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  1. We received notification of our flights exactly 75 days in advance of our December cruise. Flight time has already changed once.
  2. She was very honest and upfront with all her information. The last thing she wanted to do is take time off work and drive 8 hours (return trip) and not get what she came for. I assume that too many people have been taking advantage of the opportunity and the door has shut. If that is true, it's a shame and Ontario should use some of the doses on hand to correct this situation.
  3. No, she lives in Ontario. Yes, she showed proof of travel in December. (Appt. was Oct. 1) Yes, she was required to show proof of AZ/Pfizer shots. I don't understand either why it is so inconsistent. Someone did tell her while she was there that there are political agreements in place. I'm not sure what that means but only certain people can change the rules.
  4. Address is 50 Maissoneuve Blvd. She called first (1-877-644-4545) and got verbal approval to come get the shot. She had to almost beg once she arrived for them to give her the shot. She needed to provide proof of December travel and of prior AZ/Pfizer shots. If you try this method to get your 3rd shot, take the name of the person who gives you verbal approval to go. Good luck!
  5. Yes, my daughter had to provide proof of upcoming travel to receive her 3rd shot in Gatineau last week. Good luck to everyone trying to get this done.
  6. We cruise in December so my daughter, who was in your situation, called infocovid (1-877-644-4545) and was able to get permission to get her 3rd shot in Gatineau, Quebec. Get the name of the person you speak with because she still had to do some persuading once we got to the vaccine clinic. Good luck.
  7. I can imagine that Regent is aware that there will always be someone who will have a forged vaccination document. It only takes one to ruin it for everyone. As much as I am not looking forward to having to wear a mask while roaming around, I will do so and enjoy our December cruise as much as humanly possible.
  8. Thanks everyone for your helpful responses and suggestions. I have decided to go with Prime 7. We are definitely looking forward to everything amazing that Regent has to offer. Stay safe all!!
  9. We're looking at a quick trip to Quebec to get the third dose. A little complicated but possible.
  10. Thank you for those responses. I had already narrowed it down to Pacific Rim or Prime 7. We do intend to try all the dining options but was having difficulty deciding between the two. I'm sure we'll enjoy it no matter where we end up.
  11. Hello Regent experts. We are booked on Explorer for our first Regent experience this December. I will be celebrating my birthday onboard. We are traveling with our daughter and son in law. We can book our specialty restaurants in 2 days and I am undecided where I should book dinner for my special evening. Any suggestions?
  12. My sources say that is not a sure bet. It's very frustrating. We're coming up to 60 days prior to embarkation which means no refunds if they deny us boarding due to this technicality. It's too much money to risk and not making the anticipation fun and exciting at all.
  13. However, the WHO and EMA have both approved it and the attestation states that the vaccine must be approved by the WHO, FDA OR EMA. It doesn't mention the CDC at all. That only comes into play in the Sail Safe portion of the website. Still pretty muddy to me. Final payment is Tuesday so must figure out a solution before then.
  14. Exactly! Many were given a first dose of AstraZeneca and a second of an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna). The AstraZeneca/Pfizer combination is actually proving to be most effective, however, still not approved by the CDC. My beef is that it is considered safe and effective on Regent if sailing out of Europe but not if sailing out of the US. Is it safe or isn't it? I highly doubt that the vaccine or the virus care where in the world you are sailing or located.
  15. Yup, just called Regent and that is what they directed me to as well. Therefore, hundreds of thousands of Canadians are ineligible to cruise with Regent out of the US.
  16. This document seems to be still in flux, as is everything else in the cruise/travel industry these days. As I read it today (it will not allow me to cut and paste), I must agree to provide proof of full vaccination from those vaccines that have been authorized for use by WHO, FDA or EMA. It does not state anything to do with the CDC, who have not yet approved mixed vaccines as millions in Canada have received. Is anyone familiar with recent Regent allowances for such?
  17. Just another thank you to @Mike Moore for his help in resolving my issue. It was indeed NOT an issue with Regent but with my browser. Another example of the fine customer service that I have experienced which is increasing my excitement to experience our first Regent cruise.
  18. I have taken Mike up on his offer of help and sent him an email. Thanks!
  19. @Mike Moore and @UUNetBill thank you both for the suggestion, however, that has not helped my issue. As I mentioned, it took four days last time and I can still access it through my phone, however, that will not be useful when it comes time to completing forms as I am so very much hoping to have to do in the very near future. I will, if the issue has not yet been resolved at that point, simply call Regent or my TA and have them help me through the process.
  20. My biggest beef with the website is that, when I click on My Account, it takes me back to the home page. When I called about this, I was told that my TA must be working on it and only one person is allowed in at a time. Well, 3 days later and still no luck. It finally let me in on the 4th day. I'm on day 2 again of not getting in. I've tried logging in and logging out and no difference. I can actually get in on my phone but not on my desktop. So frustrating!
  21. I assume that people step into and out of roles on committees all the time. The article states, "According to a filing, their resignations do not involve disagreements with the NCLH's operations, policies or practices." so I don't understand the need for the post.
  22. Try again. It's there for my December cruise. Perhaps there was an update or two happening while you were trying before.
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