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  1. Do you think that cruises will be leaving out of NYC in 2021? I asked the same question on one of the other boards..
  2. Good for you.go for it, but I hope All of us are onboard cruising..🤞🤞🛳️🛳️🍀🍀
  3. I started this topic , so now My opinion, I don't think so, I think the Mayor of NYC Will want anyone coming to the city to stay in the city and go out to dinner and go to Broadway shows , not coming to the city and getting on a cruise ship, yes most people do stay a day or two before and after, also with the limited countries allowed here now (who knows what Will happen Down the road with COVID-19 and variants) I'm really leaning to no cruising out of NYC In 2021, I hope I'm wrong, I live ny and usually do 3 or 4 cruises out of ny And nj each summer, like most of you I do have a bunch coming up, If they sail.🛳️🛳️🛳️
  4. Your opinion on weather any cruises will leave out of NYC.....
  5. Matt was the best, dancing on the bar in the lobby was always great,to bad he doesn't work for carnival anymore, I think he is with another cruise line,virgin ...
  6. A little more money but comes with drink package and 3 specialty restaurants..
  7. You can ask for a double, been doing it for years,🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸
  8. Go to paradise island site, you can see all the ships as the cam rotates..
  9. There are 7 carnival ships outside of Nassau , check it out on the nassau Port cam, any ideas on what's going on.
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