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  1. On a recent distillery tour, we were asked to name our favourite whisky. There was a large variety of responses. The tour guide responded by saying the best is the one you enjoy the most! There is so much variety in the styles of whisky You will never get a definitive answer as to what is best. I believe that Jameson’s, Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker are the worlds best selling whiskies. The best? Only you can decide what you like.
  2. A selection of tea bags and coffee sachets are usually provided. Also expect sugar and milk sachets. Water in cabin is drinkable. You can get additional tea bags from cafe. You can bring your own if you want to be sure that you get a brew that you like.
  3. What ports have been announced. The TA does not appear in celeb’s website
  4. This is latest flyer http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/CS_Tampa_One_Pager_Flyer_CS_CARIB_TAMPA_2020_21_OnePager.pdf
  5. The drinks package upgrade is $10 + 20% per day per person so total for 7 days would $84. $15 per day per person could be for the daily gratuities. You have said that you prepaid gratuities of $385 which = $55 per person per day. Doesn’t seem correct. What did your booking docs say?
  6. I don’t think they will change as the new itineraries will not happen until Winter 2020.
  7. Does not make sense! Why wait until Winter 2020? What about Winter 2019? The problems in the Gulf are now. P&O are pulling out from this October However, I have seen another article which indicates that the decision to relocate has nothing to do with the current pro.blem. It seems that there is a demand for cruises out of Tampa. The article also indicates that there will be a 14 night TA from Barcelona to Tampa.
  8. There are no concierge cabins on deck 10. The new cabins added recently were originally Aqua class but they have since been downgraded to 2C.
  9. This is maybe the new brochure but as far as I can tell, it only shows sailings upto April/May 2021. It only includes cruises that were previously announces last Nov/Dec. I would expect Summer 2021 cruises to be announced in Nov/Dec 2019
  10. The main benefits of booking on board are low deposit and additional OBC based on number of days (see table already posted) As you are from UK you will be offered the current deal i.e. Gratuities, OBC and Classic drinks package. This deal ends this month so you will be offered the new deal which may be similar to existing but is likely that the cost of cruise has changed. As you're from UK it is unlikely that there will be a price match. You can allocate your booking to your TA who are likely to offer you a discount. We booked on board , used our TA who've us a small discount.
  11. Summer and fall 2021 schedules have not been published yet. Expect them in November or December this year. As far as sailings from NJ, the last 2020 sailing is August 2nd. The New England and Canada sailings start in Boston. It is too early to speculate on Celebrity’s plans for 2021 cruises from Cape Liberty.
  12. Eclipse will have a major refurb in November 2020.
  13. Celebrity have not released itineraries for 2021 in the Med yet!
  14. You only earn points for the number of days cruised. Try doing on short 3/4 day cruise if there is any available!
  15. Look at these links https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/articles.cfm?ID=3242 and https://ask.completecruisesolution.com/help/ext/cunard/on-shore/iva_tax
  16. Yes, one person can upgrade to premium.
  17. Have the dates for the Eclipse and the Solstice been delay by a year? Eclipse was originally planned for Nov 2020. When looking it cruise for the Eclipse next Year, there are no cruises shown for late Oct or earlier November - this suggests that the upgrade is still scheduled for 2020.
  18. This article is good but out of date. Classic is now $59 + 20% and premium is now $69 + 20%. Upgrade cost is $10 +20%.
  19. They have been included in the past. They are not on the current list but then again Glen Scotia, favourite of mine, is included but no where to be found on the ship. Also came across Oban 14 yr old and Talisker - was able to get them in premium package.
  20. Unfortunately, Lagavulin or Laphroaig are not included in the Premium drinks package. The only malt whiskies available at most bars were Glenffidich, MacAllan and Glenlivet. (Not the 12 year old varieties). On the Reflection, the world class bar had a much wider selection. Aberfeldy 12 yr old was one of my favourites. I complained about the availability of most single malts. I was told that I could designated a bar and they assured me that Aberfeldy would be there - I nominated the Passport bar. I drank this for the rest of the cruise - the bottle was kept in a cupboard so I don’t know if anyone else was served this.
  21. It is open to all passenger. The retreat sun deck is in a different part of ship and is for Suite passengers
  22. The charge is now 20% when you purchase a drinks package.
  23. Sorry your are not paying 30% more. If the cruise was CAD$13,400 what would you pay if you were paying in US$ - around $10,000 (depending on rate of exchange used by Celebrity)?. It has been suggested the Celeb are using 1.32 as opposed to today's rate of 1.34.
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