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  1. Why not just call and upgrade now? If there is a balcony open, you can pay the upgrade fee. You will not get one for free, now or at the port. I personally don't sail unless I am in a balcony, so I can understand that you want one, you just have to pay for it.
  2. I ate dinner at the Pig and Anchor last month on the horizon. I had the bbq ribs and they were delicious. It was $8.00 for the half rack dinner, not bad in my mind. When dinner in the MDR was not up to par on this last cruise, we did other options for dinner, and this was my favorite.
  3. Based on my area of expertise, I would be paying their health insurance claims LOL. However, I have always wanted to be a bartender...that would be fun!!
  4. On our Horizon cruise last month, there was a very large group of deaf and blind travelors, and many many sign language interpreters. It was fascinating to watch them...especially when they interpreted the songs on Lido.
  5. It depends on what you are looking for in a carnival ship. We just got off the Horizon last month and really missed the glass elevators with the grand atrium (horizon has no grand atrium..there is a ceiling at the third level), the main theater is much smaller and has chairs for most of the main floor middle seating,( not the booths/benches and tables), the comedy club is smaller, the elevator system was slow and many people never understood how to use them, the pool areas are the same size as smaller ships but the horizon has many more passengers and there are only 2 hot tubs for general passenger use. Also the casino was smaller than the other ships and no non smoking section. Those are things that we decided we didn't like, so our next cruise is back to the Breeze, our favorite ship. But each person is different. If those things are not going to bother you...the ship is beautiful and does have a lot of fun things, food venues etc. We did have a great time.
  6. have you ever seen a carnival pool? LOL you will be able to stand around in the pool. I have never seen any pool floaties, so besides the fact that there is no room, I doubt they are allowed.
  7. In this type of case...yes I would bring along a notarized letter. Again, you may never be asked, but since this is not just a parent bringing their child, I would take extra precautions
  8. I travel with my 13 dd all the time. We have different last names. I never have brought a letter, she does have a passport card and I bring her birth certificate to show I am her mom if ever asked. Also someone else above mentioned that you would need a letter from the other parent when debarking in Mexico. I have never ever been asked for one, and we have been to mexico several times on cruises. I believe that rule is for land vacations to mexico. We just came back from our 10th cruise last week....no issues at all.
  9. I did not notice that on the Horizon we just came back on. We bought 1 picture, and never saw anything about a my rewards program
  10. If they never left the room, how do you know they had a play station in there? How would you know who was even in there if they never left? Personally, I would never cruise in an inside, because I love sitting out on my own balcony. I love hanging out in the room just seeing the ocean if the balcony is too hot..or I may walk around the ship. I also like to relax and watch a tv show in the afternoon sometimes. We also like to eat in private on our balcony. That's what is nice about vacations...people can do what they like. They paid for it. What one person finds fun another may not.
  11. This is a pretty easy court case. You wouldn't even need a lawyer. You can make a court date yourself with the family court and simply go in for the case...you are talking about a 17 year old...he is almost a legal adult, so unless you are a psycho maniac LOL...the judge is not going to deny a parent traveling with a 17 year old that they have custody of. I hope it all works out and everyone can go...family vacations are a great way of bonding at all ages. Also..you stated that they went on a cruise in 2018 and 2019--who was that with? If it was with you..what has changed.were there any problems? If it was with her...that will only add to your case that if she took them on a cruise..you certainly can.
  12. Just got off the horizon last week. The thermometer didn't show a temperature, but you pushed a button to go warmer or cooler. It was a noticeable difference when it was warm vs cold setting. I would say its pretty cool in the coolest setting
  13. They don't always write back, and they are not required to even read the emails or do what they ask. John Heald has posted before that he doesn't want people to email the maître d because they are too busy, but that you should email him your requests and he will do his best to honor them.
  14. Stronger drinks are different than giving away drinks on someone elses account. Even people who think they are getting stronger drinks may not be. Alcohol is very closely monitored by bar management in the accounting of each bar.. Waiters would have to account for each drink they are getting from the bartender so i dont see how any waiter is going to be able to give out a free drink without a receipt.
  15. So how long are you going to spend on this? What kind of response are you going to be happy with? 1st you said you thought the waiter was getting drinks for himself, then maybe for other passengers (big tippers), you reported it..you don't want him to get in trouble or fired. You aren't happy with their response....Seriously...is he supposed to write you an essay or 500 lines of ..I will not charge a soda when I am not sure what the folio number is. As far as giving coffee or soda to a big tipper...I would think if someone is a big tipper, they can afford a soda. Nobody would expect a free soda or coffee from a waiter. They know the staff can not give out free drinks. Since nothing like this has ever been reported here or on any other board I have read over the last several years, it seems highly unlikely that it was on purpose. It could have even been a computer error somewhere.
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