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  1. 12:00 was the earliest on Anthem with suite guests (including JS) permitted to check in an hour before. We arrived early due to light traffic and had to wait outside for a short while until they opened the terminal doors at 11:00.
  2. We sailed on her in 2015 and 2017 prior to last week and the tiered area had tables and chairs at the top, it was only the bottom tier that was roped off. The picture below was taken in 2017. They’ve replaced the tables and chairs now with more of the same sun beds which anyone can use.
  3. We were on Harmony last month and were allowed off on our own in Spain but had to go on ship excursions if we wanted to go ashore in Italy. Not sure what the current protocol is for France.
  4. Which cabin were you in Julie? We had 7240, such a great position. Would definitely book it again if available. What did you think about the glass panel instead of a wall between the main bathroom and the cabin? DH had a shower early one morning and the whole cabin was illuminated. I was not impressed being woken up with light streaming in my face. We couldn’t figure out the benefit of that design, only seemed to be negatives.
  5. Meant to say in my last post, the Beatles tribute act was cancelled. It was only on once on the last night, one of them was supposed to board the day before in Belfast but didn’t. An announcement was made to that effect on Thursday morning. Disappointing, I was looking forward to seeing that show. The app didn’t work for me in the terminal so I waited until I was on board. Yes, the show is only on twice but there wasn’t a problem with availability. I booked for the first show which was on Sunday afternoon but the weather was so nice it seemed a shame to spend 2 hours indoors when we could be enjoying the sun out on deck. So I cancelled the booking and rebooked for the following day. Same thing again so I ended up cancelling that reservation too. As I mentioned, we’ve seen the show before so I wasn’t too concerned. Yes it did. I liked the social distancing seating in all of the restaurants and limiting numbers in the lifts (max of 4 or just your party if more) although a lot of pax chose to ignore the signs regarding this. A polite “ sorry, we already have the maximum number in here” usually worked though. The non/incorrect mask wearing was more of an irritant than anything else. Mick said I was like the mask police, probably because of where I work 😁 We used Windjammer for either breakfast or lunch depending on what time we got up. We’re not early risers (and our cabin was so quiet we could have slept all day) so if we were a bit late getting up, we skipped breakfast and went for an early lunch instead. We had MTD and ate in the MDR every evening except for the night we went to Coastal Kitchen. I had made the MDR dinner reservations via the app a couple of weeks before we sailed. We always eat late so I booked the latest time which was 9pm for each night knowing that I would be able to change it once on board if the time clashed with any shows. CK can only be reserved once on board and then by telephone or visit no more than 24hrs in advance. It can only be used for dinner for JS guests and is dependent on availability. We didn’t have a problem booking when we wanted though and we were asked on leaving the restaurant if we wished to book for the next evening. Service in the MDR was good except for one night when they put us in the American Icon restaurant instead of the usual Silk (the restaurants are adjacent). We’d been in there for 45 minutes and only had our starters. We said it was just as well we didn’t have any shows booked for that evening! It was also the same night that we had the worst food, the Lobster Tail was horrible and the waiter said they’d had a lot of complaints about it that evening. Social distancing is well maintained in all of the restaurants, a lot of the seats are blocked to allow for this. You definitely won’t be sat at a table with other guests, we were frequently given a table for four even though there was just the two of us. I kinda liked that, gave me somewhere to put my handbag 😁 Any more questions, just ask away 🥂⚓️
  6. Oasis class beats Voyager class hands down imo therefore Symphony or Harmony. As their itineraries are identical, I would opt for whichever port works best travel wise.
  7. I get the same problem with CC intermittently although I usually find it it’s corrected by the following day. Very annoying though. Had a wonderful time made even better by some fabulous weather for the time of year. Who’d have thought we’d have been sunbathing by the pool on a cruise in October 😎 Food was excellent on the whole, only had one meal that was subpar which unfortunately was my favourite, Lobster Tail. Windjammer was only open for breakfast and lunch, with far more choice than the buffet restaurant on Virtuosa. We ate in Coastal Kitchen one evening, both had a steak which was cooked to perfection. Our JS was great although we did know what to expect as we’ve sailed in one a few times previously. It was in a really good position in the middle of the aft hump port side. So much more spacious than a regular balcony cabin and with one and a half bathrooms. On one side you get a bath, sink and walk-in shower, the ‘half’ on the other side has a toilet and sink. The only thing I don’t like about JS’s on Anthem (not sure if it’s the same on other Quantum class ships) is the full bathroom has an opaque window into the cabin instead of a wall. Privacy isn’t an issue as you can’t see through it, however, when the light is on in the bathroom it illuminates the whole cabin which is annoying if it’s dark and one of you is trying to sleep. For the life of us we can’t figure out the benefit of using glass instead of a standard wall 🤷‍♀️ The entertainment, I felt, was far superior to MSC. We didn’t get to see WWRY this time although we have seen it on board previously. It was fantastic though from all accounts. There was a tribute to Bob Marley in the Music Hall one evening which was excellent, a lot were up and dancing which I know you’ll enjoy Terri. The ship did seem busy, certainly more so than the 2 sailings we did on Virtuosa. We were told that there were approx 2,400 on board, so just less than 50% capacity if that figure is correct. Social distancing was a little odd, it was imposed in some places but not others. Mask wearing was mostly adhered to, although I did on occasion see pax walking around inside without one or with it under their nose 😠 I’m sure you’ll have a fab time, fingers crossed your RoyalUp bid is successful. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  8. People are definitely more tolerant of inconvenience when they’re informed of the reason.
