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  1. August, September and October 2020 & 2021 sail from Boston
  2. The schedules for all the ships except the Summit have been published up to April 2022. There is no Chile to San Diego in the schedules. The schedules for the Summit from Oct 2021 have not yet been published.
  3. Why is the Summit the only ship that does not have any cruises listed for winter 21/22?
  4. There is two 5 day cruises - round trip from Seattle to Seattle - ports Astoria, Victoria and Vancouver in April. There is two 11 day Alaska cruises, one round trip Seattle to Seattle inc Victoria and the other Seattle to Vancouver. - April & May. The 4 are all new.
  5. This is link https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/ML-remaining-2020-season-sailing-cancellation-guest-letter (2-12-20).pdf
  6. This is latest on the cruise referred to by OP https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/ML-3-14-20-Itinerary-Modification-Guest-Letter.pdf
  7. You should get a 2A for price of 2B. Online booking system is not set up for this. You should speak to Celebrity. Our TA was able to get me Aqua A1 for A2 price. Likewise when we booked on board, we were upgrade from A1 to A2 on first cruise and 2B to 2A on a second cruise.
  8. The ship will be in port for Fat Tuesday. It will be extremely busy as it will be at the height of the Mardi Gras celebrations. We were on the 2019 cruise and if you are interested the Mardi Gras then a visit is a must. Being on the ship, you don’t need to worry about expensive accommodation.
  9. We are happy with arrangements made. A bit late in the day anyway!! Arrive tomorrow! The reason for not having a hotel in Fort Lauderdale was the cost of transfer to our original booked hotel. As mentioned We don’t know what the cost which was inclusive of airfare, hotel and Celeb transfer. Have spoken to TA who told us that it would be best to go to concourse D.
  10. Thanks for all your responses. A bit of background. Our flight was originally book to fly to Fort Lauderdale with hotel transfer from airport. The hotel provided a shuttle to cruise terminal. BA decided to stop flying direct to FLL. (As did Norwegian air). Our only direct flight option was to Mia. We asked our TA to rebook, get a hotel close to Airport and then a transfer to cruise port. Celebrity was not involved with flight or hotel. We werehappy that Celebrity was providing transfer. The hotel is only 8 minutes from hotel. An overall price which was ok with us, was quoted. When We received Guest booklet, We also noted that a return transfer from cruise port to Airport was included.
  11. As mentioned we arrive the day before. Our TA arranged hotel but transfer was arranged with Celebrity
  12. We have not used Celebrity transfers from MIA before. We arrive the day before and stay in an Airport hotel which will transfer us back to Airport. instructions mention the location of two places where we will be met by a Celebrity rep. The locations are carousel #24 at Lower level concourse D and South bus terminal at lower level concourse J. For those of you that have used this service, can you let us know the best drop off location. I would suspect that the hotel transfer driver would know the best location. Any comments welcome.
  13. Refurb is due for completion in mid November 2020 when it will doing a transatlantic from Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale. Work should have been completed by then
  14. It’s same as current offer. Veranda/ Aqua- 10 day cruise $200, 14 day cruise $250.
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