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  1. You must have had a bunch of newly Weds or the ship..😄
  2. Try the different lines, we are Diamond on Carnival and have been on almost all their ships and loved them all, ( won't go back on the Sunrise, adding more passengers was a BIG mistake) can't wait to do the 15 day Mardi Gras next sept and nobody parties like carnival, none of the other lines are at carnivals level for fun.... We have done over 10 NCL trips, and loved everyone of them and have 4 more trips with them coming up,, also have done 6 R/C trips and loved them, each line is different so try them all if you can... Ncl is somewhat close to carnival party wise but their new boats are really nice... Enjoy your next cruise !!!!!!!!
  3. The times I was in there it was fine, but I didn't hang out there much or after midnight..
  4. Hopefully carnival gets the Mardi gras right so I don't have to talk about overcrowded ship's again by carnival !!! They have to fix the casino ventilation so I can go in and gamble, I will say the anthem casino had almost no smoke smell at all..even NCL hasn't figured it out...
  5. All I am saying is I would not like to go on that ship or any refub of another ship that has the same setup. I have been on 35+ carnival Cruises and do not plan on staying away from them , we are booked for the Mardi gras next year for the 15 day trip in a Havana Cabana..My wife and I have been on the other cruise lines many times but carnival does the best for the all around experience. We have never been on a a bad cruise, but I didn't like the way they rebuild the sunrise, we had a great time, as usual.. I have a Post on Page 1 of this topic, please read it. Nobody parties like carnival...
  6. You are incorrect, The anthem's passenger capacity is 4180....
  7. I agree, just got off the r/c anthem and carries 4000 guests just like the sunrise but was nowhere as crowded as The sunrise...We were on the sunrise in June, poor planning by carnival , we are diamond on carnival and will most likely never go back on that ship or the radiance, which will be the same refurb as the sunrise
  8. Going on the Anthem this week, haven't taken r/c in years , do they still do lobster night ?
  9. Matt is great but the flying Scotsman might be better, have cruised with Matt 3 times ...
  10. Yea i will call and tell them how the design of the ship doesn't work ,, we had a great time, I've done alot of Cruise's so I figured out the ship guick, hope they don't do another refurbish job like that again, but if they do we will enjoy ourselves and I will call again and give my suggestion on how to improve the ship..HAPPY cruising to all.😃😃
  11. I was also on the 10 day trip. Worst cruise ever. NO..... Carnival did screw the ship up, YES, cutting the lido buffet area in half and adding more cabins was really stupid, but crying over it will not work.... Alot of first timers on that cruise so you have to figure ways around them like I did. When we all got onboard you could see the confusion of the passengers and the crew. Refub boat and new crew = HELP.. if you want to complain write to carnival and tell them.. instead tell others ways around that mess were on, breakfast as said, in cucina ,no one in it, also on sea days, eat in the dining room, lunch , don't have it at the same time as everyone else, 4,000 people on board when there should be 3200, makes Long lines,every where, as I said carnival screwed this one up and I will call them tomorrow and complain.. my wife and I had a great time and the great weather is always a plus. NEVER been on a bad cruise, have been on 50+ Cruise's and enjoy your time and make the best of it ,as you can.. have had, hurricane's and really bad seas and am lucky that we don't get sea sick, make the best of your next cruise and enjoy not being at work, because, work sucks, not cruising...
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