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  1. I guess Viking corporate read the posts . Yesterday the app finally was changed!
  2. We have had six visits by engineering. The outside door has been shut for 24 hours. Curtains have been closed. Now in port. Last visit by engineering supervisor yesterday who said they have done everything he can. The environmental control unit is blowing full but air coming out is not making headway. Last night we got extra blankets which helped with sleep but the wake up was again a cold one. Thank God we have a heated towel rack. It keeps the bathroom warm. Infuriating part of this whole situation is having a guest services rep tell me “we have been monitoring the temperature in your suite and it is 20 degrees.” That is the perhaps the temp at the thermostat at the cabin front door, four feet above the floor, but the floor is frigid and anywhere near the windows is likewise cold. I explained this to the rep and was told they could move us to lesser accommodations (strange, was told ship was sold out). Other forward suites have the same issue. I posited a solution to Guest Services: get a small electric heater from local vendor but was told was not a safe solution. I cannot recommend booking any of the forward Explorer Suites On Orion for cold weather itineraries.
  3. We found the fix. The deck access door has a kill switch. It the handle is not in the down and locked position (even if the hatch is closed) the environmental control system locks out. Nice to know after the fact.
  4. Another update. At sea. Outside air temp is 33 degrees. Cabin has been cold all day. Engineering has been in three time to boost heat but still cold. Believe the expanse of glass and wind from movement keeps cold air moving through the cabin. We have pulled the drapes closed to see if that might help. Heat comes down from ceiling vents which is great for cooling but not for heating.
  5. What kind of rose colored glasses are you using? An error like this is (and the previous cruise leg) an indication of a lack of attention to detail. The disembarkation circus in Vancouver is the result in attention to detail. Remember the failure to watch engine lubrication levels in Viking Sky? Stow your “all is well” attitude in your fourth point of contact.
  6. Again - spot on. I refuse to compromise with advertised services not delivered. I paid my money a year in advance. I expect the carrier to plan even further out and deliver. I will not walk by a shortfall. I will call them on it.
  7. The true issue here is the ship knows of the problem but corporate, who controls the app, can’t seem to fix it. We have seen same situation in the Vancouver debarkation circus. Corporate knew a long time ago about limited berthing and only told ship and passengers about the problem after boarding. Flying by the seat of your pants results in the butt getting burned on landing.
  8. On Viking Orion Tokyo to Vancouver. Ever since boarding the Viking itinerary app has listed the stop in Petropavlovsk as Petra, Jordan. We’ve mentioned it to staff several times but it never gets corrected. Important because you need weather information for the cruise port.
  9. Update. The shower in 5000 on Orion has a “perpetual puddle”. Seems the tile installers failed to slope the shower floor towards the drain. Other than an annoyance your feet always get wet going into the bath area. Asked for and received a squeegee from cabin steward to sweep water Into drain. Next day steward retrieved the squeegee and said to call housekeeping to clear the water. Spoke with other ES passengers who do not have the problem. Viking - fix this and watch future builds for proper tile installation.
  10. Royal Suite on Celebrity and VS Category on Oceania. Very disappointed with Viking chefs table as it had one set meal and if you don’ eat fish you are leaving hungry. Wine selection on Viking is way below Celebrity./Oceania. Few high quality selections. Viking Italian restaurant is good but wine list lacking high quality Brunello .or Barolos. Main dining room is about the same on both lines.
  11. The implied understanding is that if passengers were required to have their stuff together 12 months ahead of time the line should do the same. If I would have done this in the Army as a leader and manager I would have been relieved. Piss Poor Planning Equals Piss Poor Results.
  12. Just went two rounds with guest services. Letter issued to passengers tonight is vague and confusing. I told guest services this is Bravo Sierra. We cruise critic readers knew all about the Vancouver problem but we were told “all is well” by the cruise line. I slammed GS about this...have a meeting with manager tomorrow at 1000. Letter today says passengers with Vancouver departures prior to 1100 must depart dock side at 0500-0530 and must drag your own bags off the ship. Later disembarked passengers will use tenders. GS rep then said al bags would be sent to local hotel and could be picked up there. Then she said they would put bags dock side. Total confusion right now. ALCON - be aware that Viking has failed to properly plan arrival in. Vancouver. The port schedule was clearly known and yet they waited until 20 days prior to drop the bomb on passengers. Spent $45k for this unique trip 12 months in advance and what we are getting is a Windjammer -on-the fly product.
  13. 5000. Your cabin is slightly smaller.
  14. A few bumps in the night from bridge above in port. Will report after a few days at sea.
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