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  1. we had the same cabin last November. I liked that the balcony had a little extra space since it was on the end AND an extra chair! Thanks for sharing!
  2. I went on 3 cruises last year (my kids are adults). This year, by a twist of fate, I have a two year old. I would LOVE to go on another cruise, but I can't get comfortable with the idea of taking her. We have worked so hard getting her used to her routine, that I'm afraid taking her on a ship would upset the apple cart. My fear is that she wouldn't be able to sleep well in a strange environment and that could ruin the cruise for both of us. When my son was little, grandma came to our house and stayed with him when we cruised. Good luck whatever you choose!
  3. We take our our masks/snorkels, becasue I have the heebie jeebies about using someone else's snorkel. Also, it is available for us to us on non-snorkeling excursions or beach breaks.
  4. I love balcony cabin. DS age 18 doesn't even want a window. He LOVES how dark the interior cabins are :)
  5. I cruised a couple of times last year with my then 17 yo son. His father signed the permission to travel letter and I took it everywhere we went...no one ever asked for it. I wouldn't worry about the passport as long as you have his birth certificate. btw...we went to Montego Bay, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Happy Cruising!
  6. I used poster putty. The window clings didn't stick to the doors on Conquest...we had to use the putty on those too.
  7. I've had beds facing all different directions and the only time I've had a problem is when it was spinning...one foot on the floor helped :D
  8. I would. We cruised out of Texas in October and November last year and would not hesitate to book another one.
  9. My son will be 18 in one week. Last year we talked to the comedians and a member of the entertainment staff about my son attending the adult show (Truthfully, I was worried about whether I would be uncomfortable watching it with him...it's not like I thought he would be scarred for life or anything). Carnival did not have a problem with him attending with me. The comedian said that the show would be comparable to what he would see on Showtime or other cable TV channels. Ok Flamers - hit me with it!
  10. It sounds like the flash mob would be fun... lots of grouchy people on this board though...good thing they weren't on your ship!
  11. The plus side of her getting to ten cruises first is that if she has VIP boarding, you do too :D
  12. I like Harbor House Hotel. It's right next to the cruise ship terminal. We walked over to the port and dropped our luggage off in the morning and then walked over to the Strand for a few hours before boarding.
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