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  1. Same here.  I had some credit before and it looks like there is now more future cruise credit added to my husband's name.  I find that a little odd since he didn't even have an account set up with Virgin and the booking is in my name.  It prompted us to create a Virgin account in his name to keep track, however I'm not even seeing the option to add this cruise to his account.


  2. Today, I received an e-mail that there would be a lowering of fare for suites and that in turn, some previously mentioned perks would be eliminated.  There was a link that took me to the VV RockStar Quarters page, but I'm having a hard time deciphering which perks were there that are now gone.  Does anyone know? 


    To view this email as a web page, go here.
    Rockstar Update

    Everyone deserves a break right now, even RockStars like you. So in light of that, we've taken a look at our introductory pricing across the board and updated it to reflect the current economic environment as part of our Smooth Sailing program for 2020.

    What that means is that we're lowering the fare for your suite, and with that, we've made the decision to remove some of the previously offered perks. If you'd like more details, take a look here for everything that's included with your RockStar status.

    With our pricing update, we're also introducing (even more) flexible booking policies — so that you can feel confident about making plans, while knowing that if anything changes, we're on your side. So for sailings through December 16th, 2020, we’re moving final payment dates to 60 days (from 120 days) before you sail, and allowing you to cancel up to 48 hours before your voyage and receive a 100% voyage credit.

    You'll receive an updated confirmation email from us in the next 7 days that reflects your new fare. Until then, stay safe and we look forward to sailing out on the open ocean with you soon.

  3. On 3/16/2020 at 7:18 AM, rebeccac said:


    Do you know this from experience or having actually gotten through to Virgin?  

    Yes, I spoke with them on Saturday and opted to pay my balance.  I upgraded from a Sea View to a Suite next Summer... I was given the 200% to use, plus OBC.  My current OBC did NOT transfer over however...


  4. 13 hours ago, bluemeadow said:

    Those who have had their cruise cancelled but only so far paid the deposit, were you offered the 200% future credit or just a refund of monies paid? We are due to go late August and balance not due till May but wondering if we should pay balance off early to get better cancellation options should this situation last longer than anticipated. Any thoughts or experiences to share? 

    Not sure if you were able to get this figured out yet, but if you’re not paid in full, you can either get a refund of what you paid and a 25% cruise credit OR you can pay in full now to have the 200% cruise credit with additional OBC offer.  

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