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  1. Thanks again. I can check on the balcony when we go if you want...
  2. I have a few questions. Thanks in advance. 1. Which restaurants are open for lunch on the day we get on the ship? 2. Someone stated that the live shows were cancelled due to an accident. Are they performing again?
  3. We will be in Cozumel in Feb. We were looking into Playa Mia and MR. Sanchos. We have 2 families with kids. 6 Ships in port that day. Love the water blow up parks. Which would be less crowded and is the water warm enough to play in? Thanks
  4. We have teenagers and a 6 year old. Water toys are a must. How old to go on the inflatables? Food? Thanks
  5. I have a chance to book an MSC cruise on the new Seaside in June. We have cruised RCI Oasis of the seas and 6 Carnival ships. We are a family of 4. We eat in the main dining room for Supper each night. Love the atmosphere. We travel with a another family of 7. We have kids in their 20's and a few teens. Love the shows at night. We are looking for some help comparing the cruise lines. Thanks
  6. I love it. People see a lot of different things on the same cruise. At least everyone gets to see it from a different view. Plus we all do different excursions and I know the more info I can get on an upcoming cruise the better. Love Jack's shack. We go down there every trip. However, we all do the flow rider and that keeps us at the pool for part of the day. I know the pixel staff is trying, but we like to pose with our own ideas. We also tried to purchase the digital copy of our group photo. We were told several different price combos. They lady finally told us that some of the staff was new from other ships and the prices on each ship is a little different. Not sure why the prices are not the same. I agree with the BBQ place.
  7. It is a BBQ place now. It was pretty good. We only ate it one time. Too much other to choose from! Wok is really good as well as the Pizza and Deli bars. A lot of people liked the Tandor as well.
  8. FTTF is not really a benefit with this sailing. We were zone 6 and boarded before 12:00. There are also no tender ports to use the FTTF. I would personally say no to it for this cruise. You should arrive at the port earlier than your time and you will get an earlier boarding zone number. Rooms are ready around 1:30.
  9. Getting on and off the boat was easy at every stop we made. Not to many people in line and there were always 2 places to get off.
  10. Jeff the fun dude is part of the Fun Staff on board. He was introducing the comedians and seemed to be in charge. Probably a great guy having a tough time those 2 days. Comedians: Roman and Dan Chopin the first part of the week. Both were good. JR Brow and Kenny Miller were the second part of the week. JR was the best we saw. Kenny was really good. Movies were based on themes. Night 1 Comedy - Ghostbusters and Sing Night 2 Date nitght - Passengers and La La land Night 3 Marvels - Captain America Civil War and Doctor Strange Midnight movie was John Wick 2 Night 4 blockbusters - Fantastic Beast and Rogue One Night 5 Action - Jason Bourne Night 6 Drama - Arrival and Hidden Figures Night 7 Action - Suicide Squad Night 8 Family - Trolls and Moana Dress for Elegant nights were varied. Most men were in button downs. Some with a coat and tie some not. Ladies were in dresses for the most part. A few men had on golf shirts and Khakis. shore excursion: We took a taxi to Maho to see the planes at St. Martin. Then off to Orient Beach for the rest of the day. Taxi rides were $9.00 pp to Maho and $10.00 pp from Maho to Orient. $7.00 pp from Orient to Ship. St. Kitts - Day pass to the Marriott Resort. $35.00 pp REALLY NICE! If I were to do it again, I would use the driver we had to give us an island tour as well as the day pass. He offered an Island tour for 1/2 price $15.00 pp for an hour and a half. I think his name was Leroy. He was a retired police officer and had just started taxi and island tours. Some did the train excursion and said it was good but around $100.00 pp and they only seen 1/2 the island. San Juan - only there for a short time. Zip lines seemed to be the talk of everyone...we just walked around town. Free trolley. Fort tours are great, but you can do those without being with a tour. Grand Turk - Flow Rider every time we go. $30.00 pp for an hour. There is some good snorkeling here as well. Shopping here is really good for Tee shirts. Margaritaville pool is nice. Aft Pools were adults only and they have a Serenity section on the sides of the ship. Dining at the Lido was full most of the time at lunch. People really liked the Wok and Burrito Bar. Pizza was pretty good and the Deli was good as well. Burgers and hot dogs were just average. I have the fun times. However, I can't load pictures. I will continue to answer questions.
  11. JR Brow on the Splendor last week. He was great!
  12. We just came off an 8 day cruise on the Splendor. We stopped in St. Martin, St. Kitts, San Juan and Grand Turk. Just a few pro's and con's. Pro's: There were a lot more than I can mention. Ports, Food in MDR, Brittany of the fun staff, Roll back roof. Easy Breezy cover band. Con's: Jeff "the fun guy"( saw him 2 times and both times he was rude to people and staff), Cruise Director(Steve from Canada) was average at best, Pixel staff, Production shows were also a little off. Ship was in good shape. The weather was AWESOME!
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