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  1. Which hotels offer both airport and cruise port shuttles (paid or free)?
  2. Looking ahead to next year’s cruise, flights on Delta and United (only) have been released for the dates I need. Of course fares are higher than I usually pay with a budget airline but budget airline schedules won’t be released for several months. I know none of us can say for certain, but I wonder if when all this is over, airfares will be outrageous in order to recoup losses and maybe I should go ahead and book with Delta now 🤔
  3. I have never seen a code thread on on these boards but there is one here https://www.disboards.com/forums/transportation.16/
  4. Given such informative responses from the locals why would OP need any other reviews lol 😂
  5. I used Expedia during their exclusive Princess sale last year and had no issues at all. I think data entry errors can happen anywhere and yes the TA should have double checked but in the end it is the consumer’s responsibility. You said you had everything on the computer in front of you before calling - did you not verify the email receipt Expedia would have emailed you? It would have had the cabin number and cabin type on it.
  6. Excellent review. Thank you for taking the time to share your family’s experience. I am so excited for our HAL cruise next year and I think the relaxation factor instead of trying to see and do all will be so nice. It’s terrible to get home from vacation and have to take a couple more days off work to “rest” lol🤣
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