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  1. We have many treatments and preventive measures that are working. The overall death rate has gone down dramatically since the start of the pandemic. You will never stop death, that isnt the goal and cant be the goal. Even after vaccines are out there in full, people will still die of COVID.
  2. there is no downside to booking it. If thats when you want to go, plan an book it. If by some reason it gets cancelled, you will get OBC and be able to rebook, or get a full refund.
  3. Of course we will...if you feel this way, might as well just start taking land vacations. We have a March 27th and August 28th cruise coming up...we are confident in our plans, especially the August cruise, if March gets changed somehow, we will simply reschedule that also.
  4. Yes...i would definately do it. I am up for testing the waters. I have been vacationing to other places with their restrictions. If this is what it takes to get us back on the water...i am just fine with being a volunteer.
  5. I have 2 upcoming cruises....the breeze march 27 2021 and the mardi gras end of august 2021. I cant remember the ports...dont care. I just want to be on a ship and listen to the water!! Here's to a better 2021!! Bon Voyage 🙂
  6. If thats the case, we will only uber in a private car to the port for our march cruise.
  7. My overage from our cancelled /rescheduled April cruise was 680 dollars. That was sent back to me as carnival gift cards since i mostly paid for that cruise with the gift cards. They were send fed ex to me as 2 different cards...one for 600 and one for 80. I never had to sign for them, they were left on my front porch. Did you have a PVP? Mine handled everything and always resolves any issues pretty quickly. Otherwise ask for whatever dept handles the gift card refunds and get the tracking info on how/where sent to you. Ask if they can be reissued....hopefully someb
  8. I am ok with a restriction on excursion while things get back up and running. Its going to be a cautious road for a bit for the cruiselines and they dont want to make a mistake that could cause another stop in cruising. We have 2 next year...march and august. We also have 800 in OBC for the march and 630 OBC for the august...all from carnival. So if they are requiring their own excursions, we already have a great chunk of money, provided by them to start. We would do 2 excursions at the most and the rest of the time on the ship, we enjoy port days on the ship already.
  9. I am also hopeful...its how i live life. There may be bumps in the road to starting back up, but it will start back up...hopefully sooner than later. I am ready...cruises booked for march and august next year. I would book for November if i had any vacation time left LOL
  10. If you book a cruise with a refundable deposit, you are safe to cancel and get a full refund until the final payment date. If you are looking 6-9 months out, it gives you a chance to book and see what happens.
  11. Not a surprise at all. Carnival is getting rid of 18 ships as a corporation, the cruises havent started yet for a small start up of operations and the CEO of carnival already said in the past that he doesnt expect sailing at full capacity until 2022. Layoff and letting people go is obvious. This website that wrote the article is very anti cruising usually, i mean how do you write an article acting like job losses in the cruiseline industry right now is "news"?
  12. This link clearly shows 300 for obc. And to go by your thinking...if you paid your electric bill that was supposed to be 200, but you wrote the check for $2000...the electric company can just say...oh well..you made a mistake too bad?
  13. The Fascination was the ship that was doing the San Juan cruises...they have put the Fascination up and are probably selling it or scrapping it. They have already announced that awhile ago.
  14. you wont get an email with your new room assignment. You will have to check your cruise manager on carnivals website. When its done, it will show up there.
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