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  1. I just booked the havana cabana on the mardi gras for next august. I usually book the lido or deck above balconies, so i am not sure how it will be. I am a bit apprehensive, but looking forward to a new experience.
  2. Leaving tomorrow for a 10 road trip through Wisconsin, the UP of Michigan and Lower Michigan. In August we are going to Las Vegas in place of the cruise that was cancelled. Staying at the Golden Nugget and Mandalay Bay. Nothing keeps my vacations at bay LOL . I get 7 weeks of vacation a year and love to travel.
  3. Depends on who i am leashed to LOL
  4. I have no advice, but i just booked the Mardi Gras for next August...we booked the Havana cabana ...our first time in that type. I hope we like it. Good luck with your room choices and booking...cant wait to get back to cruising...we have 2 booked already
  5. No they dont. John Heald mentioned it on his fb page today that is just standard wording...it doesnt apply to these cancelled cruises.
  6. heck...i was just saying to bring the ships to Wisconsin.....i stand by that LOL
  7. Nobody knows....i live in Wisconsin. We have been fully open since May 13th, and we are at our lowest point of cases and hospitalizations today. We are doing great. So, i have an idea....bring some ships up here and we can cruise on Lake Michigan LOL
  8. Ditto...i have been to all of the islands many times...i just love being on the ship and listening to the ocean on my balcony
  9. I am fine with most of these, and it will be interesting to see how carnival adapts these to their ships (i know costa is a carnival brand, but they do serve a different population). One thing we really like is the lido deck parties (the dances, drink mixology, ice carving etc). I really hope there is a way to keep these during this covid time. I also hope the buffet can at least be served to us...i would assume guys burgers and the mexican place on the lido deck will be open..they are also served to us. With less passengers, hopefully this will be possible. My next one is August 15th on the Breeze, if that gets cancelled, i am hoping to find an October one, but with limited capacity it may be harder to find one. The other one we already have scheduled is next March on the Radiance. With the uncertainly of what is going on with the re do of that ship, i am getting a bit nervous on that cruise too....i really miss my cruises!! I am just going to pray this all gets worked out and we are onboard ASAP---still praying for the august one at this point ..if not..our backup is las vegas!!🙂
  10. A "mock" booking is going through the process until you say book the cruise. I check cruises for all kinds of dates and ships...you dont need a credit card to do that. There is nowhere to put one until you get to the actual booking part
  11. I had room 6279 --the premium balcony on the Legend 2 years ago. LOVED IT. Its HUGE...and large balcony and we never heard any elevator noise. If you can get that one...i say go for it. Kinda spoiled me LOL
  12. Sorry...you were fed a sob story. There is NO way that every cruiser removed their tips. And many, many people give addtional in cash. The way to get more money is to say you made no money LOL
  13. Depends on the circumstances...sometimes things happen while on board, so no time to announce a change ahead of time. In todays world...there is nothing certain, except uncertainty. Just plan to have fun and take it from there.
  14. I went to the island casino in Michigan on May 16th. They had all the machines on...just moved some chairs away from some machines. Masks were required to enter, but most people pulled them down once inside. They also had no smoking. The self serve soda machines there were not staffed, we could get our own at any time. I live in Wisconsin and we have one opening on Monday that will be allowing smoking. I also saw another one in Michigan that is allowing smoking. Most others in Wisconsin and Michigan are starting as non smoking.
  15. Sounds reasonable. I would even go as far as saying i dont need my room cleaned at all during my cruise. We can leave towels outside our door and have new ones left there for us to bring in. We dont need a full cleaning, we know how to make our beds and clean up after ourselves. Although i love the towel animals, i can forego them for the time being. I wont wear a mask around the cruise ship. If they are required to board and leave the ship, we will do that. Otherwise we are usually distanced from others on our cruises. I enjoy sitting on my balcony or on a deck chair away from the crowds.
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