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  1. Hi Greg We don't have the social media plan listed in mycosta. Can you tell me how much it is ? Is it available onboard ?
  2. It usually takes over and hour for disembarkation to start after docking. I think you are cutting it too fine. Lets say you get off at 9 sharp !! maybe...... then walk to the taxi rank (Barcelona port is huge could take 10 - 15 minutes to get there). You then have to queue to catch a taxi to get to the airport - the ride to the airport (if you are terminal 2 is only 15 minutes). This can take up to half an hour again depending on how many ships in port. You can check how many by going to a web site (Whats in port . com). You are an international flight, you have to check in and bag drop ( usually two hours before flight) you have to go through passport check and customs. That all takes time.
  3. I have a couple of questions. On some lines it is cheaper (and you get bonus download limits) if you buy before you go. 1. Is it cheaper to buy a costa package before we leave ? 2. If you have a social media package can you still post photo's to facebook ? Thanks - hubby will want the top package but I don't need it - I only use facebook.
  4. Only on docking - it can shudder as it parks up. This will only disturb you if you want a sleep in on port days. The best balconies on any ship in my view 🙂 I am an early riser anyway and love to be up to watch the ship sail into a new port.
  5. This was similar to Neo Romantica, suite guests had a separate area on the way into the MDR. We still have anytime dining, and no set table, but felt like we were in the corridor on the way in to the main dining room. The Club restaurant was a pay for specialty restaurant and everyone paid.
  6. ... if you were booked for November and travelling from somewhere like Australia you would already have flights booked - usually flights are more expensive than the cruise.
  7. I am having trouble finding the route of the corfu Hop on Hop off bus. I got to the ticket part and it gave me the option of route 1 Route 2 or both. But no info at all on the route. My concern is that there are 5 ships in port on the same day as us. So I'm thinking that it will be really busy. My experience of HOHO in Malta was woeful and I ended up extremely angry that they were just shuttling backward and forwards to the first stop and not going any further due to the volume of people they were trying to accommodate. Is this likely to happen again. My husband and I like history and would like to see the Fortress and Spilia. Is the HOHO the best way to do this ?
  8. HI, Its been mentioned on our roll call that some would like to spend an overnight stop that we have in a hotel onshore. Has anyone done this ? Do you have any information that might help?
  9. Are you watching the facebook costa cruise fans page - there was a great post yesterday with pictures of the menus and what was included in each package. Blue is Braniamo, Yellow Pia Gusto and Brown is Intenditore
  10. I have sailed out of Venice several times on MSC but never on Costa. Is there anyone who can tell me if Costa provide a shuttle service between the ship and the bus station ? If not how do port day people get from the ship into Venice ?
  11. Thanks Riana - our last cruise we were costa club but didnt get half price when we used the specialty restaurants. Do we have to request this ? We are in a suite so will be eating in the Club restaurant I believe. However, with a normal MDR menu. If we order the pay for (using the restaurant as if a specialty pay for one) do we have to ask to be charged half price. Sorry for the confusion. I didnt check anything prior to our last cruise and I regret that. This time I'm still lost 😉
  12. We traveled in a suite last year on Costa - we did not get internet included and we paid full price at the restaurants. I'd like to know how you find out about the half price restaurant/pizza meals. If we can find a restaurant on Costa Victoria - I'd rather not pay full price if we get specials.
  13. I guess you would have to search through the options of what you want to do then add it all up. Do you get to choose your excursion or just get to do the cheapest one ? We did excursions on our last Costa and have two booked on our next. Our first Costa cruise we had only two other people who spoke English and they were from Austria. So everytime we took a ship excursion they explained to us that the guide would not speak english and we would join the Italian tour. Very disappointing as we had no clue what was going on. This time there are many more English speakers on our cruise. So hopefully our experience will be better.
  14. I had never heard of Passpartour until recently - what is it and where do you see it / find it ? Is it a Costa thing or something else ? I would like to look at excursions on our next cruise. I have tried logging in to MYCosta - I have tried a google search and all that found was a youtube advertising 5 tours for 69 Euro but no information on where to find this service.
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