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  1. Service Charges are mandatory and you cannot have them removed.
  2. Our cruise comes along in October, 21 nights in a suite. I'm glad that the laundry bag comes early enough so you can get clean clothing during the cruise and not just at the end. Can you tell me about the wine bar - Day 4 you mentioned several trips for different wines. Were they included in your drinks package or paid for extra ? We had a suite on our last cruise but didnt have club dining on Costa Neo Romantica so it was nice to see your menus. We ended up in the "pay for" restaurants which was well worth it as the food was fabulous. This is such a fabulous and informative review. I'm looking forward to enjoying our next cruise. Thank you for sharing. P.S. I'm considering selling a kidney and joining you in 2023 😉
  3. Do you know if there is a similar area on Cost Victoria ?
  4. No problems we have a big house lol as long as you can cope with messy (older) kids that can't be trained and dogs 😉 we love our dogs. lol
  5. thanks for the pics Caspall Ship 101 - lets make sure we catch up - I will change my picture so you know what to expect lol 😉 I love visitors so maybe your next trip can be an Australian one and I can show you around Tassie 🙂 I am chatting to some other Aussies on facebook who are on the same cruise as us. And a South African lady. I have started a roll call but no one else has joined. Have you booked any excursions yet ?
  6. We start 12th October in Venice 🙂 then go through to the Maldives - we are leaving to come home in Male 😉 - someone has to work to pay for all this lol. I think we may be on the same cruise.
  7. Hi we are travelling on Costa Victoria on a 3 week cruise. We have quite a few sea days (12), and we will have hot weather I believe, so want to ask quesions about the pools etc... We have only done one Costa cruise before on Neo Romantica. The suite experience was not what we expected. The private pool deck at the rear of the ship was extra charge and we didnt get a "club" dining room - just a reserved part of the main restaurant. Also the spa day was a no goer because the spa had broken down. The small Jacuzzi on deck were like pea soup 😉 and full of kids. I understand that we get a free spa day and it has to be on a port day - that is ok. I tried to buy a 7 day spa pass but was told that I have to buy this onboard. Can anyone tell me do I get to pick my own days for the pass ? Is there a separate sun deck on Victoria ? is it also extra charge for suite guests ? what facilities does it have ? Any help would be appreciated 🙂 thanks
  8. I noticed some of the Pullmantur cruise ships had disappeared from the calendar - maybe it is one of those ships Just a guess don't shoot 😉
  9. I have done both MSC and more recently Costa - MSC has got dearer and costa cheaper 😉 so we switched last year to Costa as a more affordable alternative for a long holiday. We holiday a minimum of 4 weeks because from Australia the airfares add to the cost so you might as well make it worthwhile. I prefer MSC and have done 10 cruises with them. I had my first Costa cruise last year and second one booked this year. I didnt get the "perks" I get on MSC when booking a suite. The things I missed were private sun deck for suite guests (you have to pay extra on Costa each time you visit) I missed a dedicated restaurant. On costa we ate in what was a converted corridor on the way to the main dining room ( I did not enjoy that at all) so we paid extra for the restaurant dining which was good. On MSc you get access to the spa for the entire cruise and a free massage. On Costa you get one day spa visit which was a dead loss on my cruise as the pool and hot tubs were out of commission for the entire cruise. The Costa ship seemed dated in comparision to the glitz you get on MSC even if they are old they are still very stylish. Drink package about the same, buffet much more options on MSC. Entertainment better on MSC. We book for the itinerary and would sail with anyone if the price is right. MSC have become much more expensive and I got a really good deal with Costa so price is best with Costa.
  10. I think you are right - lots of people booking for the suite upgrade early - all suites booked out and then not going so they are released when the cruise comes to be paid for. I don't think Costa can control that except if they change the rules that the upgrade is "possible" if available when sailing - rather than for pre-booking.Which of course means another rule change. You can't blame people for trying to get a suite at an inside price - who wouldnt' 😉. It does mean of course that the suites are all taken.
  11. Doing this cruise in reverse (Venice to Male) in October. I would really appreciate any tips and hints when you guys get back. Have fun and enjoy this wonderful cruise.
  12. No - that is a strange rumour. Costa was sold to the Carnival Group years ago in 2000. I am a regular visitor to the MSC pages and website - it hasnt been on the news there. According to Wiki it is still owned by Carnival Group.
  13. I am a regular MSC cruiser and when we prebook extra's like a spa package or internet package you get a reduced price to onboard prices. Like $140 spa access for a week instead of onboard per day charge which is much more. Do they do something similar on Costa. We have a suite booked so already have the drinks. We like specialty dining ( we didnt get this included on our last Costa Neo Romantica Cruise - although we were not in the mdr we were in the corridor on the way to it). Are there any deals you can get for specialty dining? I also would like the rear (reserved) sun deck and spa access druing the cruise. Can these be pre booked ? are they any cheaper to do it this way or do you spend the same ? Any advice is appreciated because the costaasia site that we get directed to from Australia is woeful.
  14. I have been looking for a cruise for our 20th Wedding Anniversary next year. We decided we liked the cruise we did last year out of Tokyo and would go again. The main reason being that we don't have to have a long haul flight to get there - the flight is around 10 hours instead of 25 - 30. It makes it a lot easier for a shorter mid year break. I have looked on the Costa web site and the Neo Romantica has disappeared. Does anyone know if this ship is still sailing next year ?
  15. I have a diabetic daughter and have travelled on 4 cruise lines including costa. We take a note from her Dr. stating that. we have never had a problem taking unopened locarb snacks onboard with our luggage (both checked and hand) on any line. In fact it has never been questioned and I have never had to show the doctors note.
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