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  1. Only retired recently. Just addicted to cruising. Previous trips required limiting time spent on flights = Mostly Caribbean Cruises. Now retired, working on bucket list to more distant locations. Mediterrannean Baltics South America Pacific Rim
  2. Hope everything works out. Just remember the thing about international air travel. Just because Celebrity allows you to board with only the Passport Card, you will NOT be able to use the Passport Card if you need to fly home from a foreign country. Bob
  3. One problem with only having a Passport Card is with international Air Travel. Per the Department of State website "The passport card cannot be used for international air travel." If for some reason you have to suddenly leave the cruise in a foreign country (Injury, medical reason, death in family, etc) you would NOT be able to fly home with only the passport card. This is one reason why the cruise line usually requires a passport book. Bob
  4. Before the end of your first leg, Celebrity will give you instructions on how the second leg will be handled. Celebrity should also have a meeting with all B2B guests to explain the procedures and answer any questions. If you still have questions after the meeting, Guest Services will be happy to help. Congratulations on the B2B. We Love Longer Cruises (see signature). We love the get a cup of coffee and watch the NEW passengers board for the 2nd leg. Love people watching. Safe Travels, Bob
  5. Celebrity makes the rules on boarding requirements.
  6. For MedJet Assist, remember their services are for Hospital to Hospital of your choice transfer. You MUST be admitted to a hospital BEFORE they will transfer you to a hospital of your choice.
  7. Not sure what the CORRECT answer is. Celebrity makes the rules. To be on the safe side I would take the Passport Book. Safe Travels, Bob
  8. Hi Paul and Edward, Terry and I are enjoying your blog and comments on your cruise. We look forward to the rest of your cruise. 9 days at sea will be extremely relaxing and refreshing. We have to wait 7 weeks for our next cruise - Eclipse 15 nights LA to Hawaii to LA. Wishing you both a tremendously memorable experience. Safe Travels, Bob and Terry
  9. Terry and I will be following this adventure daily. Someday we will end up on the same cruise. We are as addicted to cruising as you. (see our signature). Hope you have a great time. Stay Safe, Bob (and Terry)
  10. Ships ATM only dispenses US dollars.
  11. We enjoy LPC and have been back at least 6 times over the last 2 years. Enjoy watching the other passengers reactions. Food is also excellent.
  12. You should be able to get an override. You will have to work with your pharmacy and insurance company. Even with the override you will have to pay for the full 180 day supply.
  13. Just wondering how you acquired the additional cash? ATM? Cash advance from cruiseline?
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