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  1. From the airport to the Quarter is a 17 mile drive. About a $36 flat fee cab ride for 2. There are also shuttles available. You may want to check with your hotel for who they use to shuttle.
  2. From the edge of the Quarter to the cruise terminal is about 6 blocks. Middle of the Quarter another 8 or so blocks. If you're staying in the Quarter a taxi or Uber/Lyft would be your best option.
  3. WAvtam, The train from the airport to Circular Quay is $34.80 per person or for 2?
  4. You should have it until you exit SW Pass. About 8 hours from sail away.
  5. We've booked after you on 1/3/2020 from Sydney to Auckland. Looking forward to our trip down under.
  6. The river will be at or above flood stage for a few more months. In the past it hasn't affected cruising. You should be OK.
  7. Our stay near the airport is usually at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza. Shuttle to and from the airport. Convenience store across the street and restaurant on site and adjacent. The Astor Crowne Plaza on Canal is a trek. I would not attempt it with luggage and a 3 year old. Alone or couple with no luggage, no problem.
  8. We spent every night in there on our repositioning cruise in Oct/Nov. Shanti and the Guilty Pleasures were great. Get there early to find a seat.
  9. Should be about mid 80s or so. Plenty warm enough.
  10. Taxi is $36 up to 2 people. Uber/Lyft would be fairly close to that. No street cars go out to the airport. It's about 15 miles from the cruise terminal.
  11. That would be Brothers. There’s one on Carondelet near Canal Street. Get the fried chicken and meat pies.
  12. Now that is a funny question. Good Cajun food in Baton Rouge? None that I have ever heard of. Now if you want good Cajun food, you need to stop in Cajun Country not Baton Rouge. Try this right off the interstate west of Lafayette. https://www.fezzos.com/scott From there it's 1.5 hours to BR.
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