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  1. we usually ask for a late check out, most places will give you an hour extra. Also, if your checkout of the hotel is 11:00a already, you will be showing up at the pier around 11:30 anyway, getting a bus/uber/cab, getting into pier, unloading bags etc. You will not have to find other things to do in between. Have fun
  2. As someone else suggested, look online for what is available, then call to book it with your certificate. Or, go at a time that you and a friend or relative can go, and offer the husband another time to book something together.
  3. LOL...years in advance...they don't even put them out until under 2 years from sailling
  4. I have never heard of a 10am check in time. The earliest I have seen is 11am, but many get 1130am or later. The ship usually isn't even cleared by 10am. I would show up at your check in time.
  5. Nope, nobody is waiting on us LOL...there are always some others on the deck also, and some we pass lounging at the debark area before we get off...we leave when they say all luggage tags have been called, everyone else should make their way down and debark. We are good. You guys can all fight the crowds before that, not us. We used to put our bags out at night, get off at the zone tag call and stand there like cattle every step of the way...people being rude, pushing, sniping at each other because they are irritated. No thank you. We learned to pack better, take our own luggage and relax. Even though we are Platinum, we also never show up to board until at least 1230pm to avoid those same crowds. Again, we walk right through the process and get right on. Literally less than a 10 min process from walking in the terminal to being on the ship. Cant get any better than that.
  6. Zero wait time....we walk right up and nobody is in line. It is so super simple from the time we leave the lido deck to the sidewalk outside the terminal...like less than 5 minutes total.
  7. We are always one of the last off the ship. We carry our own luggage, but are very good at packing and only bring 1 suitcase per person. We are out of the room by 8:30 and grab breakfast at Lido buffet. We park ourselves on the deck above lido and just relax until last call. No lines, no dodging people or bags, simple walk right off. We also always stay somewhere a day or 2 after the cruise before flying home.
  8. Just glad I aspire to the be last off the ship and nowhere near the first on. I hate crowds, lines and the bad behavior that goes with them. I am Platinum, but will never use it for priority boarding or debark, so that is no lure for me. The biggest perk for me is free laundry, but I can do it myself like I used to in their laundry rooms too.
  9. Not sure what reviews you are reading. I did Alaska last year on the Carnival Legend...best experience I could have wished for. It was me (52), DD (12) a friend (60) and mom (78). The views are incredible...all the entertainment is there. Granted its less crowded at night, but we went to all the shows, comedy, casino, music etc and didn't once go to bed earlier than midnight. Don't let negative reviews sway you. If you want to do Alaska...go for it...you wont be disappointed.
  10. UMMMMM...yeah....what does she think her boyfriend would do if terrorists were on the ship LOL She saw this as the perfect opportunity to play grandma and grandpa for a chance to bring boyfriend along. I had assumed from your original post that she was about 9 LOL
  11. Depending on her age, explain that anywhere you go could have the same possiblities, but that there are many agencies and forces that keep us safe. You can not hide from life. We are safe...as safe as we can be. Explain how many ships are out every single day with thousands and thousands of passengers. Just be reassuring and help her see that everyday we live our lives and we are ok.
  12. I have not experienced any of these steward issues...they still remember our names, introduce themselves to us at the beginning, bring us ice and anything extra we ask for. I speak to them in the hallways when I see them and they are always smiling and saying hi. I do a hybrid of a 2x a day service...clean it in the morning, but just bring us new towels and ice at night. Carnival isn't taking advantage of them. They are employees that make a very good wage with tips at the end of the day. They are not slaves and there were certainly be a worker shortage if it wasn't such a good job to have in the end.
  13. I just turned Platinum on my last cruise. I have worn my card on a lanyard since my first cruise, and will continue to to do so. Its the easiest way for me to know where it is at all times. I have even found myself still wearing it at the airport or hotel after getting off the cruise LOL
  14. We always carry our bags on. We take medium sized suitcases and they go through the scanner just fine. We take 1 suitcase and 1 carryon per person. You do not get your bags right away on the ship, whether FTTF, Platinum or Diamond. It will take a few hours.
  15. No problem...I drink pepsi...I bring a can to dinner every night
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