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  1. According to cruise industry news today,,, carnival to start cruising again in mid May, go to site to see starting dates for each ship, I think it's a dream on there part, but let's see what happens, stay safe everyone..
  2. Hello, doing Christmas and new year's, time will fly, as usual...🚢🚢🚢🍸🍸🍸
  3. We are going on the panorama This June in a Cabana room,we have done Havana 3 times and love it, we have a bunch of Cruise's this year and next, we always book early so we can get the room we want, we have an NCL 14 day trip at the end of March and leaves from Tampa and ends in NY where we live, Pier is about 1 hour away..
  4. Just booked Christmas and new year's today, was supposed to be on the Mardi gras out of ny but ship won't be ready so it was cancelled.. This trip makes up for that. Staying in a Havana Cabana for 2 weeks should be great.. Time goes quickly and am sure this will sell out fast. Always nice to be in warmer weather at Christmas and new year's, this year also doing those 2 weeks on another cruise line, wife and I always cruise New year's week , Best week of the year to cruise.
  5. Whats next ,,, opening up the Serenity area to all ? You want a water view for kids , you can't miss it when you look past the railings on all sides of the boat, I paid the EXTRA money for the no kids zone in the Havana area...
  6. I agree, we paid the EXTRA money for the Havana area 4 times for the less crowded area and no kids, we have 4 kids and love them dearly and have taken them on many of our trips and have taught them how to act around others, something that's been forgotten these days by many parents.....
  7. I totally agree, hated the fact after 7pm I had to close my curtains for all the Lookers walking thru, almost all the cabana people use the hallway at night..
  8. I totally agree, now if they had a diamond area like r/c , l would be really happy,,🚢🚢
  9. I wonder if on the mardi gras the area near Emeril's will now become a small restaurant for the Havana members only.. just like ncl has for it's Haven only members ....
  10. Jimbo, we will talk on the Mardi gras 15 day trip next Sept.. you come on here to give your opinion, just like me, some people come on here to be mathematical and bust chops..
  11. I can't give you the mathematical answers to the questions above but can tell you I have been on over 50 Cruise's in my lifetime. I have done most of the lines and 30 have been with carnival. So, being able to cruise so much I pretty much know what I am talking about, I am going by what I have seen and in my opinion, carnival has to many officer's that walk around doing nothing.. this is my opinion from being on other cruise lines and I see alot less officer's on those other lines, and when I see them it seems like they are doing something other than standing around..
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