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  1. You therefore should enjoy your solo cruise and probable meet other solo cruisers along the way !
  2. My 14 day princess cruise from Quebec to Florida late Oct.2021, was cancelled months ago!
  3. Well my Princess cruise out of Canada was cancelled for this October!
  4. I had also cruised carnival a lot 30 years ago. I do like it as a fun ship, however found cruising solo NCL is much better and I also enjoy their entertainment and food is much better on NCL!
  5. I have don carnival solo on 4 day cruise. Wouldn’t do any longer on that one. NCL was a good experience. Done that several times on the newer bigger ships.
  6. Had to cancel 5. One in Asia another in Canada!
  7. Good for you! Did the abc islands, 9 days on Royal last December !
  8. Any good deals there. Have cruise solo a lot however never been on regents.
  9. Love it ! On a royal Caribbean solo cruise now . Next week carnival solo! love that shirt!
  10. Booked my solo cruise Royal Caribbean’s explorer of seas Nov. 29! 90 days to go ! Sammy
  11. Thinking of doing solo cruise On NCL 7 days Dec 1 out of Miami! sammy
  12. Was wondering if Holland America or Princess are better for solo cruising events. Have been on NCL so I know about that one!
  13. Curious as to which cruise line you like best for solo cruising as I have only done NCL. Sammy
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