. Late winter 2019 I began researching Alaska cruises to celebrate my husbands 80th birthday in May 2020. This would be our 4th Alaska cruise, we have 30+ cruises since 2001. I stumbled across a fantastic price on an Alaskan cruise on the Joy. I immediately called my PVP. He pointed out that that price was for May 2019 not 2020. In a spur of the moment decision, very unlike me, I decided to book for 2019 less than 4 months out. I was able to use 2 future cruise certificates but the balance was due immediately. Once booked I started to look for flights. To make it work I had to book arriving in Seattle 2 days ahead of the cruise and leaving one day after the cruise. Well, I thought, two trips in one, we would explore Seattle. So I turned to hotel rooms. Since we were going to be there I wanted to be able to walk around so after looking at my options we ended up booking at the Charter Hotel (a Hilton property) within walking distance of Pikes Market. 2 extra days in Seattle, hotel and food started evening out the savings on the cruise. I decided to take a "whatever" attitude, very unlike me, and we did what we wanted, bought what we wanted and spent what we wanted. After a great full day in Seattle we boarded the Joy and had a super cruise and again did, bought, spent what we wanted. LOVED the Joy! Here we are one year later and the cruise I planned to book isn't happening. In the mean time my husband has been in the hospital 3 times with various health concerns. In all probability that will be the last cruise he ever takes, for a variety of reasons. Although I still have 2 future cruise credits I have gotten the value out of them what I paid so I will just wait and see what the future of cruising holds. We have been talking a lot lately about how luckily we were that I made a mistake reading the NCL site last year. I wrote a review of the cruise titled Best Cruise Ever? I can now adamantly say that yes! It was the best cruise ever, for us.
  8. $20 at the beginning of the cruise to our cabin steward with our requests for the room. $20 at the end of the cruise if the steward was good. $5 at specialty restaurants for exceptional service. $4 for room service in the morning when they bring our coffee and sweet rolls.
  9. On our last transatlantic cruise at the last port as we were getting ready to board somewhat early and talking about what to do with our remaining euros we saw our room steward getting off to head into town. We called him over and gave him all the euros we had, it was not much. He was very appreciative. Two birds, one stone.
  10. DH tells this story: A salesman goes into a diner for breakfast. He tells the waitress he is new in town and asks what the people are like. She asks him what the people are like where he comes from. He replies that they are snakes in the grass, they cannot be trusted, and will lie to your face. The waitress tells him that he will find that the people here are just like that. Later that day a salesman comes in for lunch and tells the waitress that he is new in town and asks what the people are like. She asks him what the people are like where he comes from. He tells her that they are the salt of the earth, friendly people who will give you the shirt off their back. The waitress tells him that he will find that the people here are just like that. So I say, "What have your other vacations been like? This one will be like those. "
  11. You are welcome. Have a great time. We went in September several years ago and really enjoyed that time of the year. One of my favorite pictures from of DH and I is one taken in Skayway with the leaves in the trees behind us turning color. We prefer traveling off season and for Alaska that's either early cruises or late cruises.
  12. We were traveling in Portugal staying at the Pousadas (a chain of luxury, traditional or historical hotels in Portugal ) which had a special called "Golden Age" which at the time was offering 40% off for seniors. At one hotel we asked for the Golden age discount and the clerk said "Oh for the old people". He was not being rude, it was just the translation.
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