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  1. We are on a Mariner cruise in December and have noticed the same thing. Only one category of cabin was available yesterday. Our cruise, in particular, is being marketed in a number of ways. Our TA is using it as a "President's cruise" and I have seen advertizing as a specific lecture cruise although I can't recall what type of specialty lecture it was. I'm really hoping that the cruise isn't going to be cancelled. Looking forward to cruising is what has kept me sane many days lately.
  2. I don't believe that anyone is mandating a vaccine. People are free to choose whether or not they take it. What is being mandated is to be vaccinated prior to stepping on a cruise ship. Cruising is the choice.
  3. Yes, Canada's biggest challenge is obtaining enough vaccine. We currently are receiving a minimum of 1 million doses weekly. Our prime minister has promised that anyone who wants to be vaccinated, will be by the end of the summer. We struggle with vaccine hesitancy due to the increasing misinformation out there so herd immunity may be compromised. All available appointments in my area are booked and there are huge lineups for pop up mobile vaccine clinics in large cities with "hot spot" areas. My belief and hope is that most will be vaccinated by mid August.
  4. You absolutely have the right to do what you think is right. My thoughts are that if everyone is not required to be vaccinated (I do realize that there will be some who will have forged documentation but my hope is that these will be minimal), should an outbreak occur, one of the possible outcomes is that we will be denied entry into port after port as happened last year. Another possible outcome is that the cruising industry will be even more damaged than it is today.
  5. It seems to me that DeSantis is accomplishing the opposite of what he is trying to do. He is trying to bring back business to Florida and yet, signing the death warrant for cruising out of Florida. Intelligent cruisers will not step foot on a cruise that has not been deemed safe as can be. Assuring passengers and crew that all have been vaccinated is the safest possible action at this point in time. I do wish that sanity would return to our crazy world!
  6. I am curious as to why it seemed you didn't have the option to use Regent air. We are using Regent to fly from Toronto to Miami in December and I don't see the issue you are seeing.
  7. Thank you. I am not the most observant person in the world so many things escape my notice until I need to know. Good to know that my magnetic clips will come in handy again.
  8. I have another question, if I may, as I look forward to our first Regent cruise in December. We have previously cruised on other lines, especially Celebrity. I have many magnetic clips that I bring with me in order to keep papers, such as excursion tickets or daily planners, from cluttering the desk. I place them on the wall where they are easily accessible and not lost. Are Regent's walls also metal, therefore magnetic? Are all cruise cabins built that way?
  9. Yes. (Said like a sulking teenager who just might get grounded for doing absolutely nothing wrong ☹️)
  10. Well that let the air out of my balloon pretty quickly! Still, optimism......
  11. I understand all of that as we have cruised before just not on Regent. I had booked these excursions in February. Someone at Regent has obviously reviewed these bookings and necessitated changes. I'm just going to hope that means they are fairly confident that cruising will begin prior to December. I'm also encouraged that Celebrity has announced today that they will start up cruising out of St. Maarten in June. I'm choosing to remain optimistic.
  12. We are booked on a Mariner cruise for December 2021 (our first Regent cruise woohoo!!) This week we were notified that one of the excursions we had chosen was no longer being offered and were asked to choose something else, which we did. My question is whether this is an indicator that this cruise will go ahead or is it something that Regent is constantly doing, even if the cruise is set to be cancelled? I would really like to believe that we will be cruising in December.
  13. I agree! We are booked on this excursion for a second time. The first time we did it was not with Regent but I assume from the description, it is the same. We usually try to do something different each time we visit an island but we're making an exception for this one. Very enjoyable!
  14. Now the Canadian site is showing all Alaska cruises waitlisted but all European cruises are still available. Hopefully, the latest CDC announcement will mean that future months won't be cancelled and we can finally board again. Really looking forward to our first Regent cruise!!
  15. The Canadian site still shows availability on June cruises.
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