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  1. GRD lunch hours by day: Day-1: Embarkation closed Day-2: Sea day- open 12:00-1:30 Day-3: Sea day, arrival to St. George- Open 12:00-1:00 Day-4: St. George's- Closed Day-5: Hamilton- Closed Day-6: Leaving Hamilton - Open 12:00-1:00 Day-7: Sea day- open 12:00-1:30 img20190826_11221450.pdf
  2. GDR was not open for lunch when the ship was docked in St. George or Hamilton. This was the 8/11-8/-18 cruise I will scan the currents, and attach. (as soon as I find them)
  3. Just off Insignia today, did not see any water issues. Vero in cabins and at dining. Water bottles at gangway and Horizons, where the 24/7 coffee is located.
  4. Will not have much time to be bored. Fishing for the guys, Fairmont & Hamilton Princess spa appointments for the girls. Basically two half days with out something scheduled. Agree on the Med. especially with more than 7 days.
  5. Are going to Bermuda for Blue Marlin. 2 days of fishing. The Oceania cruise was less expensive than flying and staying for 1 week. Yes, St. Georges and Hamilton 8/11-8/18
  6. Think I know the answer, but...... Our only 2 Oceania cruises were on Riviera in the Med. We are going to Bermuda on Insignia in a few weeks. Can't say enough good things about our Oceania experiences so far, and have a Marina cruise booked in Sept Amsterdam-Lisbon. I assume the Insignia Bermuda cruise will be a completely different Oceania experience for us. More children, more of a party atmosphere, perhaps less well traveled passengers?? If so, that's fine. Just mentally preparing myself that this will be not the Oceania we have come to love. Refurbished ship and the usual fabulous food will be great. dk
  7. While on board, we saw some dividers open, when we inquired a second time, the response was they were immediate family. Found it futile to continue the argument.
  8. Just back from the Riviera. We had adjoining cabins with friends, and asked for the balcony dividers to be opened. We were first denied by the room attendant and was told to check with reception. Reception said that due to "safety and security" (whatever that means) the dividers could not be opened unless it was immediate family. Next cruise we will tell them we are brother and sisters..... :D
  9. Snarky much...….was just trying to obtain the correct information, as 11,600 people in Mykonos would have changed our plans.
  10. Thanks for the link. That is why I asked the question "Is there another source besides Cruise.tt where you saw that only one other ship was to be there." The attached site is not update regularly either...… Monday, July 23, 2018 CELESTYAL OLYMPIA 18:00 23:00 RIVIERA 8:00 18:00 MSC LIRICA 7:00 22:00 WIND STAR 7:00 21:00 GEMINI 8:00 4:00 Tuesday, July 24, 2018 CELESTYAL CRYSTAL 7:00 7:00 CELEBRITY REFLECTION 7:00 18:00 MSC POESIA 7:00 19:00 COSTA NEORIVIERA 7:00 23:59 MSC SINFONIA 19:00 3:00 GALILEO Wednesday, July 25, 2018 ORIENT QUEEN 8:00 5:00 COSTA LUMINOSA 7:00 18:00 GALILEO
  11. http://ports.cruisett.com/schedule/Greece/446-Mykonos/July_2018/
  12. Obviously some bad info on Cruise.tt.....It shows the some of the same ships in Mykonos on both 24 and 25 of July and the same vessel twice. 23-Jul-18 3467Wind Star, MSC Lirica, Riviera 24-Jul-18 11510MSC Poesia, MSC Sinfonia, Celebrity Reflection, Costa neoRiviera, Costa neoClassica 25-Jul-18 10382Costa Luminosa, MSC Sinfonia, MSC Sinfonia, Costa neoRiviera, Costa neoClassica
  13. Terri, I received the same from our T/A on the schedule change. My question on the updated information for Mykonos was regarding the number of ships in port. Is there another source besides Cruise.tt where you saw that only one other ship was to be there. Again what I see is 5 other ships totaling 10,382 passengers plus Oceania.
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