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  1. jimzgoldfinch

    Is the Caribbean getting oo dangerous ?

    I don’t think so. You can go anywhere in the world an encounter undesirables! You should not worry about places you visit but you need to be aware of your surroundings.
  2. jimzgoldfinch

    Classic drinks package (again)

    The price you see on the menu is usually ex 18%. The upper limit of $9 is ex 18%. You don’t pay any additional 18% as this is include as part of the package. If you sail out of Southampton, Celebrity includes the 18% in the base price. So $9 + 18% would become $11. You buy a drink for say $12, all you will pay the difference between 9 & 12 plus 18% on the difference. On Southampton sailings the difference will include the 18%.
  3. jimzgoldfinch

    Summit revolution update info

    The lastest deck plans for the Millennium still show basketball court. So I would expect it to remain on the Summit.
  4. jimzgoldfinch

    Edge Article in Newsday

    So would I. I get a message that this site is not available in your region i.e U.K.
  5. The Retreat will be located on deck 12 at the front of the ship - Millennium class ships. The sky lounge will not be forsaken. There will be 13 additional Aqua class cabins on deck 10, replacing part of the Aqua spa area. Additional inside cabins will be located in the area that was used for the library
  6. jimzgoldfinch

    Beverage package & Suitcase Under Bed?

    As the cruise was from Southampton, the prices that were shown would've included the 18%.
  7. jimzgoldfinch

    Beverage package & Suitcase Under Bed?

    What is the source of these menus? Which ship and where? The prices appear to include the 18% . Are they from the U.K. or Australia?
  8. jimzgoldfinch

    are there new loyalty levels at Celebrity

    Hi, Read this https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/blue-chip-club-tiers-benefits.pdf
  9. jimzgoldfinch

    Millennium Revolution -

    Our last two cruises were on the Infinity. We made use of this area as it was generally very quite. Like you it might affect our walking path. The busiest that we saw this area is when we were coming into interesting areas especially the Panama Canal. There will be 13 new aqua class cabins which will reduce the spa area. The new inside cabins are where the library and Ilounge are located. I understand that the ilounge will be relocated to deck 3. Location of library??
  10. jimzgoldfinch

    Classic drink package cost

    Current price is $59 + 18%. To purchase in sterling U.K. site indicates £46.61 + 18%.
  11. Today is January 18!!!
  12. jimzgoldfinch

    New Oceanview Cabins on Constellation

    Try this http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Deck_Plans_Staterooms/Constellation-Deck-plans.pdf
  13. jimzgoldfinch

    Gratuity question

    I usually prepay gratuities. Current two confirmations from Celebrity show gratuities on page 4.
  14. jimzgoldfinch

    Gratuity question

    Gratuities are usually show on your booking confirmation.
  15. jimzgoldfinch

    Final Payment

    If you booked through a TA, it is up to them to issue reminders.