  9. We’ve never had a problem changing our departure time to later, perhaps because a lot of pax prefer to leave early. We like to sleep as late as possible then go for a leisurely breakfast before making our way off the ship. There’s never any queues when you leave late, no problem finding your suitcases in the hall (ours were two of only about half a dozen still remaining this morning) and we were in our car driving home within a few minutes. That’s interesting, didn’t hear anything about that. Which deck were you on?
  10. I feel your pain. We took our DS on his first (and only) cruise when he was 14 and he was a complete nightmare. Never where he was supposed to be, caused havoc in the pool with other kids he’d befriended, disrespected the curfew we imposed etc etc. We didn’t cruise again for 3 years after that! Thankfully he grew up to be a lovely man who’s now 32 but I still remind him of his behaviour on that cruise even now 😁
  11. We like to get off as late as possible when there’s no flight involved. We were given an 08:30 departure and when I rang GS last night to ask if we could possibly have a later time, I was told that 9:00 was the latest and provided we left the ship by then it was fine. We have often requested a change in our allocated departure time and always found that GS will accommodate us.
  12. Totally agree. We were on Harmony last month and Surf on there worked fine. It was horrible on Anthem, so frustrating when it took forever for something to load. We also had friends on board who paid for Surf and Stream, they said it was nearly as bad and were not impressed at all.
  13. Called Casino Royale’s UK number today to ask if they would apply the certificate retrospectively and was told no, it has to be used at the time of booking. I asked if there was any leeway with this and was advised to ring the US number (I’m in the UK) and they “may possibly” be able to help. Is it worth pursuing this? The certificate is only for $100 and don’t want to run up a large bill on my cell phone only to be told no again.
  14. I’ve got all of the Cruise Compass’s from this weeks sailing (except for the Day 2 & 3’s evening entertainment 🤦‍♀️) if anyone has any questions.
  15. Nope it’s me 🙈. On those days they printed the evening entertainment on a separate sheet. I’d completely forgotten that when I posted the planners and I’m afraid I didn’t bring the additional sheets home with me. Perhaps someone else has and can post them? I have got day 6 though which I’ve posted below:-
  16. We’ve just got home too. Agree with your comments/observations and would like to add a few of my own if I may:- The ship felt busy even though it was supposedly sailing at less than 50% capacity (we were told there was approx 2,400 pax on board). It was difficult to find seats in the popular evening venues like the Music Hall, Boleros, the pub etc despite social distancing not being enforced in those areas. We felt the food was generally to a high standard, however, the lobster tail on Wednesday evening was the worst I’ve ever had on a ship. It was chewy, bland and cold. On speaking to our MDR waiter, he did mention that there had been a lot of complaints about it so I knew it wasn’t just me being picky. Windjammer wasn’t open for dinner, however, we had lunch in there several times throughout the week and each time it was excellent. Vast choice catering to all preferences, couldn’t fault it. Although social distancing seating is in force in there, we never had a problem finding a table. We enjoyed being able to get off the ship and wander about on our own which was something we could not do on our MSC British Isles cruises earlier this year. Liverpool is very easy to navigate, the ship docks practically in the centre of town. Albert Dock with its numerous shops and restaurants is a short walk away and the Cavern Club area is also within an easy walk. In Belfast, the ship docks in an industrial area and there is a $15 return charge for the shuttle bus into town Not a place I would rush back to however. We were extremely lucky with the weather, especially the first 3 days. Never dreamt we’d be sunbathing by the pool on a cruise sailing in October 😎 Finally, a mention about boarding. We had a 12:00 check in time, however, as we were in a JS we knew we could arrive an hour earlier. We made better time than expected driving down which resulted in us arriving at the port at approx 10:30. We had pre-booked the AB Parking onsite car park and drove straight in and parked directly opposite the terminal. Our luggage was taken off us in the car park which surprised us. The terminal doors opened at 11:00 by which time a queue had built up. We weren’t asked our designated check in time at any point, not sure if they checked this later when it got busier. Boarding commenced at approx 11:45 and cabins were open at 13:00. Luggage arrived sometime in the afternoon but couldn’t tell you when as we were out on deck in the sunshine making use of our DP 🥂 If anyone has any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.
  17. If you mean the tiered area where the big sun beds are with the thick blue pads, this area was open to everyone this week. We used the beds several times, wasn’t roped off at all.
  18. We didn’t see anyone using it once throughout the whole cruise even though it was hot enough to sunbathe on several days. Wonder if it’s a bit windy up there?
  19. Just got off Anthem this morning. There is a sun deck for full suite guest use only. We were in a JS and our card didn’t give us access (we know as we tried it 😁)
  20. We’re currently on Anthem. MTD starts at 6:45 and finishes at 9:00 with Traditional Main Seating starting at 5:30.
  21. I asked our friends, they paid a total of $810 for their DP on the first day onboard ($540 + $270). This is for a 6 night sailing, so $67.50 pppd. Hope this helps, have a great cruise🥂
  22. This day one offer is on every sailing as far as I know. I’m not sure how much it is, however, friends of ours who are also onboard purchased this on the first day so I’ll find out tomorrow when I see them and let you know.
  23. Terri, days 1-5 Daily Planners following, hope you can read them:-
  24. We used Cover For You too, we found their prices to be very reasonable.
  25. We’re currently on Anthem but it’s a 6 nights cruise not 5. Not sure if it helps at all but there’s 2 formal nights this sailing, the first was the second night we were on board, the second is tomorrow night when we’re in Belfast. However, latest boarding is 4:30pm, I think we sail at 5:00.
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