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  1. Hi Hiccups! Wow! $400? That's amazing!👏 When I first read your post about the missed port insurance you inspired me to call about it too. Alas.. they don't cover anything like that.. just super basic things like cancellation due to illness. We used to take out separate insurance for cruises but then found out that some credit cards have built in travel insurance if you charge the trip on that specific card. So for the past 10 years or so we have been charging all of our cruises on this one card. I guess since it's free they just cover the most basic of claims which is fine for us. I'm so happy for you. 😃 That just about paid for your premium. Perfect!
  2. Hi Bimmer! Thanks so much for your sweet words about my cruise story.😃 That's so awesome that you are signed up for the Pursuit on 10/3. I have been looking at the 7 day itineraries on that day and the week after on 10/10. They all have great itineraries and it's truly the most lovely time to be in the Mediterranean. Lucky you! I'm patiently waiting for my husband's group to pick vacations for the second half of 2020 because I hope he gets one of those two weeks.. would love to go on one of those cruises. Thanks again! Enjoy!!
  3. Hi Nordski! Ashamed to admit I'm an "overshopper" so the 3 - 4 times a year we go to Europe I always have a VAT refund to file. Every time it's a confusing process.. each retail store, each VAT company, each airport experience is different. Even though I have done it many times I still walk away wondering if it will ever show up. 99% of the time it does though..👍 The two major companies Global Blue and Premier have a useful refund tracker link on their websites where you put in your number and it tells you the status of the refund. Next Azamara cruise we are on together I will be happy to take you under my VAT wing!😃
  4. Hi! Oh that is such funny timing that yours was credited today too.. especially since you were lucky enough to be sailing until November 4th.😃 Maybe Global Blue empties that big mailbox once a month.. could be.🤷‍♀️
  5. Oh no worries hiccups! Next time you will know just what to do.👌 Interesting about insurance for a port cancellation. I had no idea there was such a thing. Let me know what happens when you file. Good luck!😊
  6. Hello all! Back about 8 weeks and the VAT from Global Blue just showed up on my credit card.💰 So if you purchased items at the shops on board and filed the paperwork in the airport in Barcelona your refund should arrive soon.😃
  7. Looking forward to part deux of your voyage in the Caribbean. Thanks for taking us along!😃
  8. What a week you are having Host Grandma Cruising! I have been following along and enjoying every buffet, drink, port, and wave, along with you! Thanks for the smiles!
  9. No worries Grandmacruising. I'm sure every meal in Lisbon will be great! Loved your pix of the city.. they brought back so many nice memories. Enjoy!!
  10. Hi again Hiccups! I'm so glad you mentioned that "The Spy Who Loved Me" was filmed in Sardinia in your great review. I looked it up and we passed the hotel they stayed in on our shorex to Porto Cervo. Thanks for the fun fact.😃
  11. Hi Lynne! Loved your review!!!!😍
  12. Oh lucky you in Lisbon Grandma Cruising! Don't know if it's too late for a meal recommendation but we were just there in July and had the BEST seafood meal we have ever had at Cervejariaramiro Ramiro. https://geral24128.wixsite.com/cervejariaramiro/copia-visite-nos Oh the giant prawns and the shrimp in garlic sauce with the steak sandwich for "dessert." Hope that you have time to go. Wishing you a fantastic cruise.. looking forward to following your story.😃 Enjoy!!
  13. Hi Peregrina651! Yay! I actually did get an email saying there was a new response to my thread. I did un-follow and and then re-follow so maybe that did the trick. Hope so!🤞 Thanks for your helpful and sweet post.
  14. Hi Hiccups! I'm still waiting on my VAT refund.. been checking daily.😃 Next time you will know about getting a stamp. Actually at the BCN airport they had scanners which is faster and easier than waiting for a customs stamp. Seems however that each airport has a different way of doing things so just when you think you are an "expert" you end running around asking a million questions like we did.🤷‍♀️
  15. Hello madera1, robinm918, ddffdian, philw1776, sbats2005, NBliving, and CarolynFH, ArubaGal, OneSixtyToOne, HostJazzbeau, Sailboater30, RonBrannon, acwmom,robinm918,MsSailAway, Emorygal1, Peregrina651, By now all of you have sailed on your cruises and I hope you had the best times ever!🙋‍♀️ I just happened to be glancing back at old posts of mine and realized that I stopped getting notifications about this thread.. hence no word from me in the last round of comments. Better late than never.. just wanted to thank those who left such kind and complimentary words about my review. So glad that it was helpful and fun to read.😍 We just booked a Danube cruise from Budapest to Nuremberg on the Viking Egil in April and are super excited! I plan to leave a cruise report just like this one when we return. Thanks again for your positive comments on this old thread.. it made the whole cruise experience even more enjoyable!😃
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