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  1. wonderful! thanks very much I will call them today.
  2. how did you book directly with them? When I go online what I read is to use a travel agent and you can put in your location to have names of agencies brought up on the screen. Please tell me more. Thanks very much!
  3. My husband and I are interested in taking our 2nd cruise ever - first time ever on the Star Clipper line. I am wondering if there is a preferable way to book a cruise - I have contacted a couple agents about it, one never returned my call and the other simply quoted me the price listed on the Star Clipper web site. I also went online with Cruise Compete and got the same info. How do most people book this line? Is there any difference in pricing if you go to a different agent? Can you book airfare separate from the cruise anymore? All thoughts and advice more than welcome!
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