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  1. I've had these "Rump-er Rooms" several times on the Fascination and the Elation. Really enjoyed them. No foot traffic and not to far from the back elevators. If you're lucky enough to sail on a full moon, the view is awesome!
  2. Wow! You All Rock! I'll hold off for now and if we do indeed have to cancel, I'll either get my deposit back or Lift and Shift to another cruise, Thanks So Much for the advice!
  3. Hey, Folks: I have my first RCI cruise booked in Oct, on the Mariner. I need some advice, Please. This virus has pushed back my Wife's surgery and we are afraid that we will not be able to go. Her immune system would be compromised and we just don't think it will be a good idea. My question is this, I have paid $300 dollars so far, I'm using a TA. Would it be better to take the loss and just walk away, or would it be better to finish paying it off and try to get a refund? I don't have insurance but I suppose it's not to late to buy some. Maybe? I booked this cruise over a year ago and the final payment date is in August. Any advice will be Greatly Appreciated! Thanks!
  4. I'm in the same boat as the OP. Plat. on Carnival with our first Royal cruise booked for Oct. A couple of questions, Please. Does Royal have an online app similar to Carnivals Hub app? It's very handy for planning activities. Also I see that they have a coffee package. Is it a good thing to have? Thanks So Much!
  5. I found him on facebook and sent a message but have not received an answer. I was wanting to try e-mail, but can't find the address. Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. Hey, All; Any suggestions on how to contact the Cruise Director for our up coming cruise on the Ecstasy? Thanks in Advance!
  7. Hey, All; I am trying to set up a "Meet & Greet" on the Ecstasy. We just want a meet-up place, and I was wondering if the Casino bar or the Alchemy Bar are open before we set sail? Any info is appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Thanks Everyone! I've never done one, but it looks like fun. I might have to get the next cruise to let me out!😀
  9. Thanks So Much! Is this something that you have to sign up for on board?
  10. Hey, Folks; I'm new to Royal and am booked on Mariner later in 2020. I see where they have an Escape Room on board. Does anyone know the cost? Is it per person? How many on a team? I'm new to this also. Thanks!
  11. I'm really enjoying your review! I have my first RCI cruise booked on the Mariner in Oct. A question; did the "sad" deserts seem to be limited to this ship or is this a fleet wide thing? I like my Goodies! Thanks!
  12. Carnival used to have a coffee card but stopped it seven or eight years ago. They do have the punch card and I've never had any problems with my wife or I using it. It doesn't count for the milkshakes, though.
  13. The Coffee Shop (spend a lot of time there) The Shows (especially ones that I've not seen before)
  14. Jax usually opens the parking lot about 10:30
  15. Hey, All; Just got back from a five day on the Ecstasy, post refurb. I was a bit apprehensive since reading so many negative reviews of the first sailing. Let me first say that I am not a complainer and I am not complaining here either. There were only two issues that I feel need attention by Carnival.(but they are significant from my point of view) If you have not sailed out of Jax recently, They have turned the parking lot around so that you are parking very near the ship. (this is a Good thing) We dropped the luggage off and parked the car, $85, and since it was about 11:00 am and we were priority boarding we were in the terminal about 10 min. tops! (security and everything) Easy! That's where we ran into our first "Issue". We no longer enter the ship on the 3rd deck like on the Fascination or the Elation and taking the elevator up to our floor, instead they have a series of ramps that you have to walk up. My wife uses a walker and I use a cane so this was "Tough"! I asked one of the terminal folks if we could use the elevator and was told no, just take our time and rest as needed. They offered to help us with a wheelchair but we "pressed onward". When sailing out of Port Canaveral on the Liberty they use ramps as well, but their lounge starts higher up so that you only have to walk up two decks. In Jax you have to walk up five decks! Tired just thinking about it. The next issue presented itself immediately upon entering the ship. I have sailed many times and have always enjoyed reading reviews by fellow cruisers. Many times folks have complained about "The Smell" I've always considered this a myth such as "Big Foot" and other mythical things, but there it was! I don't call it a sewage smell, but it is very "Funky"! It seemed strongest around the Atrium, but it was always there. Because I'm aware that this is not a normal occurrence, I just chose to believe that Carnival was aware of the problem and would address it in due time. If I was a first time cruiser, this would be a real turn off to cruising! Everything else on the Ecstasy was pretty good. The ship is getting old but the crew was keeping it very clean. The food was good and there was always things to do. The crew was top notch, and made the trip very enjoyable. Another thing that I forgot to mention in my "Not Complaining, Just Mentioning" is that this is the first cruise that the water on the Lido deck was terrible! The water in the MDR was good, so I don't get it. I figured that the water came from the same tanks. I had bottled water so this was no big deal. They have changed a lot of things. Some good such as the seating in the MDR where it seemed you were assigned to a table instead of a station. We had "Anytime Dining". Some not so good, such as using the "Afternoon Tea" to promote art work. We enjoyed our cruise on the Ecstasy very much, and are looking forward to our Jan. cruise on her again! I think that Carnival will keep getting Ecstasy better and better with each cruise! Mikey.
  16. You can choose your delivery days. I've never ordered these particular items, but the ones that I have ordered are pretty nice. I have backed off from ordering since Carnival has implemented the delivery fee.
  17. One other thought; try a medical equipment supply and see if it is possible to lease one. That might be affordable.
  18. I have a home machine that my insurance provided. I check my INR once a week and call in the numbers. I don't carry it when I cruise as I'm not very "fragile" (I have factor five not a-fib). Even though I eat salads every night in the MDR, I stay in range. There's always a message on my answering machine when I get home reminding me to catch up. If he stays fairly consistent, just check it the day before then the day after if it's okay with his doctor. Might want to skip the salads. Be Blessed!
  19. Ecstasy was scheduled to resume sailing today after her dry dock. Did it?
  20. Hey, Ya'll; Is Carnival doing Halloween festivities all thru October as they did last year? We're booked in Oct. and want to plan costumes. Thanks!
  21. Does anyone know which shows are on the Ecstacy now? The Elation had four of them while in Jax. Thanks!
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