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  1. If you have to change cabins, you will have to pack your clothes, etc but the ship staff will assist in moving to the next cabin. If you have the same cabin, you just leave everything as is. Staff will know you are on a B2B. Bob (and Terry)
  2. Be careful with your airplane flight terminology. I think everyone here is talking about a non-stop flight which is different from a direct flight. "Non-stop flights make no stops. It does not visit another city, and simply takes you from your origin to your destination in one flight. You literally make ‘no stops."’ "Direct flights are different. Like a non-stop flight that will travel from your origin to your destination, there may be 1 or more stops in between in which other passengers may leave and others board. Most all direct flights, unless otherwise specified, do not hav
  3. We have several restaurants we use when in Miami but our favorites are: Trulucks Miami - 8th and Brickell in Downtown Miami. IL Gabbiano Restaurant - 335 S Biscayne Blvd (Beautiful waterfront view). Have Fun Safe Travels Bob (and Terry)
  4. Remember the requirement for everyone to be vaccinated could also come from the destination ports. Cruise lines would have no choice but to require everyone to be vaccinated.
  5. I think you should check this again. We had a B2B cruise booked. We also had a very large FCC which exceeded the cost of the first segment of the B2B. We used most of the FCC to completely pay off the 1st segment of the B2B and used the remaining part of the same FCC to pay off part of the 2nd segment along with a credit card payment to pay off the remaining balance of the 2nd segment. Good Luck, Bob (and Terry)
  6. The refund for the taxes and fees will show up eventually.
  7. Just received a text message from Celebrity - IT IS OFFICIAL - all sailings on or before November 30th, 2020 have been cancelled. "Celebrity Cruises will be extending the suspension of global operations for all sailings departing on or before November 30th, 2020, as well as our Winter 2020/21 season in Asia and Australia. Unfortunately, our extended suspension now includes cancellation of your upcoming voyage. "
  8. Unfortunately I also did not save or print the entire list. However I did print a partial list pages 4 to 6. Celebrity Cancelled Cruises Phase 8 (partial list pages 4 to 6) 10-06-2020.pdf
  9. It was previously available but now it looks like they are blocking access to the list of recently cancelled bookings.
  10. Glad to finally receive this information. We have (had) 3 cruises booked in November on Reflection (Nov 2, Nov 13 & Nov 23) which are now CANCELLED. Part of these cancelled cruises were paid for with FCC from previously cancelled cruises. Now I have to figure out how much cash and FCC to expect from these cancelled cruises to apply to our 3 February cruises on Equinox. I miss cruising. Bob (and Terry)
  11. Because the cruise lines continuing existence is based on executing this correctly. If the cruise lines screw this up and get shut down again, they are out of business.
  12. If cruising doesn't resume from the US until summer 2021 I don't think ANY of the cruise lines will survive.
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